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PREMIUM CLASS micro scale
Congratulations on your purchase of the premium
class Platinum M500 precision micro-pocket scale by
GemOro Superior Instruments, the most trusted name
in precision weighing for the jewelry industry! The “M”
in M500 stands for “micro”, because it is the smallest
scale of its kind in the world! Your new high-tech,
state-of-the-art, miniature GemOro Platinum M500
is a very durable, attractively designed, full featured
precision precious metals scale that is ideal for the
retail jeweler, traveling gold wholesaler or pawnbroker
who want the best tools of their trade in as compact of
a size as possible. The Platinum M500 weighs in g, ct,
oz & gn and features a bright blue backlit LCD display,
stainless steel weighing platform, mini-rectangular
GemOro 2
design with unique 2 button control panel. It also
features pushbutton digital calibration, tare, memory,
overload protection, low battery indication and battery
saving auto-off functions. The Platinum M500 is
powered by (1) supplied CR2032 lithium battery. It
comes with a dual purpose protective platform cover
which also serves as a useful weighing tray when
detached and flipped upside down and placed on the
weighing platform for holding gold jewelry, findings,
silver beads and more while on its weighing platform.
It also comes with a handy necklace style carrying
strap which attaches to the scale for transporting and
quick access. Please read all instructions prior to
M500 Micro Scale
GemOro Platinum M500
Premium Class Micro-Scale
Before using the Platinum M500, while being careful
not to apply pressure to the weighing platform,
locate the battery compartment on the bottom of
the scale, slide off the battery compartment door
and carefully insert the (1) supplied battery + side up
into the battery compartment. Replace the battery
compartment door.
1. <I> - ON/OFF
Push the <I> button once to turn the scale on (repeat
the procedure in order to turn the scale off).
2. <I> - TARE
When using the weighing tray or other type of scoop
or container, with the scale turned on, simply place
the tray, etc. on the weighing platform and then push
the <I> to tare (zero) the weight of the tray or item on
GemOro 4
the weighing platform. The scale will automatically
subtract the weight of whatever was on the weighing
platform while maintaining the weight in its memory.
The display will then show 0.0g. If you then take the
tray off of the weighing platform, from its memory
the display will show a negative weight equal to the
weight of the tray or whatever was on the platform.
After placing the tray back on the weighing platform,
you may then place the item that you wish to weigh
directly into the tray and weigh it independently. When
you no longer wish to use the tray, take the item off of
the weighing platform and press the <I> button once
again to bring the display back to 0.0g and take the
weight which was within its memory away.
3. M - UNITS
To change the scales unit of measure, simply push the
M button to change from g, ct, oz or gn.
IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to recalibrate this scale
without first having a 200g calibration weight in your
M500 Micro Scale
possession. This weight is available as an optional
accessory from your scale supplier. Note that 20 US
nickels equals 100g. Also, always check to confirm
the batteries have sufficient power or the calibration
procedure may not work properly.
1. If the factory’s preset calibration requires adjusting
as indicated by the accuracy of the scale being off by
more than +/- 0.1g, place the scale on a stable, flat
surface which is free from vibrations and excessive air
2. With the scale off and while holding the <I> button
down, press the M button two times quickly and
release while continuing to hold the <I> button down.
The display will show its internal serial number.
Release the <I> button after it shows the internal
serial number on its display and then press the <I>
once again. The display will then show 2Ero and then
200.0g. Place a 200g calibration weight on the center
of the weighing platform.
GemOro 6
3. Press the <I> button and then the display will show
CAL, then PASS followed by 200.0g.
4. If the calibration was not successful, please repeat
this procedure again until the calibration procedure
has been completed.
1. Capacity: 500g
2. Readability: 0.1g
3. Units of Measure: g, ct, oz & gn.
4. Required Battery: 1 x CR2032 lithium battery
located inside scale bottom battery compartment.
5. Required Calibration Weight: 200g
(sold separately).
6. Auto-off: After 30 seconds.
7. Weight: 38.8g (with battery installed).
8. Not Legal for Trade
M500 Micro Scale
This durable scale is warranted to perform to the
manufacturers stated specifications as noted above
and if the above referenced care is provided, for a
period not to exceed five years from the original date
of purchase, as confirmed by a copy of the original
sales receipt which must be sent in with the scale,
providing the purchaser first follows the warranty
registration procedure. Please note that the scales
batteries are not covered by this warranty. ALWAYS
the event of the scale becoming defective within
the stated warranty period and it is determined by
the factory that no user abuse was the cause of
the defect, the scale may be repaired or replaced
at the factory’s sole discretion. No other written or
implied warranty shall apply. In the unlikely event of
a scale defect and providing the warranty registration
procedure has been followed; please return the
defective scale to your scale supplier or to the address
GemOro 8
below along with a copy of your original sales receipt
for warranty service. No contaminated scale will
be accepted and if received in this condition it will
automatically be destroyed with no recourse from its
owner, while the warranty replacement will be revoked.
This scale is not intended for illegal use.
Note: Please fill out the Warranty Registration form on
our website:
M500 Micro Scale
10455 Olympic Drive
Dallas, Texas 75220 USA
Tel 800.527.0719 or 214.351.0380
Fax 800.832.9871 or 214.351.1903