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NETernity™ CP921RC
IPv6 Enabled, PICMG 2.16 Compliant 6U CompactPCI 24-Port Fully Managed Layer2/3+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch with OpenWare™ Switch Management Environment
• 6U CompactPCI form factor
• 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch
• Hardware enabled IPv6 and IPv4 support
• Fully managed solution
• L-2 and L-3 switching at wire-speed
• Wire-speed IPv6 switching and routing
• L-3 protocol support including OSPF, RIP
and VRRP with IPv6 support
• OpenWare™ Switch Management
• Allows up to 4096 VLANS
• Supports high availability Hot Swap
• RoHS compliant
• Onboard management processor
• Supports copper media
• Industrial temperature versions available
Key Specifications
• IEEE 802.3-2005
- IEEE 802.3ad (Link aggregation)
• PICMG 2.1 (Hot Swappable)
• PICMG 2.16 (Ethernet on the backplane)
• PICMG 2.9 (IPMI compliance)
• IEEE 802.1p (Prioritization)
• IEEE 802.3ad (Link aggregation)
• IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN tagging)
• IEEE 802.1D (Spanning Tree Protocol)
• RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant
NETernity™ CP921RC is a Fully Managed Layer2/3+ Ethernet embedded switch offering full
IPv6 wire speed switching and routing, and
full management capabilities with 24 rear I/O
Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Designed to meet the needs of a wide range
of challenging applications such as networked Telecom systems, the 6U CompactPCI
form factor CP921RC facilitates communications within a chassis as well as supporting
the network outside the chassis. It is PICMG
2.16 and RoHS compliant, and supports highavailability hot swap as well as IPMI v1.5.
A version of the switch (CP921RC-F) offers the
capability to direct one of the ports across
the fabric-to-fabric link on the PICMG 2.16
backplane to support inter-switch communication, enabling features like switch
redundancy. The CP921RC-F must be used
with the RTCP9XX-5RC-F Rear Transition
Module (RTM).
CP921RC delivers full wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet switching that can be fully
managed and easily deployed. Proven, highperformance architecture and a multilayer
switching fabric provides a rich feature
set, broad functionality, scalability, and
product life longevity. Based on a PowerPC
management processor and a leading highperformance switch fabric, the CP921RC has
integrated Layer-2/3 switching capabilities as
well as the ability to support higher Layer 4-7
functionality when required.
IPv6 brings improved security, reliability
and flexibility, enhanced support for mobile
computing devices, and larger address
space for global reach and scalability to
applications. In the near future, support for
IPv6 will be required for Military and Defense
customers, and because this switch also
supports IPv4 it offers a path forward which
protects existing investments.
NETernity™ CP921RC Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Switch Fabric Features
L-3 IP Routing Protocols
• Supports both Layer-2 (L2) and Layer 3 (L3)
packet switching. Packets are categorized
by the MAC addresses for L2 switching and
by IP addresses for L3 switching.
• QoS prioritization (IEEE 802.1P) permits
classifying packet priorities which is beneficial in delay-sensitive applications.
• Packet filtering to prevent forwarding of
certain packets; filtering capabilities are
available in Layers 2 - 7.
• Link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad) links a
group of physical ports creating a single
logical port to provide higher bandwidth
and increase redundancy between
switches. The fabric is capable of full wire
speed switching, allowing a maximum
aggregate throughput that is the sum of all
aggregated ports.
• Virtual LANs (VLANs) (IEEE 802.1Q) defines
a forwarding (switching) domain; supports
up to 4096 VLANs.
• Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
(IEEE 802.1D-2004) enables automatic and
rapid determination of an optimal loopfree topology from an arbitrary network
of enabled switches with duplicate and
redundant connections; supports rapid
reconfiguration in the event of a link or
switch failure; backward compatible with
• Broadcast storm control screens excessive
traffic and controls the rate limit for each
port and prevents flooding in the network.
• IGMP snooping permits the switch to monitor IGMP interactions between hosts and
routers and to adjust its forwarding tables
accordingly resulting in more efficient
bandwidth use.
• Port mirroring eases debug and packet
pattern study. This is a method to observe
on one port traffic that is flowing on
another port.
• High-availability Hot Swap that complies
with PICMG 2.1 Rev 2; the switch may be
removed and replaced while the system
is operational.
• OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), a flexible
link state protocol, tests the state of links
and transmits that information throughout
the system to establish the shortest path
to the destination. This protocol also load
balances by distributing traffic equally
among routes. Messages may also be
routed based on the type of service so that
critical messages can transverse the most
reliable routes.
• RIP (Routing Information Protocol), an easyto-implement, dynamic routing protocol,
allows routers to exchange information for
computing routes through networks. Routing tables are used to store destination
and metric pairs.
• VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) eliminates single points of failure on
a network. Using an election protocol to
provide failover for forwarding packets,
VRRP provides a higher availability default
path. VRRP is supported by both IPv6
and IPv4.
OpenWare Switch Management
OpenWare™ is available exclusively on
selected NETernity Fully Managed Layer2/3 Ethernet switches. Comprehensive and
powerful, this switch management environment provides integrated management
services including configuration, monitoring,
switching control, addressing, routing and all
supported protocols. Configuration and monitoring functions are accessible from a serial
console or via a network. Supported access
methods include Telnet, SSH and SNMP.
OpenWare features
• IPv6 support for improved security, reliability and flexibility, enhanced support
for mobile computing devices, and larger
address space for global reach and scalability. IPv4 is also supported offering a path
forward which protects existing invest-
• Easy deployment and management that
results from the wide range of protocols
supported. These protocols are defined
by RFCs, and cover a range of operations:
Switching, VLANs, Aggregation, Multicast,
Filtering, Routing, QoS, and Management.
