EDB Postgres™ Failover Manager
EDB Postgres™
Failover Manager
Fault tolerant database
clusters for high availability
In the digital age, enterprises cannot afford an outage of
mission-critical applications. Depending on the type of
application, a few minutes or a few hours of downtime can
cost businesses significant amounts of money.
EDB Postgres™ Failover Manager leverages Postgres native
streaming replication to make EDB Postgres database
clusters highly available.
Streaming replication maintains a copy of the master
database on individual nodes, ideally in different datacenters.
EDB Postgres Failover Manager provides continuous health
monitoring for such streaming replication clusters and, in
case of a failure, detects and automates the failover to a
EDB Postgres Failover Manager gives you the peace of mind
that, should it become necessary, a failover will be initiated
to bring the database back online as fast as possible to
protect your business from the consequences of an extended
EDB's fault tolerant clustering technology and redundant
architecture eliminate single points of failure and protect
against system outages to achieve 24/7 availability.
High availability
EDB Postgres Failover Manager
constantly monitors the health
of streaming replication clusters
and detects failures. If enabled,
EDB Postgres Failover Manager
automatically triggers a failover to
minimize downtime.
Tailored to your needs
DBAs have the choice to either
automate failover, allowing
applications to reconnect to the
database as soon as possible or to be
notified about an incident to decide
which actions to take. EDB Failover
Manager can also be configured
to trigger custom scripts based
on certain events, allowing you to
customize its behavior according to
your requirements.
Zero downtime maintenance
EDB Postgres Failover Manager's
switchover and switchback
functionality allows DBAs to switch
deliberately the master database
server role to a replica allowing
system administrators to patch
the operating system or database
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software while another database
server transparently makes the
database available to applications.
Peace of mind
EDB Postgres Failover Manager's
switchover and switchback
functionality is also helpful to test a
failover scenario. Knowing that your
disaster recovery procedures work will
give you confidence in your Postgres
HA configuration.
EDB Postgres™ Failover Manager
Automatic Failover
If the master, A, fails or loses its network connection, an EDB
Postgres Failover Manager agent within the cluster detects
the failure, e.g., the agent on B.
This quorum architecture prevents false failovers and splitbrain scenarios to avoid data corruption.
EDB Postgres Failover Manager's automatic failover
and security checks give DBAs and IT manage­ment the
confidence that their data is safe and highly available to
support their mission-critical applications.
B then queries the other cluster members. If they agree that
A has failed, B will be promoted to the new master and the
master's virtual IP (VIP) address will be moved to B, making
the failover transparent to applications.
Virtual IP
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