Which One is Right for You?

Which One is Right for You?
Roger Chien
Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
Projection technology has been around for decades, and has evolved due to
social and technological demands for better picture quality and higher brightness.
Depending on the particular needs of the user, advanced imaging and brightness
may only be part of the projection solution. For example, a school or business
that utilizes multiple projectors in multiple locations will have different needs than
a small office with a single projector. In addition, the environmental factors in a
particular room (such as space limitations and ambient light) can greatly affect a
projector’s overall performance. Audience needs should also be considered when
choosing a projection solution—projectors that provide interactive options can help
to engage a classroom of students, or drive collaboration within an office.
Therefore, it is vitally important for an enterprise to first determine its particular
projection needs before deciding on a projection solution. This whitepaper will
outline the most common types of projectors, features, and the environments and
settings in which these projectors function most efficiently.
Networkable Projector Solutions
Managing and maintaining multiple projectors across multiple locations can
become burdensome on an IT staff, as well as costly for the company. Therefore,
schools, universities, and businesses are not only seeking good projectors with
the clearest, sharpest images, but they are also seeking a more efficient and
cost-effective projection solution that can be easily managed and controlled across
the organization.
With networkable projectors, organizations now have the option to control and
monitor an array of projectors for any size campus or enterprise. Networkable
projectors deliver remote projector management, enabling IT personnel to control
projector functionality from a single PC if they wish. As a result, educational users
and larger corporations have an exceptionally user-friendly way to manage multiple
networked projectors right from their workstations, receiving real-time status
email alerts regarding everything from power, lamp life and unit presence. With
networkable projectors, IT personnel no longer need to be physically present to
manage and perform routine tasks throughout a large facility—thereby saving both
time and money in the long run.
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Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
Networkable projectors offer the following basic functions:
• Remote diagnostics. IT can remotely monitor and determine the necessary
keystone settings for a projector, not limited to selecting the proper input
sources and adjusting the projector's contrast and brightness.
• Projector groups. IT can remotely access and control a single projector or
group of projectors.
• Instant tech support. Help desk requests such as input and picture
adjustments can be resolved remotely in real-time.
• Alerts. IT can set up automatic email notices for required maintenance (such
as a lamp or filter replacements) and enable status warnings or failure notices.
• Event Scheduling. IT can schedule automatic shut down times for end-ofday, weekends and holidays to save energy.
• Password protection. IT can control user access and authenticate users.
High Performance Projector Solutions
For larger lecture halls, meeting rooms, and auditoriums with high ambient light, a
standard office projector will not suffice. In addition, if your organization runs high
resolution graphics for its presentations, an XGA or WXGA projector will not display the
images as clearly as a native high definition 1080p projector. Although professionalgrade AV projectors can deliver HD presentations in challenging environments, the
high price of these projectors puts them out of reach for many organizations.
But there are affordable, high-brightness, high-performance projector models on the
market that can deliver stunning images even in large rooms with high ambient light.
The projectors that best fit this bill usually produce at least 3500 lumens of brightness,
while also delivering high definition 1080p resolution. With a high brightness and
high resolution, these projectors are ideal for projecting detailed images such as
architecture designs, engineering drawings, or intense graphic artwork.
Besides high brightness and high resolution, many organizations require more
convenient options for connecting to a projector. In addition to using a conventional
VGA cable, users may want to use digital connections such as HDMI or DVI, wired
or wireless LAN to send content to the projector, run presentations on a USB flash
drive without a PC, or have an app on their smart phones or tablets to send content
to the projector.
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Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw Projector Solutions
In smaller confined spaces, it can be difficult to properly project an image or
presentation with a standard throw projector. Oftentimes, the projector will need
to be placed closer to the screen to accommodate a shorter throw distance in
the small room—resulting in a smaller projected image size. In many educational
settings, projectors may be prohibited from being mounted directly overhead of the
audience, so again, the projector may need to be placed closer to the screen and
away from the students.
With short throw and ultra short throw projectors, the throw distance for the projection
can be cut by more than half. Short throw and ultra short throw projectors can project
large images when mounted only a few feet away from the projection screen—
making them ideal for small classrooms or board rooms with space limitations, and
also for use with mobile whiteboard carts. In addition, any blinding lights in front
of the presenter, distracting shadows on the projected image, or glaring hotspots
on the whiteboard, are all eliminated because the projector’s light source is closer
to the screen.
