1. Preface:
YT-0002S intelligent balancer charger is proferssional designed for Lithium
Polymer/Lithium-ion battery from 1 to 3 cells by YUNTONG.
2. Characteristics:
Operating Manual
Intelligent Lithium Battery
Balance Charger
Microprocessor controlled high performance balance charger for 1 to 3
cells in series Li-Polymer/ Lithium-ion batteries .
2.1. Micro-computer control ,high charge effficiency and precision.
2.2. Check 1-3 cells good or not automatically.
2.3. Test each cell voltage automatically, and charge the battery with
2.4. Four LED (A,B,C and D ) indicate different status.
2.5. Input voltage is 10-18V ,even can use car chargers. The best is 12-17V.
2.6. Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection for both input and output
2.7. Max charging time protection :10 hours.
2.8. Output voltage: 4.2V+/-0.03V(1S); 8.4+/-0.06V(2S); 12.6V+/-0.1V(3S);
output current :1000mA
2.9. Balance each cell voltage is or less than 30mV ..
2.10. Size (thickness *width*length):25.5*71*103mm;weight:160g or so.
3. Guide line:
3.1. Connect one transformer (15V/1.5A or 12V/2A ) or car charger with
YT-0002S charger DC input.
3.2. Connect 1 cell or 2 cells or 3 cells battery with the charger output
connector correctly, must be sure that the positive and the negative
connection are right.
10-18V DC
3.3. LED B, C and D red mean charging .LED A green (flash) and LED B,C,D
no lighting mean fully charged.
3.4. After full charged,30mins trickle charging more is better.
3S -
4. Detailed status:
Intelligent Balance Charger
2S -
Reverse connect
All LED(s) off
Make the negative and the
and positive connection right
Connect power
but no connecting
LED A green(no flash)
Connecting charger
with battery
Connect 1S cell
to charger
LED B red(no flash)
1S battery charging
A LED green (no flash):
Power on
B LED red ( no flash):
1S Charging
B.C LED red ( no flash): 2S Charging
B.C.D LED red ( no flash): 3S Charging
A LED green ( flash):
Charge full
B.C.D LED red ( flash): Battery damage
LED(s) status
1S -
For Li-Polymer / Li-ion 1-3 Cells
We reserve the right to commit modifications
Copyright reserved.
Connect 2S cellsl LEDB&C red
to charger
(no flash)
2S battery charging
Connect 3S cells
to charger
LED B,C&D red
(no flash)
fully charged
LED A green(flash)+LED B off:
1S battery charged full
LED A green(flash), LED A green(flash)+LED B&C off:
B,C,D LED off
2Sbattery charged full
LED A green(flash)+LED B,C&D off:
3Sbattery charged full
During charging
Relevant LED red
3S battery charging
Battery damaged
or not connect wel
5. Malfunction specification:
LED(s) status
Possible reasons
No light
Battery dead
Change new battery
Not lithium battery
Only charge Li-Po and
Li-ion battery
Contact wrong
Check the polarity again
Battery contact is not well
Connect again
DC input contact is not well
Connect DC input again
6.6. Connect battery to charger firstly before connect charger to AC power.
6.7. Move charger away after charging ,do not connect charger with battery
after charged full.
6.8. Do not put the charger under rain or fire.
6.9. Charging finished, move away the charger from AC power.
6.10. Do not put something on it during charging.
6.11. Children must be over 12years and must be with adult`s helping if using
the charger.
6.12. Working temperature is from 0 to 60 C ,the better charge performance
is between 30 to 50 C.
6.13. Take care of the polarity before using.
6.14. We recommend that the Max .charge
current is not over 1c.
6.15. AC adaptor input data should be :AC100-24V/50/60Hz; DC input data
should be :15V/1.5A or 12V/2A.
6.16. If DC input voltage is less than 10V ,the charger can not work.
6.17. Before using ,customers must read above information recommended,
any accident lead by incorrect using method (over above specified),
the manufacturer, distributors, retails will not be responsibility.
6. Warning:
6.1. YT-0002S charger only charge Lithium Polyner and Lithium-ion battery.
6.2. Do not charge other type battery, such as NI-CD/NI-MH/primary battery,
otherwise lead fire,leakage,injury person etc accidents, the
manufacturer,distributors and retailers will not be responsible for these
6.3. Far away Children or easy fire objects during charging.
6.4. Do not open the charger by yourself ,otherwise the manufacturer will be
no any responsibility.
6.5. Do not charge 1S,2S,3S battery same time ,otherwise will lead battery or
charge destroyed.
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