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Get the Know-how, Resources and Tools You Need To
Manage and Maintain Your Enterprise Messaging System
Managed Messaging Services by NTT DATA
Optimize your Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure
While your email system enables you to improve employee collaboration, are you sure
that you are utilizing your Microsoft® Exchange solution to its full potential? In today’s
connected world, users expect their messaging system to function flawlessly — with
all the latest features. But delivering what users need in a messaging system requires
valuable time and effort that could be devoted to advancing your strategic business
goals. Installing upgrades, adding new business units, ensuring service availability and
warding off threats are critical tasks. Why weigh down your IT staff when NTT DATA
Services can help?
Managed Messaging Services by NTT DATA manage Microsoft Exchange Server
components, as well as the administrative and maintenance tasks for all other
messaging objects and services, providing an end-to-end solution for your messaging
infrastructure. Our services help:
• Ensure your messaging service is safe, responsive and available with industryleading tools and Managed Messaging Services by NTT DATA IT Infrastructure
Library (ITIL)-aligned processes and methodologies
• Meet availability and quality demands with support for core security features
• Enable a secure, stable internet pathway with support for email relay systems and
messaging gateways
• Recover lost or accidentally deleted objects from your messaging system with
support for high-availability deployments
• Filter viruses, spam and fraudulent email before they enter your network with
pre-emptive email threat protection
• Comply with industry regulations with active retention and seamless retrieval of
messages and attachments
• Enable mobile enterprise messaging solutions for all major mobile messaging
applications with server-side and security management
Maximize end-user collaboration,
reduce costs, increase workforce
efficiency and improve workplace
mobility with:
• Services based on certified
platforms and field-proven
reference architectures
• A unique toolset to
automatically monitor and
manage Microsoft Exchange
Server deployments
• An Exchange support
service built to meet your
business demands, hosted
on the cloud or dedicated
• An ability to utilize dedicated
messaging architectures
and tools or cloud-enabled
technologies for all
messaging support service
Managed Messaging Services by NTT DATA
Protect and get the most out of your messaging system
Our approach to Managed Messaging Services revolves around a tiered delivery model,
utilizing personnel from around the globe. With multiple tiers of support, our ITIL-aligned
service model allows for an accurate mapping between the support service and your
business need. Our support model and structure for messaging services allow you to:
• Utilize an optimized delivery model that matches skill sets to the appropriate tasks,
activities and the level of support you need
• Reduce and eliminate the risk in data handling, without compromising the ease of
use, through enhanced and seamless control of messaging flow and storage policies
• Maximize standardization, automation and orchestration in support of your
messaging infrastructure
• Increase responsiveness, performance and availability — and eliminate service
disruptions — while reducing overall support costs
• Benefit from an architecture function that enables innovation and introduces
emerging technologies to meet your future business needs
• Empower your workforce and boost its productivity in a safe and secure manner,
while maintaining full visibility and control
NTT DATA unleashes
the performance
of your messaging
infrastructure — from
strategy and design to
transition, operations
and continual
Customize our services to suit your unique needs
Our proven experience providing similar services has allowed us to adapt our approach to deliver an optimum balance of speed
versus risk. We believe the success of any project is not based on technical ability alone, but on the ability to apply a rigorous
organizational change management approach. Our services allow you to maximize end-user collaboration, reduce costs, increase
workforce efficiency and improve workplace mobility, as well as:
• Utilize operational support of a completely transformed collaboration environment
• Provide your users with modern, scalable unified communications support
• Provision a scalable, secure, cost-effective solution that complies with corporate policies and fulfills the needs of an
evolving workforce
Service component
Features and benefits
Messaging support service
A proactive and focused managed service, it ensures the availability and performance of your messaging environment,
servers, services, components and objects. We deliver the service using a global tiered support model and packaged
offerings with customizable service-level agreements.
Messaging gateways/relay systems
support services
Focused on the administration of edge messaging components, this service ensures continuous availability and
performance of email relay services and components for seamless and controlled email flow to and from your organization.
Messaging anti-virus and anti-spam
support services
Relying on a multi-tiered methodology, our managed support service for anti-spam a
nd anti-virus components protects your
infrastructure from external and internal threats. It ensures security and reliability of your messaging environment without
compromising usability.
Secure m
essaging services
Offered as an optional service to enhance the anti-virus and anti-spam support model, this service provides end-to-end
security management for the messaging infrastructure, including content flow control and policies, message encryption and
digital signature.
Messaging availability and recovery
support services
Utilizing native messaging platform technologies or third-party availability and clustering solutions, we provide support
for highly available and/or recovery-enabled messaging environments. Our support methodology includes end-to-end
processes, as well as procedures and tools required to restore individual items, databases, systems and environments in
case of failure scenarios. It helps maintain high availability of the messaging infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.
Messaging archival support
Using various toolsets and platforms, this service enhances and complements your native messaging system’s archival and
retention capabilities (such as Microsoft Exchange Server archival policies), and helps increase the rate of discovery and
messaging objects retrieval.
Mobile messaging s upport services
Focused on messaging servers and application layers, this complete set of managed services help enhance your mobile
device management deployment in support of your mobility strategy.
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