SHARPDESK USER PROFILES Ensuring the proper profile is

Ensuring the proper profile is checked, removing a current profile and re-adding a profile.
Note: The most common reason for receiving the error message is that the IP address on your workstation has changed
to DHCP. Below are the steps to temporarily remove your profile (with the old incorrect IP address) and re-add you
profile (with the new current IP address).
Make sure the profile name shows and is checked. If not, check the correct profile and click “apply.”
It if was checked, uncheck the profile, then click “apply”. A pop up message will appear verifying it has finished.
Make sure this completes successfully.
Recheck the correct profile, then click “apply.”
Why does the IP address of my computer keep changing?
Home network - If your home router is configured to assign dynamic IP addresses via the built-in DHCP server and when the lease
duration of the IP address is low, your computer may obtain a different IP address.
Office network - An office network may have a DHCP server that assigns IP addresses to all the devices connecting to the network.
The configuration of the DHCP server varies from office to office. If the lease duration of the IP address assigned to your office
computer is set to expire frequently, you could see a different IP address regularly.
How do I set a static IP address on my computer?
The following should be performed by someone who has sufficient knowledge (and permissions) with your network and understands
the potential problems when changing from a Dynamic to a Static IP address. If unsure, do not make any changes. Contact your I.T.
Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar and click 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'. In the control panel, double click
'Network Connections' to open it. In the network connections window, right click 'Local Area Connection' (default connection) and
click properties. While the 'General' tab is highlighted, select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and click 'Properties'. Select the radio
button: ‘Use the Following IP Address’ and then fill in the information regarding IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
There will be two radio buttons below. Select 'Use the Following DNS