Interactive, Networked Pull Tab Kiosk System.
The playLinxx® XL5™ Pull Tab Ticket system is
the most advanced and feature-rich solution for
unattended retail sales of Pull Tab
gaming products.
1080 HD Monitor
(LMN – Linked Media
Network, liveLinxx™
6 Bin Rotating Carousel:
750 Tickets per Bin (Shown)
Expandable to 1,000
Tickets per Bin
playLinxx® delivers an incredible paradigm
shift for the Pull Tab category. Core features
and functionality include:
• Interactive High Definition user touch screen
• Attention grabbing High Definition top screen with
jackpot and partner advertising potential (liveLinxx™)
Player Experience
6x LED
• Dispenses, activates, and verifies the patented
barcoded Pull Tab product (SOE™ – AOE™)
• Rotating ticket carousel that combines eye catching
product and promotional capabilities
Thermal Printer
(Behind Main
Card Reader
• Multiple prizing (Xcelerator™) and product
seeding opportunities (partnerLinxx®) that drive a
fundamental shift in the player value proposition
• Easily integrated into existing lottery back-end
systems, or fully capable of operating as a secure
hosted solution or completely stand-alone
• Player affinity options to increase player
engagement, loyalty, and value (myLinxx™)
• Back-end system and hosting solutions that mitigate
any integration requirements with existing lottery
systems, while providing exceptional security and
reporting capabilities
Barcode Scanner
Additional features, functions
and models available.
• Configurable responsible gaming features
eJexxt™ Ticket Dispenser
(SOE/AOE™ Technology)
Touchscreen Interface
The Xcelerator™ Bonus!
game provides players
with interactive
winning experiences.
Easy, Smart, Engaging
Game screens allow players
multiple options to customize
their purchase and learn more
about that particular game.
Main player screen displays
available games in an easy,
intuitive manner.
Operator screens are just as
user-friendly as the playerfacing screens. All of the
kiosk’s important functions
are controlled interactively.
The partnerLinxx® program
provides players with
additional prizes.
Interactive, Networked Pull Tab Kiosk System.
E-Ticket™ Pull Tabs
The playLinxx™ experience is anchored by BGI’s patented and
industry-first Pull Tab E-Ticket™. While the look, feel, and play style
remains consistent with traditional Pull Tab tickets, this E-Ticket™
offers so much more.
This ground-breaking product combines
advanced security and integrity
parameters with multiple play and prize
mechanics, resulti ng in a revolutionary
shift for the Pull Tab category.
over/ $
plus de
BGI’s E-Ticket™ offers the following
core advancements:
The Company
Headquartered in St. John’s, NL, Canada, the British
Group of Companies (BGI) has a rich history in the
lottery and gaming sector. Long-standing partnerships,
world-class products, and technology advancements
accentuate BGI’s internationally recognized operation.
in prizes available
/dans les prix
• Dual Barcoding
An external barcode allowing for
advanced integrity and security;
the internal barcode enables prize
validation/redemption, promotional
and second chance prizing, and
progressive jackpot prize
Prizes Available
• Incremental Player Value
Whether it’s a progressive jackpot,
a second chance prize, or additional
prizes via partner-sponsored products
or coupons – the player wins!
• Inventory Management
Barcode enables unit/pack activation,
improved inventory control and
overall fraud protection
• And much more
Unique themes, high-quality print
materials, and tailored options for
all distribution channels
Main Office
187 Kenmount Road
2nd Floor, Suite 201
St. John's, NL A1B 3P9
BGI has significantly expanded its scope and reach
and now distributes its unique and patented products
and solutions across North America and Europe.
• Advertising
Incremental value to players
and increased returns through
the inclusion of internal/external
messages or couponing
The Capabilities
Scan barcode
at this kiosk.
Discover what
you have won!
Keep your validation
slip to collect your
partnerLinxx® prize.
BGI is a world leading producer of Pull Tab, Bingo
Event Ticket, and Intelligent Dispensing Technologies
• 22+ year partnership with Atlantic Lottery
• 7+ year partnership with British Columbia Lottery
• Charitable Pull Tab distribution within 12 US States
• Annual ticket production of 800 million units
• Industry leading dispensing and kiosk applications,
including playLinxx® Pull Tab solutions
• ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered design,
manufacturing, inventory and distribution facility
recognized operation
Operations Facility
465 East White Hills Road
St. John's, NL A1A 5X7
USA Distribution Center
745 Industrial Parkway
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Toll Free: 1-800-350-9940
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