NetBotz Small Device Tray
The NetBotz Small Device Tray enables you easily and securely mount two 4- or 7-port USB
hubs (or other similar small devices such as NetBotz Extended Storage Systems or NetBotz
CAT5 or Fiber 500M Pod Extenders) in a 1U high tray. This tray also enables you to secure
device power supplies and provides strain-relieving mounting hardware to prevent
connections from coming loose. The NetBotz Small Device Tray, mounted in the rear of the
rack, includes a variety of mounting hardware to simplify your device mounting tasks.
Included Materials
Your NetBotz Small Device tray package contains the following:
• 1 NetBotz Small Device Tray
• 2 tray mounting ears, with screws (used to mount the tray to the rack)
• 4 1” adhesive-backed gray power cable routing clips (used to route power cables along
the side of the tray)
• 10 1” square adhesive-backed cable mounts (used with the included cable mount ties to
to secure USB and other cables to the tray)
• 8 2”x1” Velcro pads (used to secure hubs, power supplies, or other devices to the tray)
• 4 10” Velcro “hook and loop” strips (used to simplify routing of cables after they exit
the tray)
• 12 cable mount ties
Installing the Mounting Ears
The mounting ears are connected to the Small Device Tray using the included ear mounting
screws (2 for each ear; position the screws in holes 1 and 3 when mounting the ears to the tray).
The mounting ears are installed at the front edge of the Small Device Tray as shown below:
Once you have installed the mounting ears you can proceed with placing and securing your
devices and their cables in the Small Device Tray.
Installing Your Devices
Before installing the Small Device Tray in your rack you should first mount your devices in the
tray and secure their cables. Your NetBotz Small Device Tray includes a variety of mounting
hardware to aid you in mounting and securing your devices. The Small Device Tray is designed
NetBotz Small Device Tray
to permit a wide variety of mounting and deployment options. The way in which you choose to
mount your devices is largely dependant on how many devices you are mounting and the specific
dimensions of each device. The NeBotz Small Device Tray also features many pre-drilled holes
that can be used to secure devices directly to the tray (by wrapping a cable tie around the device
and then feeding through the holes in the tray, for example).
The following example illustration shows a suggested mounting arrangement for 2 USB hubs and
their power supplies, as well as suggested wire routing and mounting for the USB cables and
power cables.
Installing Your Small Device Tray
Once you have finished mounting your devices you can install the Small Device Tray in your rack.
Using the appropriate mounting hardware for your rack, mount the mounting ears to your rack.
After the rack is installed, connect all remaining cables to the appropriate devices or power
PN: 02470D00
NetBotz Small Device Tray