NETernity switches with OpenWare offer
broad functionality and support communications within the chassis as well as
supporting the network outside of
the chassis.
• MSTP, the latest version of the Spanning
Tree protocol, support allowing use of
the latest technology to create efficient,
loop-free networks by combining multiple
VLANs. In the event of link or switch failure,
the network can be rapidly reconfigured
minimizing down time. MSTP is backward
compatible with RSTP and STP.
• Highly efficient bandwidth utilization. Multicast with IGMP Snooping ensures that
frames are only forwarded on those ports
having nodes that have joined the group.
• Linux® based software allows faster implementation and easy updates to firmware
as part of standard releases or when
customization is required. Customizations
may be leveraged across all NETernity/
OpenWare platforms. Standard Linux
commands may be used as well as open
source protocol and routing capabilities.
• A familiar Linux command line interface
and remote Telnet user interface support
allows users to select how they interact
with the switch.
• Using a combination of open source protocol software and OpenWare allows us in
certain instances to provide full software
source to customers. Additionally, full
control over the software environments
permits customization for specific requirements such as customer-specific handling
of failover conditions.
• Portability across switch fabrics and processor environments.
NETernity™ CP921RC Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Block Diagram
Octal GigE
24 GigE Ports per PICMG 2.16
GE Intelligent Platforms has a wealth of
expertise in Military, Commercial and Telecommunications markets. This makes us unique
in the embedded computing industry – we
understand application requirements and we
know communication protocols.
Our line of NETernity Ethernet Switches is
unmatched. Not only is our product selection extensive, but the switches themselves
provide maximum flexibility, performance,
and density.
Octal GigE
NETernity Ethernet Switches are available in
a variety of form factors, interfaces, levels of
ruggedness, port configurations, media support, and types of management.
24 Port GigE
Switch Fabric
Octal GigE
10/100 Management Port
Why choose GE Intelligent Platforms
NETernity Ethernet Switches?
Watch Dog
10/100 MAC
I 2C
Serial #1 Serial #2
Hot Swap
10/100 MAC
RS232 Debug Port
10/100 Frabic Port
Management Board
Call GE Intelligent Platforms’ knowledgeable
sales team for help in selecting the switch that
best meets your applications requirements.
32-bit/66 MHz PCI Bus
Local Bus
Fully Managed switches are Layer-2/3+
switches with control and monitoring capabilities via local or remote access. Managed
switches are Layer-2 switches with control
and monitoring capabilities via local or
remote access. Unmanaged switches are
Layer-2 switches with no operator interfacing and are designed for quick deployment in
well defined applications.
I 2C
NETernity™ CP921RC Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Ordering Information
• Zircon PM controller
• IPMI/IPMB version 1.5
CP921RC: NETernity Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Ethernet switch; 24 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports; PICMG 2.16; OpenWare firmware; RoHS
CP921RC-IND: NETernity Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Ethernet switch; 24 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports; PICMG 2.16; OpenWare firmware; RoHS; Industrial temperature range
CP921RC-F: NETernity Fully Managed Layer-2/3+ Ethernet switch; 24 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports; PICMG 2.16; OpenWare firmware; RoHS; with fabric-to-fabric link capability
Physical Interface
• All Gigabit Ethernet ports and the Ethernet
management port are routed to rear
• Ethernet ports support 10BaseT, 100BaseTX
and 1000BaseT
• Serial console routed to rear
• Copper media
• RJ45 connectors
• IPv6 addressing and specification (RFC 2460)
• Neighbor discovery for IPv6 (RFC2461)
• Stateless address auto configuration (RFC 2462)
• ICMPv6 (RFC 2463)
• IPv6 over Ethernet (RFC 2464)
TRCP9XXRC: Rear Transition Module, 2 slots, (24) 10/100/1000BaseTX ports via RJ45 connectors
TRCP9XX-5RC: Rear Transition Module; (5) 10/100/1000BaseTX ports via RJ45 connectors
Rear Transition Module; (12) 10/100/1000BaseTX ports via RJ45 connectors
TRCP9XX5RC-F: Rear Transition Module for use with CP921RC-F; (5) 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseTX ports
via RJ45 connectors
Add Suffix
-CC to model number to indicate polyurethane conformal coating
-CCA to model number to indicate acrylic conformal
• 6U (4HP) single slot CompactPCI form factor
• Height: 9.2 in. (233.4mm)
• Depth: 6.3 in. (160mm)
• Thickness: 0.8 in. (20.3mm)
• Weight: 1.08 lbs (0.49Kg)
Power Requirements
• Total: 41.22 watts
• +3.3V @ 23 watts max
• +5V @ 18 watts max
• +12V @ 192 mwatts max
• -12V @ 30 mwatts max
• Temperature
- Operating - Standard versions: 0° to +60 °C
- Storage: -40° to +85 °C
- Operating - Industrial temp versions: -40° to +85° C
• Relative Humidity
- Operating: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
- Storage: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
MTBF (CP921RC only)
• 242,313 hours per FITS
Regulatory Compliance testing planned:
• European Union (CE Mark)
- EN55024: 1998/A1:2001/A2:2003 ITE
immunity characteristics
- EN55022: 1998/A1:2000/A2:2003 Class A ITE
emissions requirements
• United States
- FCC 47 FR Part 15 Class A emissions
• Canada
- ICES-003, Issue 4
• Japan
- VCCI Class A ITE emissions
• Australia
- A S/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class ITE emissions
• Safety
- UL60950-1
- CSA C22.2, No. 60950-1-03
- EN60950-1:2001 Low Voltage
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