Thermal transfer printer /
cutter for textile labels
Quick, flexible and
Prints and cuts quickly and silently Large backlit graphics display Easy connectivity: USB, Ethernet
Compatible with almost any label printing program
The HiQ-A4.3+
We believe that the HiQ-A4.3+ thermal transfer printer /
cutter is a label system that not only meets but exceeds
the client’s expectations. Thermal transfer printing
technique at its best, this machine offers state-of-theart technology incorporating a modern design. The large
blacklit display shows the texts and icons and makes
navigation very easy.
The HiQ-A4.3+ is available in various configurations:
Base unit without cutting device - for the use of
perforated (die-cut) tape
With cutting device - for the use of continuous tape
With perforation cutting device - for easy separation of
(stock) labels
With rewinding mechanism (HiQ-A4.3+P)- for the use of
Hytex labels
The knives can easily be replaced. A base unit with the
separate knives is an option.
Jun 2015
HiQ media comes in an easy to use packing.
By utilizing our thermal printing media and ink the label
end product is virtually indestructible and perfectly
readable, even after a large number of washings.
Ink ribbons
Bar codes
Depending on the width of the media we supply an ink
ribbon with it.
Print your own on demand in the
size and quantities you need.
Different types of tapes can be used: HiQ, CombiTex,
CombiPly, Mediron, FasTag and Hytex labels.
Colour range
HiQ tape
Specifications: For technical details please see our Specifications leaflet which can be downloaded from our website at www.thermopatch.com
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Apart from the standard version with its options,
the HiQ printer is also available with a rewinding
mechanism, the HiQ-A4.3+ P. The smart mechanism
automatically rewinds the carrier paper when a Hytex
label is used. It keeps your working area tidy; paper
strips sticking out of the machine are history!
Optional: External rewinder
With this option you can wind labels on another roll
during printing. Thus your roll of labels is ready to put
on stock or for distribution to another working area.
A large graphic display makes it easy to control
the printing.
Stacker with cutter
The printed materials are cut and piled up with the
stacker. The print job stops when the height of the pile
is reached.
Cutting devices
Two different cutting devices are available and can
easily be mounted and removed, being full cut and
Jun 2015