Detachable – Indoor & Outdoor
The high sensitivity Microphone can
be detached from the headset,
which makes the powerful sound
qualities of computer headset
portable to outdoor usage. With our
Dual – Plug Design, the messy
cables are all assembled into a
single plug. The computer Headset
HS 903 is completely transformed
into a professional music
headphone while you pull out the
1. Tension Release Ear Cushion
The extra soft cushion releases the tension exert from the headband and
makes you feel comfortable.
2. Cushion Pad on Headband
Cushioned Headband isolated you skin from any hard object, let you only
focus on you game or music
Experience in a New Way
The 40 mm Modified Neodymium Driver Unit produces much better
sound effect than normal speaker, furthermore, the acoustic chamber
of the headset is find turned many times for creating perfect
resonance, which generates on-the-spot music station to the gamer.
Extra soft and oversized Ear Cushion providing comfort feelings and
also act as a reflecting cavities to enhance the bass effect with great
noise canceling function.
3. Detachable Microphone
Detachable Microphone makes your headset functioning in different
situation. No matter indoor or outdoor, it works everywhere.
4. Dual – Plug Design
Innovative Dual – Plug Design leaves you only one cable and one plug,
Great Flexibility.
5. Volume Control on Cable
The volume control module is embedded on the cable with distance 53
cm, perfect for you to chat with friends and changing volume in game.
6. Closed Type Design
The noise canceling function enhances your sound to make it much better.
Dimension: 195*193*100
mmAcoustic System:
ClosedMagnet Type:
NeodymiumDriver Type:
DynamicImpedance: 40
ohmSensitivity: 115
dB/mwFrequency Response:
20-20K HzRated Power: 100
mwMaximum Input Power: 1000
Microphone Sensitivity: -52 +/- 2
dBSound Pressure Level: 110 dBS/N
Ratio: >/= 58 dB
Cable Connection: Double
SidedCable Length: 2300
mmConnector: 3.5 mm Stereo