3M WB-300 Wibget Selection Guide

3M WIBGET WB-300 Heat Stress Monitor
About Us
Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is a world class
manufacturer of rugged, reliable instrumentation
and software systems that monitor and evaluate
occupational and environmental health and safety
hazards including noise, heat stress, indoor air quality
and select toxic/combustible gases. The Quest brand
of instrumentation is used by Safety and Industrial
Hygiene Professionals to help comply with applicable
occupational standards and regulations.
About 3M and 3M’s Occupational Health
AND Environmental Safety Division
Quest Technologies was acquired by 3M Company
in 2008, and is part of 3M OH&ES Division, a global
leader in respiratory, hearing, eye, head and fall
protection, visibility and protective clothing, and
detection products. 3M captures the spark of new
ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious
products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires
a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that
make life better. 3M is the innovation company that
never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M
employs about 84,000 people worldwide and has
operations in more than 65 countries.
Pocket Guide
for Occupational
and Environmental
Health Professionals
Table of Contents
Data Management & Analysis Software
3M™ Detection Management Software DMS
3M™ Sound Detector SD-200 Sound Level Meter
3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters
3M™ SoundPro™ SE and DL Sound Level Meters
3M™ Verifier Speech Intelligibility Instrument
3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100
3M™ The Edge Cable-Free Noise Dosimeters
3M™ NoisePro™ Series of Noise Dosimeters
3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division
3M™ Detection Management Software DMS
3M™ Detection Management Software DMS
Detection Management Software DMS makes it easy
to record, report, chart and analyze data collected
for assessment of select occupational health hazards
in the workplace. Designed for dosimetry, sound
level measurements, heat stress assessments and
environmental monitoring, this advanced software
helps safety and occupational professionals.
10. 3M™ QC-10 Sound Level Calibrator
11. 3M™ AcoustiCal AC-300 Calibrator
12. 3M™ QUESTemp° 32/34/36 Portable Wet Bulb
Heat Stress Monitors
13. 3M™ QUESTemp° 44/46/48N Waterless Wet Bulb
Heat Stress Monitors
14. 3M™ WIBGET™ WB-300 Heat Stress Monitor
• Only one software application to learn
15. 3M™ QUESTemp° II Personal Heat Stress Monitor
• Centrally organize and access exposure data
• Retrieve, download, share and save instrument data
16. 3M™ EVM Series Particulate Mass Concentration and
Air Quality Monitors
• Generate insightful charts and reports
• Export and share recorded data
• Perform “What If” analysis and recalculate data based on
selected time intervals
17. 3M™ Calibration, Service & Extended Warranty Programs
• Set up instruments and check for firmware updates
• English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese,
Korean and simplified Chinese display languages
18. Specialty Instruments for Unique Applications
• Excellent user support
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
3M™ Sound Detector
SD-200 Sound Level Meter
3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400
Series Sound Level Meters
The Sound Detector SD-200 is a compact, lightweight
sound level meter designed for measurement of
workplace noise levels. Its intuitive design makes it
easy for users to measure sound levels and determine
the degree of hearing protection that may be required.
Plus, it offers an integrating feature that computes
the average sound pressure level allowing for more
accurate assessment of intermittent sound levels.
The Sound Examiner SE-400 series of sound meters
are engineered to accurately measure noise levels
in highly variable environments. They compute the
average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the
run time, helping you to more accurately assess
occupational and environmental noise levels. All
models ship ready-to-use, no set-up necessary.
• Simple, user-friendly interface
• Measurement parameters include: SPL, LMAX, LMIN,
Peak, LEQ/LAVG, Elapsed Time
• Green, yellow and/or red LEDs flash when preset noise
levels are reached
• Variable, user-selectable data logging intervals and
measurement parameters
• A rechargeable lithium polymer battery with up to 50 hours
between charges
• Export, report and share SE-400 data with the new 3M
Detection Management Software DMS
• Average sound pressure level delivers a steadier reading
where noise levels are highly variable
• Water resistant and dust-proof design (IP65 rated) with
an ergonomic soft grip and long battery life
• Class/Type 2 microphone
• English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese,
Korean and simplified Chinese display languages
• Meets ANSI S1.4 1983 (R 2006), ANSI S1.43 1997 (R 2007),
IEC 61672-1 (2002), IEC 61010-1 (2010) and CE standards
• Measures Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Average value
(LEQ /L AVG), LED Alert, Maximum value (MAX), Minimum value
(MIN), Run-Time, Overload (OL) and Under-Range (UR)
• 2 Mb memory capacity
• Transflective 128 x 128 pixel resolution display with
LED backlighting
• Manual user adjustment with external calibrator
• Stored session summary data includes: LEQ/LAVG, max, min,
peak, and user settings
• Easy-to-use SoundPatrol portable digital printing capability
requires minimal training, so it can be easily deployed in
the field
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
3M™ SoundPro™ SE and
DL Series Sound Level Meters
and Real-Time Analyzers
3M™ Verifier Speech
Intelligibility Instrument
The SoundPro SE/DL series provides advanced
sound level monitoring and comprehensive data
analysis. Available in Class 1 and Class 2 models,
these instruments feature large screen displays that
enable real-time frequency analysis, and data storing
capabilities that make it easy to post-process and
evaluate workplace noise levels.
