MFP M40 System
Large-format scan-to-print/
file/edit/share solutions
The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF MFP M40
systems are multicomponent, multifunction
solutions for architects, engineers,
construction, GIS, and other professionals
who need to scan, edit, save, share,
and print large-format documents
easily and efficiently.
• M40 Scanner with SingleSensor technology
assembly* delivers incredibly fast and accurate
scan speeds.
• SmartWorks MFP is a scan-to-print/file/share
software that includes custom presets, image
enhancements, and cloud integration.
• Direct Print & Share is Canon’s Cloud Portal
software for file sharing—now with Drag & Drop
printing capabilities.
• Customizable System lets you choose between
36” and 44” printers for maximum versatility.
• Computer, Touch-Screen Monitor, and Stand
are all included in the system.
* SingleSensor technology assembly means that multiple sensors are contained in one
assembly device.
Choose the printer that best fits your workflow—and budget. With five imagePROGRAF models
in the iPF MFP M40 system line-up, it’s easy to customize your system.
Unique 5-Color Reactive Ink System
• High resolution: up to
2400 x 1200 dpi output
• A double set of Matte Black
ink channels in the print
head maximizes monochrome
print speed
• Economy print mode
helps cut down ink costs
for draft prints
• 15,360-nozzle print-head
with FINE technology
Canon’s imagePROGRAF
5-color line of printers has
what you need to help simplify,
strengthen, and complete
your workflow. For poster
creation made simple, Canon’s
PosterArtist Lite software
gives you the tools you
need to help you produce an
eye-popping banner or display
in just a few easy steps. Also
included are a Print Plug-in for
Microsoft® Office and Accounting
Manager* software to help you
keep track of ink, media, and
total job costs.
• 44” 5-color, large-format printers
• Dual-roll capability with automatic
switching for enhanced production
(iPF825 only)
• Large-capacity ink tanks
(330 ml and 700 ml tanks available)
• Built-in hard drive
• Sub-ink-tank system
• 36” 5-color, large-format printers
• High-speed printing, Arch D (24” x 36”)
in 21 seconds in fastest mode
• Flat stacker/basket neatly stacks up to
20 plain paper prints, 24” x 36” in size
• Assisted top-loading media guide rails
• Built-in 320 GB hard drive (iPF785 only)
• Large-capacity ink tanks (130 ml and
300 ml available)
• Entry-level, economy solution
• 36” 5-color, large-format printer
• Borderless printing
• Bundled with a variety of software
solutions to help enhance your workflow
The M40 scanner with SingleSensor assembly
technology brings the MFP solution to a whole new
level. Users have the ability to scan documents at
incredible speeds and, with the included USB 3
connection, experience data transfer speeds of up
to 10 times faster than on previous MFP models!
The intuitive control panel embedded on the scanner
helps make operation of the device incredibly easy,
and its compact design helps space become a nonissue when using and storing the device.
• Optical resolution of 1200 dpi
• Scan speeds of 13 inches per second
monochrome and 3 inches per second color
• Capability to accept media of different
thicknesses (up to 2 mm)
• Ability to scan up to a 26-foot (8 m) document to PDF or JPEG and up to a 50-foot (15.2 m)
document to a TIFF file
Experience the vast customization options that come
with your MFP system. The Canon imagePROGRAF
iPF MFP M40 large-format imaging system is
designed to be a complete scan-to-print, file, and
share cloud solution. The system includes a select
imagePROGRAF iPF large-format printer, M40 largeformat scanner, MFP stand, computer, SmartWorks
MFP software, and a large touch-screen monitor.
This solution provides a fast and effective system for
printing, copying, archiving, and distributing maps,
drawings, renderings, site and facilities management
plans, design and layout proofs, posters, and more.
