BTG-6-PBE (Black - Engraved)
Premium Certified True 5mW - Engraved
Green - 532nm (Emerald Series)
Design & Operation
The BTG-6-P is constructed of high quality steel & brass components and includes an IR filter and glass lens for superior
laser performance. Jet black finish with polished brass accents - engraves vibrant gold. Guaranteed Z-Bolt® Certified
Power for the brightest possible daylight dot; most visible nighttime beam. Each Z-Bolt® Certified Power green laser
pointer is factory tuned and tested on a laser power meter. These Certified Power units are rated at 4.0 to 5.0 mW power
output and are 2 to 3 times brighter than standard Class IIIa units. Ships with Laser Power Output Certificate. 5 mile
visible beam (at Night) Luxurious felt & satin lined stained hardwood carry & gift case. Free lanyard & accessory end
cap; LED on indicator; 2 pcs AAA batteries.
The BTG-6-P includes our special APC control circuit for power output stability. The computerized APC diode drive
circuit features "Automatic Power Control". The APC circuit is based on a photo diode feedback loop. The photo diode
monitors the optical output and provides a control signal for the laser diode, helping to maintain the diode operation at a
constant optical output level. The circuit adds to the lifetime of the laser, prevents overheating, and provides overall
power output stability & efficiency.
Remove Cap Switch. Insert two AAA batteries (+) Tip toward cap. Replace Cap. Do not attempt to remove aperture; voids warranty.
Box Contents - Features
Jet Black Finish; Engraves in Vibrant Gold (Brass Casing)
98% IR Filtering & Glass Focusing Lens (Not Plastic)
Free Lanyard & Accessory End Cap
Special Design APC Control Circuit
Power Source - 2 pcs AAA Alkaline
User Guide & Specification Card
Laser Power Output Certificate
Stained Hardwood Carry Case
Laser Specifications
Length 5.83 in. x Diameter 0.51 in. ( 148 mm x 13 mm )
Wavelength (Color) - 532 nm (Emerald Green)
Output Power - Z-Bolt® Certified 4.0 ~ 5.0 mW
Diode Operating Life - 3,000 to 5,000 hours
Diode Circuit Type - Computerized APC
Beam Diameter at Source - 1.1 mm
Output Mode - Constant Wave
Range ( Night ) - 5 Miles
FDA Safety Class - IIIa
ANSI Safety Class - 3R
Warranty - 1 Year