The Verifier is a special type of sound level meter
offering speech intelligibility measurement to ensure
that voice actuated fire alarms, mass communications
and public address (PA) systems are clearly heard and
understood in an emergency. The instrument’s intuitive
display and keypad allow users with varying levels of
expertise to perform speech intelligibility testing.
• Easy user set-up and operation
• Class/Type 1 and 2 models
• Fully compliant with EN/IEC 61672 and ANSI SLM standards
• 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time filters
• Results given for speech intelligibility for public address
systems in Speech Transmission Index-PA (STI-PA) and
Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) formats
• 15 second measurement intervals with post processing
• 0 to 140 dB range (with peak range up to 143 dB)
• Frequency weightings A, C and Z (linear)
• Run-time clock shows duration of studies and sessions
• Fast, slow and impulse response time constants
• Eight selectable ranges of 50 dB to 140 dB
• Noise dose calculation with selectable thresholds
• User selectable exchange rates (3 dB, 4 dB, 5 dB, 6 dB)
• Luminescent keypad/backlit display
• Displays table of modulation indices
• GPS coordinate logging
• Measures in accordance with IEC 60268-16, NFPA 72
Annex E and DOD UFC-4-021-01
• USB communications for programming/data transfer
• Time history data logging
• Statistical distribution and exceedance level data reporting
• GPS coordinate logging if connected to certain GPS models
• Removable SD memory card for data storage and transfer
• Acoustic spectral curves, speech intelligibility and
reverberation measurement options
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
3M™ Noise Indicator
3M™ The Edge Cable-Free
Noise Dosimeter
The Noise Indicator NI-100 alerts users to potentially
dangerous noise levels, helping identify areas where
noise assessment may be needed to determine the
need for hearing protection. Users clip the Noise
Indicator to a shirt or jacket and its LED light delivers a
clear indication when noise levels exceed a potentially
hazardous threshold. The NI-100’s small size and
lightweight design make it ideal for workers in a variety
of industries.
The Edge noise dosimeter offers a cable-free, compact
frame for a lighter, more ergonomic way to monitor
noise levels. This innovative dosimeter weighs only 3
ounces and features a thin, contoured shoulder mount.
The Edge eg4 has dual dosimeters and data logging/
time history. The Edge eg5 has intrinsic safety approvals
and when used with the new Data Management
Software DMS, users can activate a third independent
dosimeter, allowing for simultaneous measurement
against three industry standards.
• An affordable option for monitoring noise levels,
with a durable, easy-to-use design
• Convenient and efficient cable-free design eliminates
the microphone cable
• Lightweight. Weighs only 0.6 oz (17 g)
• Thin, contoured shoulder mount
• Rechargeable battery that operates for up to 200 hours
between charges
• 70 to 140 dB RMS range (with 143 dB peak range)
• Unit will auto-power off after approximately 10 hours
• Visual exposure monitor via multi-color LED
• Flashing green LED indicates noise level is below 85 dBA
• Rechargeable lithium polymer battery for long life
between charges
• Flashing red LED indicates noise level is above 85 dBA
and hearing protection may be needed
• Available with 1 or 5 Bay “EdgeDock” docking station
• Downloads to Detection Management Software DMS
• Two advanced models with data logging/time
history measurements
• eg5 model features simultaneous C-weighted and
A-weighted measurements
• eg5 model is certified intrinsically safe for use in
potentially hazardous locations (CSA, MSHA, Simtars for
IECex and SIRA for ATEX)
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
3M™ NoisePro™
Series of Personal
Noise Dosimeters
3M™ QC-10 Sound
Level Calibrator
The NoisePro™ series of personal noise dosimeters
helps Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professionals
monitor noise exposure efficiently, and provides tools to
empower worker self-management of noise exposure.
