CCTV Indoor Power Supply 12 Volt DC 18 Camera 29 Amp UL

CCTV Indoor Power Supply
12 Volt DC
18 Camera
29 Amp
Lens Not Included
The DC-18-29UL is a CCTV power center engineered to manage remote
camera and accessory power requirements. The DC-18-29UL distribution
module is designed with 18 individually fused outputs for powering up to 18
CCTV cameras and accessories. It will provide 12VDC via distribution
to eighteen fused outputs with a total of 29 Amps continuous supply current.
The DC-18-29UL power center is housed in a heavy gauge metal enclosure.
Convenient screw terminal and fuse access.
Separation panel between transformers and output access.
Power ON/OFF switch. AC power LED indicator.
Individual LED’s for each fused output.
Heavy gauge metal enclosure.
Double coated polyurethane finish.
Multiple knockouts to accommodate various wiring configurations.
Uses easy to find fuses.
12 VDC
Eighteen 12VDC individually fused outputs.
29 Amps.
Enclosure Dimensions: 12” (H) x 10” (W) x 4” (D).
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Three Year Warranty