LCH Margin Estimator
LCH SMART enables clients and members to simulate their margin requirements across SwapClear, Listed Rates
and ForexClear on one platform. Using instantaneous, consistent “what if” calculations, clients and members can
cost-effectively view their risk exposures against LCH for a simulated portfolio prior to clearing.
IM & VM Reconciliation
Full Breakdown of
Risk Exposure
Risk Management on
One Platform
Access a comprehensive view
of your IM and margin add-ons
across your portfolio as well as a
breakdown of portfolio sensitivities.
Submit trades from any OTC or
Listed Rates service to view realtime risk exposure across the
portfolio on one platform.
Input your portfolio of trades, and
watch LCH SMART automatically
apply curves, tenor buckets and
worst-case scenarios to ensure
accurate estimates of margin.
Portfolio Margining Simulation
LCH SMART supports the LCH
Spider service, enabling members
to view their portfolio margining
opportunities across OTC and
exchange-traded interest rate books.
Use the desktop application to take
advantage of interactive screens or
connect with the API to integrate
the LCH SMART tool within your own
technology stack.
•IM Reconciliation
•Available for Members & Clients
•Supports SwapClear, Listed Rates & ForexClear
•Available as an easy-to-use desktop application
•Displays NPV and sensitivities at trade level
•Available to integrate into internal systems
•Automatically applies curves, tenor buckets and worst-case
loss scenarios
•Supports LCH Spider and its impact on a simulated portfolio
•Simple installation
SMART Data Services
Calculation Service
Support market, reference
and portfolio data for
calculation purposes
instead of EOD reports.
Enable members to do
impact analysis on their
DFAM totals.
LCH App Store
ForexClear Desktop
Allow quick installations
of all available LCH tools
and automatic upgrades
for new SMART features.
Enable users to perform
analysis for the ForexClear
service through a desktop
For more information, contact the SMART support team:
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