The NoisePro’s compact yet rugged IP-65 rated casing,
intrinsic safety certifications and advanced features
make it well-suited for a wide range of applications.
• Certified intrinsically safe for use in potentially hazardous
locations (UL, MSHA, and ATEX)
The QC-10 sound level calibrator provides quick,
precise field calibration checks of instruments with
Class/Type 2 microphones. The calibrator generates
a stable acoustic signal at a controlled frequency
and amplitude to verify the accuracy of your meter
in the field.
• The QC-10 Type 2 calibrator has fixed 114 dB at 1000 Hz
acoustical output
• Class/Type 1 or 2 accuracy
• Standard one inch coupler opening may be reduced by
inserting available snap-in adapters for ½ inch and ¼ inch
microphone sizes
• 40 to 110 dB and 70 to 140 dB (two) RMS ranges
• Long battery life
• Auto-configuration to common regulations
• Low battery indicator
• Real-time compliance indicators
• Complies with IEC 942 and ANSI S1.40
• High-speed infrared communications to PC
• Simultaneously test to multiple regulations
• Real-time clock and calendar
• Programmable scheduled monitoring sessions
• Optional vibrating alarm
• Optional boom microphone
• Time history and statistical distribution data
• Rugged IP-65 rated, industrial grade cast aluminum case
Occupational &
Environmental Noise
Heat Stress
3M™ AcoustiCal
AC-300 Calibrator
The AcoustiCal AC-300 is a precision sound level
calibrator for calibration of Class/Type 1 instruments.
It generates two settings with either 250 Hz or 1000
Hz at a sound pressure level of 114 dB. The sound
pressure level and combinations of frequency outputs
conform to the requirements of the IEC standard
60942 (2003) for sound calibrators.
3M™ QUESTemp°
32/34/36 Area
Heat Stress Monitors
The QUESTemp° 32/34/36 are designed to quickly and
accurately evaluate potential heat stress environments.
They deliver high performance monitoring through
WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) sensing
technology and the calculation of a WBGT Index value.
• Wet bulb, dry bulb, globe temperatures, % RH, WBGT
in/out, heat index and HUMIDEX indices
• Calibrates precision Class/Type 1 sound level meters
and noise dosimeters
• Head/body/torso sensor arrays
• Produces two signals: 250 Hz or 1000 Hz at a sound
pressure level of 114 dB
• English, Spanish, French, German and Italian languages
• Included in all 3M Quest instrumentation kits featuring
Class/Type 1 microphones
• Long battery life
• Low battery indicator
• Conforms to the requirements of the IEC standard 60942
(2003) for sound calibrators
• Conforms to ANSI S1.40-1983 (R2006f): Specifications
and verification procedures for sound level meters
• Time history data logging with real-time clock
• QT36 offers on-board stay-time calculator based upon the
ACGIH TLV Handbook, U.S. Navy PHEL charts and EPRI
action limits
• Optional air velocity sensor for thermal comfort applications
available with the QT36
• Readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Up to 150 hours operation from a single 9V alkaline battery
• Up to 300 hours operation from an optional rechargeable
NiMH battery
• Compatible with Detection Management Software DMS for
advanced analysis
• Certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations
Heat Stress
Heat Stress
3M™ QUESTemp°
44/46/48N Area Waterless
Wet Bulb Heat Stress Monitors
3M™ WIBGET™ WB-300
Heat Stress Monitor
The QUESTemp° 44/46/48N utilizes a Waterless Wet
Bulb sensor designed for working environments where
daily instrument upkeep is difficult. A high quality
humidity sensor and proprietary algorithm perform the
calculation of the WBGT values eliminating the hassle
of daily wet bulb maintenance.
• Globe temperature, dry bulb temperature, wet-bulb
temperature (calculated), % RH, WBGT in/out, heat index
and HUMIDEX indices (QT48N excludes heat index
The WIBGET Heat Stress Monitor WB-300 helps you
to quickly and easily detect key environmental factors
that can contribute to heat stress. The durable,
yet lightweight heat stress monitor delivers high
performance area monitoring using Wet Bulb Globe
Temperature (WBGT) measurements for assessing
environmental heat stress. The monitor’s durable
design readily withstands the rigors of the workplace,
and its easy-to-use features and simple operation
make the WIBGET WB-300 an ideal monitor to help you
to establish your heat stress management program.
