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OP7100 Smart Screen
Models OP7100, OP7110
The Smart Screen's C-programmability provides the flexibility required for almost any
display application. The Smart Screen is ideal for remote terminals, automated
machinery, and control systems.
1/4 VGA display (320 x 240 pixels)
Touchscreen matrix
Vertical or horizontal orientation
Wide viewing angle
16 digital I/O
Meets NEMA 4 water resistance
The OP7100 touchscreen display features a blue-on-white graphic LCD (320 x 240
pixels). The intelligent Smart Screen, with its abundant memory, can store relatively large
amounts of data and perform complex computations. The Smart Screen's RS-232
interface allows it to be used with virtually any computer system. A total of 16 digital I/O
are available 8 CMOS/TTL-level inputs and 8 CMOS/TTL-level outputs. Use the OP7100
with its touchscreen or the OP7110 with your own keypad for a full user interface.
Horizontal or vertical orientations are user selectable in software. Software also controls
the screen contrast and CCFL backlighting to enhance visibility and provide visual
feedback. Software included with the Smart Screen provides three fonts (small, medium,
and large), and additional fonts in any language can be defined, as well as symbols and
icons. Up to 50 images can be stored in Flash memory for immediate recall. Software can
divide the display into up to 8 x 8 independent regions, each of which can scroll or remain
stationary. Reverse, outlined, or blinking attributes can be applied to each region, and
graphics and text can be mixed. When front-panel mounted, the Smart Screen meets
NEMA 4 water-resistance compliance standards, making it suitable for use in harsh
Programming the Smart Screen
Programs are developed using Z·World's industry-proven Dynamic C® 32 software
development system. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided.
For ease of use, Dynamic C includes a powerful Graphics Engine that allows easy
downloading of pre-drawn bitmaps and use of pre-defined and user-defined macros. The
Graphics Engine also provides complete remote control of Smart Screen functionality via
RS-232 interface.
OP7100 Smart Screen Specifications
Z180 at 18.432 MHz
512K (2 x 256K) + 32K VRAM
128K (standard)
Backup Battery
Socketed 3 V lithium coin-type, 265 mA·h, supports RTC and
8 x 8 touchscreen
No touchscreen
STN, 320 x 240 pixels, blue-on-white background. Pixel
matrix is 4.53 x 3.40 (115 x 86 mm) (0.36 mm pitch).
Viewing area is 4.76" x 3.58" (121 x 91 mm). Adjustable
contrast with automatic temperature compensation. CCFL
backlight with software control.
Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs
8 CMOS/TTL-level,
2.0 V DC to +7.0 V DC
8 CMOS/TTL-level, 6 mA max.
Serial Ports
Two 3-wire RS-232, or one 3-wire RS-232 and one RS-485,
or one five-wire RS-232
Serial Rate
57,600 bps max.
DB9, 34-pin header, 5-terminal screw block
Real-Time Clock
Operating Temp.
Bezel Size
10 30 V DC 4.5 W with backlight on, 1.5 W with backlight off
0 50°C
25 65%, non-condensing
8.0" x 5.4" x 0.25"
(203 x 137 x 6 mm)