Universal Aviation Battery Cable
The Tesla™ TI2007-401 Universal Aviation Battery Cable connects
any Tesla™ GPU to an aircraft to provide reliable power for ground
maintenance. It attaches to the aircraft’s dc battery connector and
hooks up directly to the GPU to test and troubleshoot delicate
avionics and weapons systems. The TI2007-401 is currently being
used with Apache and Black Hawk Helicopters. The cable assembly
is constructed from a rugged combination of advanced composite
materials and corrosion-resistant alloys, and features a Tesla™
DC Connector and Receptacle. Plus, Tesla™ stands behind the
TI2007-401 with a two-year warranty, a trained military support team,
and an experienced staff of customer service professionals.
Power Anytime, Anywhere
NOTE: Cable is not rated for aircraft starting. It is to be used for
ground maintenance only.
• Maintenance-free design
• 12’, 4 gauge cable*
• Rated to 1500 peak amps
• Easy component replacement
• UV, fuel, fungus, water, and oil resistant
• Manufactured by Tesla™
• Exceeds MIL-STD-810G
• 2-year warranty
* Heavier gauge cable available
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Headquarters: ( 302) 324-8910
101 Centerpoint Blvd. New Castle, DE 19720 USA
Western Regional Office: (775) 622-8801
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Dimensions and Technical Specifications
1.38 [34.9]
2.47 [62.7]
* All dimensions are in inches [millimeters]
4.85 [123.2]
Top View
4.69 [119.1]
DC Connector features replaceable components
3.69 [93.7]
2.91 [73.8]
Front View
A. Replacement Contacts: TI2005-490
B. Insertion/Extraction Tool: TI2005-488
Technical Specifications:
Rated Voltage
18 - 32 Vdc
Peak Current
1500 A
Rated Current
1500 A
Air Gap-leakage Path
0.55” (14mm)
0.315” (8mm)
Protection Class
IP28C (Tested to 20 m)
Operating Temperature
-40°C - 110°C (-40°F - 230°F)
Storage Temperature
-65°C - 125°C (-85°F - 257°F)
6.27 lbs. (2.84 kg)
2 years (3 years optional)
DC Receptacle
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