• Real-time clock helps to provide accurate reporting with
time stamping
• One-year warranty
• QT46 and QT48N provide displayed stay-times based
upon the ACGIH TLV handbook, U.S. Navy PHEL charts,
U.S. Marine Flag system and EPRI action limits (QT48N
excludes EPRI)
• Displays to 1/10th degree, +/- 0.9 °F between 32 °F
to 212 °F (+/-0.5 °C between 0 °C and 100 °C)
• English, Spanish, French, German and Italian
display languages
• QUESTemp° 46 compatible with optional air velocity sensor
• Temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Compatible with Detection Management Software DMS
for advanced analysis
• Direct reading of Wet Bulb, Dry Bulb, Vernon Globe
equivalent, WBGTin, and WBGTout temperatures
• At the push of a button, the WIBGET Heat Stress
Monitor WB-300 calculates WBGT, helping you
establish appropriate work/rest ratios
• Designed water resistant to a light rain or mist
• CE mark; compliance with EN 50014: 1997, and EN
50020: 2002 Environmental Safety Division
• QUESTemp° 48N features D-ring attachments and a
heavy-duty lanyard for hands-free monitoring
Heat Stress
Environmental Monitoring
Personal Heat Stress Monitor
3M™ EVM Series Particulate
Mass Concentration & Air Quality Monitoring
The QUESTempº II personal heat stress monitor helps
to provide an additional level of data by directly
detecting the individual’s physiological heat response.
User-selected alarm trip points provide an audio alert
to workers experiencing elevated core temperatures.
This instrument is ideal for applications where people
face a wide range of heat exposure. It allows safety
directors to monitor personal heat stress levels and
create heat stress measures that can minimize risk.
The EVM-7 measures both particulates and air quality,
and provides a lower cost of ownership by combining
three instruments into one. Its patented dial-in rotary
impactors, intuitive user interface and advanced
reporting make the EVM-7 an instrument of choice for
Safety and Industrial Hygiene Professionals worldwide.
• Incorporates the effects of protective clothing
and personal physical condition
• Simultaneous measurement and logging of particulate
mass concentrations, VOCs, toxic gas, CO2, relative
humidity, temperature and air velocity (with accessory)
• Ear canal temperature sensor
• Audio alarms at the ear
• NRR rated foam earplug houses the micro
temperature sensor
Additional models include the EVM-3, specializing in
direct reading of particulate mass concentrations and
the EVM-4, designed for indoor air quality studies.
• Dial-in impactors for selection of PM2.5, PM4, PM10
or TSP (within the instrument’s measurement range)
without disassembly
• Light-scattering photometer helps to provide real-time
measurement of particulate concentrations
• Compact and lightweight
• Easy-to-learn operation
• Full minute-by-minute data logging
• Built-in sampling pump
• Simultaneous gravimetric sampling with a 25 or 37-mm
filter cassette
• Choose from one of nine toxic electrochemical smart sensors
• English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and
Spanish display languages
• Displayed measurements of level, minimum, maximum,
average, STEL and TWA
• Compatible with Detection Management Software DMS for
advanced analysis
Calibration Services
Specialty Products
3M™ Calibration, Service
and Extended Warranty
Specialty Instruments
for Unique Applications
3M Quest Technologies instruments are warranted to
be free from defects in materials and workmanship for
one year under normal conditions of use and service.
For added peace of mind, consider enrolling in a 3M
Detection Instrumentation Extended Warranty Program.
These programs provide two years of full warranty
coverage, including the cost of components* and
microphones, as well as a Level II calibration.
• Audiometric Calibration Kits include a variety
of audiometric calibration instruments, produced
to provide daily checks and periodic electronic
calibration of audiometers used in hearing testing.
• Weatherproof Outdoor Measurement Systems
are for unattended sound monitoring.
Annual Calibrations:
• Factory product warranty extension for additional 12 months
• Factory hardware and firmware updates automatically installed
• Assurance intrinsic safety approvals are not voided by
unapproved repairs or modifications
• Calibration measurements for many products are traceable
to a U.S.A. NIST laboratory
Extended Warranty Programs:
• Two years of warranty coverage
• Standard lead time of five to seven business days
• Free expedited shipping for orders within the United States
• Level II calibration performed by a certified technician at
an ISO 17025 accredited 3M laboratory
*Excludes Interchangeable Smart Sensors and PID (ppb and ppm) Sensor for EVM.
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