Asigra Network Operations Center (NOC) for Service

Asigra Network Operations Center
(NOC) for Service Providers, SMB
and Enterprise Users
Web-based Command Center Provides
Visibility and Control of Asigra Cloud
Asigra Network Operations
Center (DS-NOC)
is a command center that provides
service providers, SMB and enterprise
users real-time visibility and control of the
entire Asigra Cloud Backup environment
through an intuitive, web-based interface.
At a glance, Asigra Cloud Backup,
Recovery and Restore administrators can
easily view the status of licenses, capacity
usage and backup completion for every
DS-Client end point.
The rapid growth of data and devices
under protection requires improved
visibility and better control for cloud
service providers over their clients’ total
environment and for enterprises over their
private cloud environment. The Asigra
DS-NOC delivers a fast and easy way to
see into every corner of your cloud backup
and recovery environment.
From the console, cloud service providers
can manage configurations across all
of their Asigra cloud backup products
including young and old data vaults,
end points, and billing systems. They
can drill down within each to browse for
files and generations backed up, restore
generations, and deactivate, reactivate,
lock and unlock end point data collectors
(called DS-Clients). As well, Backup
Lifecyle Management (BLM) Archivers can
be managed from within the DS-NOC to
browse archived old data vaults called
packages, search through packages, and
create, write and download restorable
DS-NOC also allows users to configure
the severity of the events reported by
backup activities on DS-Clients. The event
severity can be decreased or increased
depending on customer environments
Asigra Network Operations Center (NOC) for
Service Providers, SMB and Enterprise Users
and company backup policies and SLAs.
The severity levels available currently are
normal, intermediate and critical severity.
Additionally, Service Providers can
leverage DS-NOC to enable web access
for their end customers or partners to
a variety of reports, status updates,
account creation and web access to the
old backup data. Users leveraging the
DS-NOC web interface have granular
access to its functionality based on
granted permissions. File restore through
the web is also available as DS-NOC
is licensed separately. A full set of
APIs allows the DS-NOC to be tightly
integrated with other systems.
DS-NOC for Asigra Cloud Backup
Customer LAN
SP Primary – Data Center
Benefits of DS-NOC
■■ Decrease operational costs.
■■ Centrally manage key backup system components.
■■ Minimize Risk.
■■ React faster with Dashboard providing at-a-glance
information on backup status and usage.
■■ Centralized information for backup sets available for
DS-Clients such as regular backup sets with or without local
storage; self-contained backup sets; statistical backup sets
and local only backup sets.
■■ Improved operational efficiency, remote visibility and
additional control.
About Asigra
Trusted since 1986, Asigra provides organizations around the world the ability to recover their data now from anywhere through a global network
of partners who deliver cloud backup and recovery services as public, private and/or hybrid deployments. As the industry’s first enterprise-class
agentless cloud-based recovery software to provide data backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases and
applications, SaaS and IaaS based applications, Asigra lowers the total cost of ownership, reduces recovery time objectives, eliminates silos
of backup data by providing a single consolidated repository, and provides 100% recovery assurance. Asigra’s revolutionary patent-pending
Recovery License Model provides organizations with a cost effective data recovery business model unlike any other offered in the storage
market. Asigra has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor and has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and
Recovery Software since 2010. In 2015, Asigra Cloud Backup was also named the Top Enterprise Backup Solution and achieved silver in
Storage Magazine’s Products of the Year.
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