With the iPF785, iPF780, or iPF770 printer, the
integrated stand allows the user to position the
monitor in a variety of configurations to provide
optimal functionality and comfort. The user can
also mount the stand onto the printer for a true,
all-in-one structure or keep them separate for easy
maneuverability. The MFP solution includes a 22”
multitouch-screen monitor, and users have the option
of selecting to have their scanned documents come
straight out the back of the scanner or rewind to the
front for easy retrieval. Customization is truly brought
to a whole new level with the iPF MFP M40 system. • Fully operational PC for vast customization
and creativity
• Integrated stand for structural customization
(iPF785, iPF780, and iPF770 printers only)
The included SmartWorks MFP scan-to-print/file/
edit/ share software includes:
• A simple-to-use interface for easy navigation
• The ability to add custom presets with onetouch retrieval for those often-used settings
• Image enhancements for white point
adjust, black point adjust, sharpen,
mirror, and invert
• Full integration with Canon’s Direct
Print & Share Cloud Portal software
The iPF MFP M40 system is designed with you in
mind to help bring a fully operational work solution
to you out in the field and provide you with all the
tools to help enhance productivity with your technical
documents. Choose the right printing solution to
meet your workflow requirements, whether you have
a low-volume architecture firm or a high-production
enterprise environment. See how the MFP solution
can help bring your business to the next level. This
solution’s capabilities help you produce high image
quality at incredible speeds and make it a welcome
addition for anyone looking to advance in the AEC,
GIS, and other technical industries.
SmartWorks MFP Software
Featuring one-touch “green button”
Copy, Scan, and Print functions
Touch-Screen Monitor
M40 Large-Format Scanner
• SingleSensor assembly technology
• Scans images up to 40” wide
On-Board PC Software
and Workflow Solutions
• Direct Print & Share
Cloud Portal Solution
• PosterArtist Lite
• Canon Printer Driver
• Print Plug-in for
Microsoft Office
• Accounting Manager
• Optimized Driver
for AutoCAD
• imagePROGRAF
Print Utility*
Large-Format Ink-Jet Printer
Five models to choose from
MFP Stand
iPF 785 printer shown
* Available at the App Store SM .
imagePROGRAF iPF MFP M40 systems include a variety of software programs to help you
manage your printing process as well as expand your creative capabilities.
Users are given the ability to scan and upload
documents to their own cloud storage space.
Easily print PDFs, TIFFs, JPEGs, and HP-GL/2
files through the user-friendly interface.
iPF Direct Print & Share
Print Settings
New Features
• ”Shortcut Print” provides
drag-and-drop printing capabilities
• HP-GL/2 file support
• WebDAV support for cloud storage
• Integration with software solutions
such as SmartWorks MFP V3,
AutoCAD, and PosterArtist
This iOS-based app allows users to print
PDF files from their iPad ®.
Print Job Management
Real-Time Preview
Shortcut Print
• PosterArtist Lite – Poster creation software
• Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office (PC only)
– Print directly from Office applications
• Accounting Manager (PC only)
– Track printing costs
• Remote User Interface
– Check printer status remotely
• Optimized Driver for AutoCAD
imagePROGRAF Print Utility
Users who purchase this optional software
will have the ability to scan to multipage PDF
and PDF/A file formats, perform RGB color
corrections, and automatically crop borders
on files using the preview mode.
Available at the App StoreSM.
  * Your server must be compatible with a WebDAV-enabled cloud account, including, but not limited to, Google, Carbonite, or Rackspace to take advantage of the cloud
functionality. Storage capacity, and any pricing thereof, is based on the third-party cloud provider’s current offering, at its sole discretion. Your cloud account is subject
to the third-party cloud provider’s terms and conditions. Neither Canon Inc. nor Canon U.S.A., Inc. represents or warrants any third-party product, service, or feature
referenced hereunder.
** Available at the App Store SM . Compatible with iPad ® 2 or later, running iOS 6.1 or later. Data charges may apply. Printed output will be the same size as original file. Mobile
device and large-format printer must utilize the same network. Printer must be connected to the same router that the mobile device is connected to via wireless capability.
Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients. In order to print from imagePROGRAF Print Utility,
user must open his/her PDF file in another, supported iPad app. Then, the user would select “Open In” and choose the Print Utility app.
