Model shown:
48-Port Single AC Supply
(Part Number: SLC80481201S)
SLC 8000 Highlights:
Centrally Manage, Monitor, and Troubleshoot
Designed for system administrators, quality and test
engineers, the SLC 8000 provides easy, secure administration
and management of IT equipment from anywhere and at any
time. Users can access the SLC 8000 device ports via Telnet/SSH, or a
web browser-based console client without any proprietary software.
Any IT asset that provides console or serial port management services
can be managed remotely and locally with the same interface and
capabilities. The SLC 8000 enables users to leverage the command line
interface of most IT equipment for reconfiguring, rebooting and
reloading firmware from a single point of contact. This can be done
over an in-band network with dual Gigabit Ethernet connections for
both public and management networks, or through out-of-band
connections including dial-up (optional internal modem, sold
separately) and cellular connectivity (PremierWave® XC HSPA+
intelligent gateway, sold separately). The users can securely access
and control a wide variety of IT and network equipment, including
Linux, Unix or Windows® servers, routers, switches, firewalls, PBXs,
UPSs, and even building access devices through their serial ports.
Modular Design
The modular design of SLC 8000 allows users to keep the
main unit and simply add or swap modules to expand the
number of device ports, upgrade from a single power supply
to dual, and easily introduce new serial interfaces such as USB to
support a combination of existing and new IT equipment that are
connected. This reduces the time required to develop and
deploy new services, and this flexibility minimizes capital
expenditures while offering easy scalability and upgrades.
Integrated Security
Protecting IT resources is a top priority. The SLC 8000
provides security features such as SSL and SSH for data
encryption in addition to remote authentication for
integration with other systems already in place. For added protection,
the SLC 8000 also includes firewall features to reject connection
attempts or block ports and has NIST-certified AES encryption.
 Reduces downtime and increases efficiency with
anytime and anywhere access to IT equipment
 Increases testing productivity as a DUT aggregator for
automated tests and diagnostic data collection
 Reduces operating costs and security risks by
eliminating the need for onsite interventions
 Enables “mix-and-match” with USB I/O modules
 Minimizes cable clutter with softwarereversible device port pins
 Integrates with vSLM™ central management solution
 Simplifies service deployments with the modular
design’s quick expansion and customization
Available I/O Configurations
Final Configuration
Standard Model
Expansion Module
Features and Specifications
> Central Management
> Accessibility
> Environmental
 In-Band (10/100/1000 Base – Ethernet) - Dual Ethernet ports
with bonding
 Out-of-Band (Local terminal, Internal Modem or USB Modem)
> Security and Authentication
Secure Shell (SSH v1, v2, Public Key)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3, TLS v1)
Packet filtering (firewall)
Per port user permissions
Configurable user rights and custom groups
Remote authentication: LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos, TACACS+,
Active Directory, NIS
 Local username/password
> Serial Device Port Access
Software reversible device port pins
Telnet/SSH to SLC command line
Telnet/SSH/RAW-TCP direct to IP address and port number
Web Telnet/SSH
Multiple concurrent Telnet/SSH sessions
Simultaneous access on the same port
No inadvertent “breaks” - Sun break-safe
Customizable multi-level user menus
USB modem access
Automatic port-initiated connections to network host or
neighboring port
 Enable terminal login on any device port
 SD card and USB
> Data Capture and Notification
 Port buffering—256 KB per port
 Port logging to local files, syslog, USB thumb drive, SD card, and
NFS share
NFS files (simultaneous)
System event logs
Console event notification via email
Event string recognition (RegExp)
> Management
Front panel keypad and LCD display for network setup
Quick setup and configuration web interface (SSL)
CLI setup script
Command line interface (Telnet, SSH, Web Telnet/SSH or direct
SNMP (MIB II) compatible—v1, v2, v3, custom MIB’s
Integrated power management support—Lantronix SLP® and
Server Technology PDU
Integrated support for Sensorsoft devices
Diagnostics and port status counters
 Performance monitoring utility
 Packet generation utility
 Network trace utility
 Configuration audit log
Local subnet search for other SLC’s
Maximum of 352 concurrent users and maximum 10 users per
device port at 9600 baud rate (typical)
 Compatible with Lantronix’ vSLM central management software
 Operating: 0 to 50⁰ C (32 to 122⁰ F), 30 to 90%RH, non-condensing
 Storage: -20 to 80⁰ C (-4 to 176⁰ F), 10 to 90%RH, non-condensing
 Heat flow rate: 68 BTU per hour
> Physical
Front-mid-rear mounting brackets
Dimensions (L x W x H): 30.5 x 43.8 x 4.4 cm (12 x 17.25 x 1.75 in), 1U
Weight: 11.1 lbs. maximum, depending on option
Shipping weight: 15.1 lbs. maximum, depending on option
> Warranty
 3 year limited warranty
Ordering Information
United States
Call: 800.422.7055
Buy Online:
Call: +31 (0) 4
Call: +852 3428.2338
Call: +81.3.6277.8802
Call: +86.021.6237.8868
> Name
> Ports
SLC 8000
> Additional Protocols Supported
DHCP and BOOTP for dynamic IP address assignment
NTP for time synchronization
FTP, TFTP, SFTP, SCP client for file transfers
DNS for text-to-IP address name resolution
SSH, SSL, Telnet and UDP, PPP with PAP/CHAP, NFS and CIFS for
connections in and out of the SLC
 IPsec/VPN
 RIP and RIPv2
> Interfaces
Network: Dual 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ45 Ethernet
Devices: 8, 16, 32, 48 RS-232 (RJ45), 300 to 230400 bps
Console: RS-232 (RJ45), 300 to 230400 bps
USB 2.0 High Speed, Full Speed, Low Speed
SD card slot: SD and SDHC
> Accessories
> Certifications
 FCC Part 15, CE (EN55022, EN55024, EN60950), CSA, VCCI, UL/
CUL, C-Tick, CB Scheme, NIST-certified implementation of AES
(Advanced Encryption Standards) as specified by FIPS-197, IPv6
Ready, FIPS 140-2 (pending)
Dual AC Supply
Single AC Supply
Dual AC Supply
Dual DC Supply
Single AC Supply
Dual AC Supply
Dual DC Supply
Single AC Supply
Dual AC Supply
Dual DC Supply
> Part Number > Description
Field Replaceable SLC 8000 Modules (More Modules To Be Released)
Device Port Module
16 Device Port RJ45 I/O Module
Power Supply Module
100-240 VAC, Single Supply Module
Power Supply Module
100-240 VAC, Dual Supply Module
Complementary Accessories for SLC 8000
 Embedded Linux
 AC model input (single or dual): 100-240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
 DC model input (dual): -20 to –72 VDC
 Power consumption: Less than 30W
> Part Number
Single AC Supply
* DC Supply Models Soon to be Available
> Operating System
> Power Requirements
> Power Supply
Internal Modem
PremierWave XC
PremierWave XN
v.92 Internal Modem for Dial56KINTMODEM-01 56K
Up Out-of-Band Connection
3.5G Cellular Out-of-Band
Connectivity Intelligent Gateway
(Wireless data plan sold separately)
Dual Band Wi-Fi
PXN21002-01U/E/J 802.11a/b/g/n
Device Server
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