USB 3.0 Type-C to 4x USB Type-A Hub
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USB 3.0 Type-C to 4x USB Type-A Hub
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The SenseVision USB 3.0 Type-C to USB Type-A Data and Charging Hub is a compact tool which adds four common USB Type-A ports for Data and Power to your
USB Type-C enabled device. It features fully integrated voltage regulators and
Port 5 supports the comprehensive USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 which
supports the following three (Rapid) Charging modes: SDP, CDP and DCP. With
this Hub, battery charging can now be done safely for a wide range of portable
The current limit of USB charging is 500mA for USB 2.0 and 900 mA for USB 3.0.
Depending on the device, Rapid Charging features limits between 1000mA and
2000mA. There are three supported USB Charging Modes:
• SDP: Standard Downstream Port (USB 2.0 500mA, USB 3.0 900mA charging + Data)
• CDP: Charging Downstream Port (up to 1500mA for supported devices + Data)
• DCP: Dedicated Charging Port (beyond 1500mA for supported devices, NO Data)
Functionality depends on the USB Host controller in your device.
OS Support:
Microsoft Windows
Apple OS X
Chrome OS
In the box:
• USB 3.0 Type-C to 4x USB Type-A Hub
• USB 3.0 Type-C male
• 4x USB Type-A female
Other info:
• Box size: 135 x135 x 45 mm
• Device size: 67 x 41 x 16 mm
• Connector length: 185 mm
• Weight: 51gr.
• Meets ROHS, FCC, and CE EMI requirements
• Reversible USB Type-C connector (male)
• Compliant to USB 3.0 Specification, backwards compatible with
USB 2.0 Specification
• USB 3.0 Data and Fast Charging through a single cable
• Supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data up to 5Gbps
• Supports USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 (Port 5)
• Support for Vendor specific Charging Modes
• Works out of the box with Windows, Apple OS X,
Chrome OS, no driver needed
• Works with all USB Type-C enabled devices
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