Intelligent network scanning in a compact, stylish design

Intelligent network
scanning in a compact,
stylish design
ScanFront 330
Network Document Scanner
you can
The compact, stylish
and user-friendly scanner
that connects directly to
your network
3,000 scans/day
50 sheets
A4 portrait speed
Accelerate document processing with the imageFORMULA ScanFront 330 Network Scanner.
Achieve fast, reliable scanning that seamlessly integrates with your business applications and workflows.
Stylish, compact design
Intuitive, versatile and personalised operation
With its ultra-compact sleek design, and no need for any additional
hardware or software, the ScanFront 330 Network Scanner takes up
very little desk space. So it’s ideal for busy office departments, or for
positioning a document capture device in customer facing
environments, such as branch offices or retail service points.
With the ScanFront 330, scanning has never been easier. The large
colour touch screen is naturally intuitive, while personalised user job
buttons enable simple ‘one touch’ scanning and accurate image
processing to destinations such as email, network folder, FTP, USB, fax
and print. Convenient time-saving features include sending to multiple
destinations at once, an email-me function for users to send documents
quickly to their own email address, and an ad-hoc fax capability that lets
users enter a fax number at the time of the scan.
Productive, reliable scanning
The compact ScanFront 330 helps streamline workflows and reduce
costs with productive scanning speeds of up to 60 images per
minute. With a robust feeder/separation roller mechanism and a
straight-through paper path design, users can confidently scan mixed
document types smoothly and reliably. Capture documents from
ultra-thin to thick ID cards, large documents of up to 1m in length,
and even A3 documents using the Folio Mode feature. An ultrasonic
double feed detection sensor instantly detects any misfeeds which
ensures that all documents are captured.
Scan to Email
Scan to FTP
Powerful image processing for high quality results
With the ScanFront 330’s advanced image processing features,
you can achieve results that have consistently high image quality,
and which are optimised for further data recognition processing.
The Advance Text Enhance mode achieves clearer, more legible
images from documents that have very light text or writing.
Other features such as Auto Page Size Detection, Auto Colour
Detection, Text Orientation and Skip Blank Page, all help to save
additional time and deliver superior image quality, scan after scan.
Scan to Fax
Scan to Printer
Scan to USB Memory
Scan to Folder
Intuitive colour touch screen with versatile scanning options
Reduce IT costs with remote management
The ScanFront 330 is simple to setup and manage, helping to drive down your IT overheads.
Simply connect the scanner to your network without the need to install server software.
It’s easy to remotely update, backup and restore multiple devices through a simple
web browser or perform simultaneous updates using the ScanFront Admin Tool.
Customer Service Points/
Branch Office
HR Dept.
Head Office
Company Network
Finance Dept.
Remote IT Management
(Web Browser/Admin Tool)
Sales Dept.
Advanced security features to protect your work
The ScanFront 330’s robust security features give users full control
over accessing, managing and distributing information:
• D
evice security: only authorised users can access the device,
using ID and password authentication, which can be controlled
using your active directory login or LDAP directory. An automatic
logout gives additional protection against access to the device
by unauthorised users
• U
ser security: user permissions can be set individually, ensuring
that users can only access the appropriate or necessary scanning
options and features
• Document security: scanned documents, such as confidential
files, can be sent with PDF encryption and password protection,
so you can control access for viewing, editing and printing.
Other security features include support for LDAP over SSL
communication (LDAPS), and audit trail logging so administrators
can easily monitor all scanner activity via the network.
Seamless integration and customisation
With the ScanFront 330, you can transfer important metadata
information (CSV/XML format) that supports data integration
into Document Management Systems.
Image file
Software Developer Kits (SDK) are also available to software developers
for customising or integrating their solutions directly on the Canon
device. The web-based SDK enables developers to switch the ScanFront
to run in a Web Application Mode and to create integrated solutions that
run off a separate web server.
For more information on SDKs please go to www
Environmentally friendly and designed to reduce costs
The ScanFront 330 is extremely energy-efficient. As a standalone device,
it does not require an additional PC or monitor in order to perform, while
central administration means service issues can be addressed remotely,
reducing the requirement for engineers to make costly site visits.
Metadata that can be sent with index file:
•Index strings
•Login user name
•Device name
•File name
•File size
•Number of pages
•Destination path
•Counter (only when
creating single page files)
Management System
Store files
Scan to folder or FTP
Monitored folder
Store index
Index file
Specification: imageFORMULA ScanFront 330
Document Reading Sensor
Optical Resolution
Light Source
Reading Side
Operation Panel
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Operating Environment
Environmental Compliance
(200dpi A4, Portrait)
Sheetfed Type Network Scanner
CMOS CIS 1 Line Sensor
Simplex / Duplex
LAN 10Base-T / 100Base-TX Connector
USB 2.0 x 4 for USB Memory, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse
8.4" (800 x 600) TFT LCD with Touch Panel
Tray Closed: 310 (W) x 161 (D) x 215mm (H)
Tray Open: 310 (W) x 297 (D) x 565mm (H)
Approx. 3.6kg
AC100 - 240V (50/60Hz)
Scanning 30W or less, Low Power Mode 1W or less,
Power OFF: 0.5W or less
10 – 32.5°C (50 – 90.5°F), Humidity: 20 – 80% RH
30ppm / 60ipm
30ppm / 60ipm
25ppm / 40ipm
Width 50.8 – 216mm
Length 53.9 – 355.6mm
Card Size and Thickness
Long Document Mode
Paper Separation
Feeder Capacity
Optical Resolution 100 x 100dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 300 x 300dpi,
400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi
Mode Black and White, Error Diffusion,
Advanced Text Enhancement II, 256-Level Greyscale (8-bit),
24-bit Colour, Auto Colour Detection
Email-Me, Ad-Hoc Fax, Deskew, Auto Page Size Detection, Ultrasonic
Double Feed Detection, Skip Blank Page, Text Orientation Recognition,
Image Rotation, Colour Dropout (RGB), Prevent Bleed Through /
Remove Background, Folio Scanning, Customised File Naming,
Customised Index File Creation
Scan to Folder Supported Protocol: SMB
Scan to Email Supported Protocol: SMTP
SMTP Authentication: Supported
Scan to FTP Server Supported: MS Exchange Server, Sendmail, Postfix, Lotus Domino Server
Supported Protocol: FTP
Supported FTP Server: IIS, ProFTPD, VSFTP
Scan to Fax Via Fax Server and Fax Service Provider (SMTP)
Scan to Print Via ScanFront Extended Service
Scan to USB Memory Supported File System: FAT16 / FAT32
By Device Authentication
By Server Authentication: Sample / Active Directory
Automatic Feeding
52 – 209g/m² (0.06 – 0.25mm)
Manual Feeding
40 – 209g/m² (0.05 – 0.25mm)
Size: 53.9 x 85.5mm
Thickness: no more than 300g/m² (0.76mm)
(cards with embossed letters are supported)
1000mm Max
Retard Roller Method
50 sheets (80g/m2)
No software (or additional hardware) required to use
Software Tools ScanFront Administration Tool
ScanFront Extended Service
ScanFront Software Development Kit (SDK)**
Web Application Toolkit (SDK)**
Consumables Exchange Roller Kit
Suggested Daily Duty Cycle Approx. 3000 scans/day
* Scanning speeds in Web Application Mode may vary.
** The software toolkits are available separately. For more information contact your local
Canon office or go to the Canon Business Solutions Developer Programme webpage:
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