Output Width
44” Wide
Number of Ink Tanks
Color Set
Dye: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Pigment: Matte Black
Ink Type
Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink
Ink Tank Capacity
330 ml and 700 ml
Maximum Print Resolution (dpi)
2400 x 1200
Total Number of Nozzles
Ink Droplet
Consistent 4 pl
Maximum Print Speed
(1200 x 1200 dpi on Plain Paper)
688 sq. ft. per hr.*
Print Speed: Best Quality Mode
(2400 x 1200 dpi on Photo Gloss Paper)
89 sq. ft. per hr.*
• Canon Printer Driver
• HDI Driver • Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office
• Digital Photo Front-Access
• Remote User Interface
• Media Configuration Tool
• Supports HP-GL/2, HP RTL Files
• PosterArtist Lite
• PosterArtist (optional) (PC only)
• Third-Party RIPs (optional)
Printer Weight
iPF825: Approx. 417 lb.
iPF815: Approx. 305 lb.
Printer Memory
384 MB RAM
32 GB Dedicated File Processing Memory
Hard Drive
160 GB
USB 2.0: 10/100Base-T/TX
Operating System**
Windows®, Macintosh®
Special Features
• Dual Media Rolls (iPF825 only)
• Accounting Manager (PC only)
• Economy Color Mode
• Sub-Ink-Tank System
• Independent Rotary Cutter
*OS: Windows XP SP2, CPU: Pentium® 4 3.2 GHz, RAM: 1 GB,
Printer Dimensions ( H x W x D)
iPF825: 45” x 74.5” x 50.9” (with basket)
iPF815: 45” x 74.5” x 38.4”
Application: Adobe® Photoshop® 7.0, Interface: USB 2.0 Hi-Speed,
Data used: ISO/JIS-SCID No.5, Output image size: A1 (580 mm
x 724.9 mm) for iPF655/650/610, A2 (410 mm x 512.5 mm) for
iPF510 using optional Roll Feed. Measured by Canon Inc. Each
print time does not include data transfer time. The print speed
may vary depending on the data volume and size, PC, application,
software, media type, and interface.
**Please visit www.usa.canon.com/download for availability.
Output Width
36” Wide
Number of Ink Tanks
iPF785/780: 5
iPF770: 6
Color Set
Dye: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Pigment: Matte Black
Ink Type
Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink
Ink Tank Capacity
130 ml▲ and 300 mln
Maximum Print Resolution (dpi)
2400 x 1200
Total Number of Nozzles
Ink Droplet
Consistent 4 pl
Maximum Print Speed
(1200 x 1200 dpi on Plain Paper)
788 sq. ft. per hr.*
Print Speed: Best Quality Mode
(2400 x 1200 dpi on Photo Gloss Paper)
81 sq. ft. per hr.*
• Canon Printer Driver
• Direct Print & Share Cloud Portal Solution
• imagePROGRAF Print Utility**
• Optimization Module for AutoCAD
(PC only) • Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office
• Remote User Interface
• Media Configuration Tool
• PosterArtist Lite
• PosterArtist (optional) (PC only)
• Third-Party RIPs (optional)
Printer Dimensions (H x W x D)
41.8” x 51.3” x 34.5”
41.8” x 51.3” x 43.3” (when Basket is in the extended position for flatbed stacking)
42” x 51” x 25”
42” x 51” x 34”(when basket is in the
extended position)
Printer Weight
Approx. 141.3 lb.
Approx. 137 lb.
Special Features
• Flat Stacker/Basketn
• Interface Lock
• Accounting Manager (PC only)
• Sub-Ink-Tank System
• Top-loading Roll Feed
Printer Memory
256 MB (32 GB iPF785 only)
Hard Drive
320 GB (iPF785 only)
USB 2.0: 10/100/1000Base-T/TX
Operating System***
Windows, Macintosh
The starter ink tanks in the package with the printer are not the
same capacity as the replacement ink tanks specified here.
iPF785/780 models only.
* CPU: Core2 Duo 2.13 GHz, RAM: 4 GB, OS: Windows7 Pro,
I/F: Hi-Speed USB, sqft/h (area printed per hour) does not
include time required for data processing, data transfer,
preprinting operations, and cutting. Measured by Canon Inc.
The print speed may vary depending on the data volume and
size, PC, application, software, media type, and interface.
