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FA ; Ч 5 = MISE
@ Audiophile quality " close-ear " , dynamic stereo headphones.
@ Super thin 40 mm diaphragm driver offers wide dynamic range
and frequency response.
@ Neodymium magnet having a high flux density ensures high sensitivity.
@ Flexible earpads and adjustable headband allow the best comfortable
@ Coiled cord extends your action range to 3 meters.
@ Detachable phone adaptor plug is available for 1/4" and 1/8" application. |
Use Instruction:
|. Insert headphone plug to the headphones jack of mixer, amplifier, CD player etc. As soon as 1/8" plug is demanded,
please release the 1/4" adaptor plug to submit. (Figure 1).
2.Put on headphone directly and make ears to be covered absolutely by the earpads. Before this action, please
make sure correct channels were chosen exactly. The letter R and L on the headband indicate the "right" and "left"
channels respectively. (Figure 2).
3. Adjust the slide bar to the position that suits your best.(Figure 3).
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Figure ]
O Keep watches or personal credit cards using magnetic coding away from the headphones to prevent possible damage
by the headphones' magnetic.
O Avoid listening with the headphones at a loud volume that might affect your hearing after extended play.
Driver Unit: 40 mm dia, dynamic type.
Frequency response: 20 ~ 20,000Hz.
Impedance: 64 (2.
Sensitivity: 104 + 3dB/mW at 1,000 Hz.
Input connector: 1/8" gold-plated stereo phone plug and 1/4" phone adaptor.
Power handling capacity :1W
Net weight: 385 grams(13.580z).
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