Features & Benefits
AXIS 540/640
Web-based management(*)
Allows platform independent management. Configure,
and view printer status from your favorite Web
browser. Link to product page on Axis WWW.
Pocket sized
Plugs directly into the printer’s parallel port. No cables
AXIS NetPilot™
Easy to use, saves time. Complete tool for Axis print
servers. “Wizards” helps you through the installation
and upgrading the print server over the network.
Multiprotocol support
Enables users running either NetWare, Unix,
Windows, OS/2 or Macintosh (“+” models only) , to
share and print to the same printer simultaneously.
Novell NDS support
Central management. The printer object, which is
reachable from the whole network, gives the system
administrator ability to move the logical connections
of the print resources (to which file server the queues
are connected to) in the network without reconfigure
the users print configuration.
Status presentation and job control in NWAdmin and
Pconsole. (**)
Allows extensive management via standardized
NetWare tools. Print server/printer/job status together
with the print server model and software version are all
visible through the tools.
Advanced notification in NetWare. (**)
Allows smart distribution of error messages. Job owner
or a list of users (specified in the printer object with
NWAdmin/Pconsole) can receive messages when
printer problems occur.
32-bit RISC processor, ETRAX
High throughput. No bottle-necks. Generates
significantly faster throughput than connecting your
printer to a PC.
Flash memory
Future proof. Allows network administrators to
centrally perform product software updates on print
servers over the network.
Version 1.01
Supports DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol) (**)
Saves time. Less manual work for
administrating large IP networks. Automatic
assignment of TCP/IP related parameters to the print
server. IP address, default router and subnet mask will
automatically be assigned at start-up
SNMP support.
Remote management and configuration in TCP/IP
networks. All standard SNMP tools like HP
OpenView are supported. Enterprise MIB included.
Saves time. Automatically integrates the AXIS
560/660 in the spool system of more than 20 UNIX
Peer-to-peer printing with AXIS Print Utilities for
Windows and OS/2
Printing directly to the printer (peer-to-peer) using the
Axis Print Utility for Windows. No server is needed.
Printer status information
Logical Printer Concept
Handling of different printer emulation’s
simultaneously. Allows one physical printer to be used
as eight virtual printers, each with customized
features, such as automatic ASCII to PostScript
conversion, multiple bin selection, customized string
before and after jobs, …
Bi-directional support
For Apple EtherTalk it enables full access to the
printers functionality e.g. automatic down-loading of
fonts if the used font is not resident in the printer. In
addition, it improves throughput significantly while
maintaining backwards compatibility with older nonbidirectional printers.
(*) Configuration only available for
“+” and T/R models
(**) Available in “+” and T/R models only