** Available at the App StoreSM.
*** Please visit www.usa.canon.com/download for availability.
Scan Speed*
• 48-bit Full Color @ 200 dpi: 3” (per second)
• 8-bit Grayscale and Monochrome @ 200 dpi:
13” (per second)
Scan Modes
• 16.7-million Color RGB (24-bit)
• 256 color RGB Adaptive Indexed Color Palette (8-bit)
• 256-level Grayscale (8-bit)
• Black and White (1-bit)
Color Space
Normalized RGB
• 9600 dpi (max. interpolated)
• 1200 dpi (optical)
Scan Accuracy**
+/- 0.1% ; +/- 1 pixel
Maximum Image Width
Maximum Media Width
Maximum Scan Length
Up to 315” (590” TIFF files)
Maximum Media Thickness
0.079” (2 mm)
Media Feed System
Single large diameter precision ground drive roller;
adaptive CIS media focus management and media
guide mechanism; intuitive face-up, front-loading,
and front/rear-exit media path with side justification;
automatic media size detection with reliable optical
media sensors
Digital Imaging Technology
Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology
(SingleSensor Assembly)
• 5x close-spaced “deep focus” CIS (25,000 pixels)
• 48-bit RGB digital color image capture (50,400 pixels)
• 16-bit grayscale image capture
• Panchromatic monochrome and black and white
• Bi-directional extra long-life LED light system for
optimum object illumination and instant-on
scanning capability
Digital Image Processing
• 2D Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT) (1-bit mode)
• Fixed Threshold Black and White (1-bit mode)
• Dynamic Normalization Application (DNA) with
16-bit Super Sampling
User Status and One-Touch Operation
Center mounted LCD scanner control panel;
walk-up operation and user selection of scanner mode
with stop, forward, rewind, scan, and copy buttons;
local language options, panel overlay, and Magnetic
Media Guide
Included Software
• SmartWorks MFP Scan-to-file, Copy, Cloud with
Real-time Image Viewer. Supports TIFF, JPEG,
TIFF G4, and PDF
• Direct Print & Share Cloud Portal Solution
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
User Maintenance
Installable Plug-and-Play Scanner; Simple Cleaning
Scanner Interface Kit
Superspeed USB 3.0 ( PC Connector Compatible
with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 sockets )
Operating Environments
10 – 35°C, 35-80% RH, Non-condensing
External Power Supply
100-250 VAC Autosensing +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
Scanner Power Consumption
• 53 Wh (Scanning)
• 5 Wh (Stand-by)
Stand and Scanner Dimensions
Height: Swing Arm: 57.5”
Straight Arm (max.): 66”
Width: Swing Arm (max.): 69.9”
Straight Arm: 53.6”
Depth: 31.5”
Stand and Scanner Weight
Approx. 120.4 lb.
Milwaukee: (414) 327-5010
Madison: (608) 242-7200
Email: info@bpicolor.com
The imagePROGRAF iPF MFP M40 systems contain multiple components, some of which are manufactured by
third parties. To the extent that such third-party offerings come with limited warranties, such limited warranties
are hereby passed to the purchaser, and Canon shall have no obligation or any liability with respect to such
third-party offerings.
This document was created by Canon U.S.A., Inc. and is intended for use by Canon’s internal sales team as
an educational tool for dealer and reseller sales representatives. The information contained in this document
should not be altered without prior written permission from Canon U.S.A., Inc.
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Canon U.S.A., Inc. qualified these models as meeting the ENERGY STAR energy
efficiency criteria through an EPA recognized certification body. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are
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MFP shown with iPF825 and iPF785 printer. Prices, specifications, and availability subject to change
without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.
©2015 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved.
What’s In The Box?
• M40 Scanner with Power Cord and USB 3.0 and USB
2.0 Cables (scanner to server)
• 2 Meter USB Cable (server to printer)
• M40 MFP Stand
• M40 MFP Stand Assembly Instructions
• SmartWorks MFP Software
• Computer
• Flat Panel, Touch-screen Display
• Installation and Operation Manual
• Operator Manual on CD-ROM
• Document Return Guide
• Magnetic Paper Guide
* The
scan rate is proportional across the full range of
resolutions supported by the scanner. Actual scan
times will depend on the host system performance.
Quoted top speeds may be limited by the effective
bandwidth of the USB 2 and is not guaranteed for
all media types.
** T he quoted scan accuracy may vary depending
on the operating environment and the thickness
of the media.