1/3" Twin CCD Color/Infrared Video Camera
JVC's revolutionary Self-Selecting Color or IR
camera features interline-transfer system
1/3" color CCD image sensors, delivering 470
lines of horizontal resolution with a low light
sensitivity of 2 lx. The IR mode is
automatically triggered when the video signal
drops to a pre-determined level, thus
providing crisp black and white images down
to zero lx illuminance under infrared
illumination, invisible to human eye. An
infrared illuminator lights automatically when
the black and white mode is set.
The built-in electronic shutter offers a choice
of nine shutter speeds from 1/60 (NTSC) to
1/10,000 second, with either automatic or
manual setting.
The TK-N1100 has an advanced automatic
gain control (AGC) function that automatically
increases the camera's sensitivity when
ambient light drops below a preset level.
TTL auto tracking white balance adjustment
accurately matches white balance with
shooting conditions. A manual override
brings additional flexibility
(2 axes; G-Mg and R-B).
External sync input (composite or black
burst) for genlock operation is available via a
BNC connector. The camera automatically
switches to external sync when the reference
signal is applied.
The color or IR CCD cameras shall be a JVC Model TK-N1100U or equivalent. The TKN1100U camera shall incorporate a 1/3" interline transfer CCD, 440,000 [753(H) x 582(V)]
pixels effective, with a microlens on each pixel, and achieve high sensitivity 2 lx at f/1.2,
displaying outstanding 470-line horizontal resolution and a S/N ratio of 50dB. The TKN1100U camera’s CCD shall be charged with long and short charges, creating both
standard shutter speeds and fast shutter speeds simultaneously, on a single image field.
The super dynamic CCD shall automatically apply each exposure pattern to bright and
normal areas. The super dynamic camera shall feature a 28MHz 10-bit digital signal
processor for image processing of both long and short signals. The CCD shall
automatically apply each exposure pattern to bright and normal areas. The camera shall
also feature intelligent digital back light compensation, digital wide dynamic range circuit,
and digital noise reduction. For better picture quality, the camera shall feature digital 2H
enhancer, digital aperture correction, knee circuit and digital white detective ATW. The
camera shall be CS-mount/C-mount selectable. The TK-N1100U shall offer ALC/ELC,
electronic shutter speed, Auto Gain Control (AGC) plus many other features. The power
source for the TK-N1100U shall be 24V AC, 60Hz or 12V DC. All units must be UL listed.
Signal system
Image device
Based on NTSC standard
1/3” Interline Transfer CCD with
complementary color filter (Ye-Cy -MG-Gr) and
1/3” black/white CCD
Effective picture elements
768H x 494V
Video process circuit
Sync system
Internal, Line Iock , External
Sync input
Scanning frequency (normal)
(H) 15,625 Hz /(V) 50.0 Hz
Video output
Composite video signal (VBS), 1Vp-p 75 ohms
unbalanced BNC
Horizontal resolution
470TV lines
Minimum required illumination 2 lx (F1.2 AGC on ,color mode) 0 lx (infrared
50 dB
Video S/N
illumination on, black and white mode)
Electronic shutter
1/60 (nomal), 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/1000,
1/2000, 1/50-1/10,000 sec
AES (automatic
1/60-1/10,000 sec
electronic shutter)
Auto Iris output
Video, DC
White Balance
ATW, Manual (Biaxial G-Mg, R-B)
BLC (backlight compensation) on/off
AGC (automatic gain control)
Lens mount
C mount, thread depth limitedto 5.5 mm
Power supply requirement
Power Consumption
24 Volt AC +/-10%, 50Hz 12V DC +/- 10%
13W (with infrared illuminatin on 7.5W (with
infrared off)
Operating tempurature range
- 10° to 50°C
700 g
Limit of infrared lllumination
3 meters
Auto illumination
In Black and White mode (Auto set to ON)
1/4 UNC
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