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PowerPoint 2007 - Extras
NOTE: To ensure that your songs/movies/videos play properly in your show:
 I suggest you create a folder in your storage area (flash drive or H: drive) to save
everything in (song, movie, video, and PowerPoint)
 When inserting items (song‟s, pic‟s, etc.) into the PowerPoint, insert them from this
same storage area.
To Create a Folder
Open My Computer icon
Navigate to storage area – flash drive or H: at MAC
- make sure you „see it‟ listed in the “Address” bar at the top of your screen
Right click any white area
New, Folder
Type „descriptive‟ name, enter
To Determine „Windows Media Player Version‟ on your machine
Open Windows Media Player
Help Menu, About Windows Media Player
To Save a Song From a CD – using Windows Media Player – Version 10
Insert CD – should get an Audio CD pop-up
─ If not, open Windows Media Player
At Audio pop-up select „Rip Music from CD‟, click OK
If music starts to copy, click STOP RIP (top, right corner)
Make sure Taskbar is not hidden (View, Menu Bar Options)
Tools menu, Options, Rip Music tab
Click change button, navigate to your storage area, click OK
Make sure format (in middle of screen) is mp3
Make sure no check mark in front of „Copy protect music‟, click OK
Place check mark in front of track you want to copy (left side), then click RIP MUSIC button (top,
Close windows media player
Revised April 2008
To Save a Song From a CD – using Windows Media Player – Version 11
Use Rip menu, click
Click More Options – to change drive and format
To Save a Song From a CD – using Windows Media Player – older than Version 10
Insert CD – should get an Audio CD pop-up
Select copy music from CD, OK
The computer will automatically start to copy everything on the disk – so you need to click „stop
copy‟ at the top of screen
Tools, options, copy music
On right side, click „change‟, then navigate to where you want the song copied, OK, OK
Need a  by the one you want to copy
Click „copy from CD‟ on the left
Click „copy music‟ at top
Close media player when done
To Ensure Movies/Videos Play Properly
Save with extension of .asf
Should be listed at bottom of save box as „files of type‟
To Set and Rehearse Timings (Automate your show)
This should be the last step – make sure all transitions and animation schemes have been selected
Slide Show tab, Setup Group
Caution – the next step will start the timing immediately
Be prepared to click the „next‟ button when you feel the audience has had enough time to read
the item that is currently displayed
Click „Rehearse Timings‟ button
When desired time has passed, click Next button
Click Repeat button to reset the clock back to zero for the current slide
Continue until times are set for each slide
Click Yes at message when done
To Turn Off Master Slide
View, master, slide master
In right task pane, click down triangle next to item and select remove
Revised April 2008