MX-VYNL – Phono Stage
Fully balanced, Configurable, High Performance Phono Stage
The MX-VYNL is a fully balanced,
very high performance phono
stage, able to operate with virtually
any moving coil or moving magnet
cartridge. With both traditional
RCA inputs and our unique XLR fully
balanced connection the MX-VYNL
can be connected to 2 turntables
The MX-VYNL also includes our
renowned RIAA correction that
offers extremely accurate results
to beyond 80kHz. That may sound
extreme, but there is a good
deal of information above 20 kHz
that needs correction. If it isn’t
corrected, it will show itself as
ringing and overshoot.
The MX-VNYL offers a wide range
of input impedance settings for
moving coil cartridges as well
as several capacitance settings
for moving magnet units. Unlike
many of our competitors units the
MX-VYNL allows easy adjustment
of these settings while playing. This
allows easy experimentation and
tuning to find the optimum setting
for all your equipment.
With both extraordinarily low noise
and exceptional overload margin
the MX-VYNL can comfortably
handle even the most demanding
of cartridges and satisfy the most
discerning of listeners.
MX-VINYL – Phono Stage In Brief
• A work of audio art using our
incredible Nu-Vistor circuit
• Fully balanced XLR and
traditional RCA inputs
• Fully balanced XLR and
traditional RCA outputs
• Fully isolated inputs allow for
switching between two turntables
at once
• Adjustable input impedance on
MC whilst it is playing
• Adjustable capacitance on MM
whilst it is playing
• Very wide overload margin
• Cutting edge technical
performance with the magic
of Nu-Vistors
• Incredible noise ratio
• Low impedance output
• State of the art SMD technology
• Beautiful aesthetics and
build quality
© Copyright Musical Fidelity 2015
4 Volts RMS single ended from RCA sockets
8 Volts RMS balanced from XLR sockets
Balanced XLR male sockets EIA Standard RS-297-A
RCA 1 pair RCA sockets
Frequency response: RIAA ±0.1dB IEC ±0.1dB
Connector: 1.3mm pin DC power jack
Outboard power supply: 12V/500mA DC
Mains voltages 100-240VAC 50-60Hz universal
worldwide supply
Consumption <8 watts
Channel separation: < -86dB
SNR A-wtd: < -101dB
THD: < 0.007%
XLR input: 5mV / 2.5mV selectable
70mV max (23dB headroom)
Unpacked / packed:
1.9 kg (4.25lbs) / 2.4 kg (5.25 lbs)
Channel separation: < -83dB
SNR A-wtd: < -98dB
THD: < 0.01%
XLR input: 0.8mV / 0.4mV selectable, 12mV max
(24dB headroom)
Mains adaptor
Balanced Mini-XLR
RCA 1 pair RCA sockets
© Copyright Musical Fidelity 2015
Width 220 mm (8.66”)
Height (including feet) 53mm (2”)
Depth (front to back) 215mm (8.5”)
Included accessories