Interactive Projector Solutions
Basic projector functionality can only go so far in terms of keeping the interest
of an audience. Features such as interactive pens and whiteboard functionality
allow users to write, draw, and annotate directly onto the projected image, thereby
transforming any surface into an interactive whiteboard.
Interactive projector solutions offer several advantages over traditional interactive
whiteboards. First, the small form factor of interactive projectors makes them very
mobile and portable to move from room to room. Second, the total cost of ownership
(TCO) is lower than an interactive whiteboard solution. Third, in the event that the
product needs service or repair, it’s more convenient to ship a projector than it is
to ship a large-sized whiteboard. Lastly, interactive projector solutions are ideal for
collaborative learning in classroom environments, as well as engaging audiences
in corporate settings.
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Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
Ultra-Portable Projector Solutions
Although projectors may be portable by nature, in the sense that they can be easily
moved from room to room, traditional projector sizes are not conducive for mobile
professionals and business travelers who must deliver presentations on the road
and away from the office.
There are a number of light and ultra-portable projectors that are small enough to
fit into briefcases and backpacks, or even into the palm of your hand—perfect for
on-the-go presenters or for use in a home office. Despite their small size, ultraportable projectors must still be able to deliver large, brilliant images, while also
providing flexibility and connectivity options for the business traveler.
For example, a business traveler may not have access to a PC at the presentation site.
So it’s important that the chosen projector solution has the capability to deliver content
from other sources such as an SD or USB flash drive, or wirelessly from a presenter’s
smart phone or tablet. In addition, features such as HDMI connectivity, image resolution,
and brightness output should be considered if HD images are necessary.
Professional Installation Projector Solutions
For custom or high-end home installation, larger board rooms, houses of worship,
or for high ambient light environments common to commercial spaces such as
retail stores and restaurants, an installation-type, commercial grade projection
solution may be necessary. Considering the premium needs of these particular
environments, the projection solution chosen must be able to deliver amazing levels
of image quality, sharpness, brightness and contrast.
In particular, a projector with native 1080p Full HD resolution can provide the
clearest, most stunning images for professional installations. 1080p resolution
delivers exceptional details and astonishing clarity for the best viewing experience.
Perfect for watching all types of high definition formats (1080p/1080i/720p) and
content in movies, videos, sports, games and TV, without distortion or scaling of
the original video format.
However, a projector with 1080p resolution alone is not enough to deliver clear
images in large-venue installations with high ambient light. Therefore, a high
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Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
brightness solution is necessary in such environments in order to overcome any
ambient light and to deliver a brighter, higher lumens image.
In addition, features such as a wider optical zoom lens, interchangeable lens
options, and lens shift all reduce installation hassles by providing more mounting
options and flexibility.
Additional Features to Consider
Regardless of the settings and environments mentioned above, it would benefit
organizations to also consider the connectivity options offered by different projection
solutions. Selecting a projector that can deliver convenience and flexibility in the
form of multiple connectivity options can provide maximum installation flexibility for
a variety of uses.
For example, a projector equipped with the following options would provide an
organization the versatility to connect and present from virtually any device:
• Wireless & Wired LAN display: Project content via wired, or wireless, LAN.
LAN display functionality offers the ability to project content from multiple PCs,
as well as the ability to broadcast to multiple projectors. Wireless presentation
features allow users to wirelessly project from Windows® or Mac laptops.
• Plug 'n play USB display: Deliver presentations using a quick, simple plugand-play USB connection without running a bulky connection cable.
• PC-less presentations: Jump start presentations without waiting for a PC
to boot up. With this feature, users can start presentations or content directly
from a USB and/or SD flash drive.
• Mobile app: Using a mobile app, Android™ and iOS users can wirelessly
send information from their mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets,
to the projector and project content such as MS Office documents, PDFs,
videos, or images.
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Projector Technology Solutions:
Which One is Right for You?
From budget-friendly models for everyday use, to networkable projectors, or high
brightness solutions, there are a variety of projector models available. As outlined
above, environmental settings, number of units needed, and connectivity options
are just a few of the features to consider when choosing a projection solution.
Choosing the right projector that best fits your organization’s particular needs,
however, requires an evaluation of these needs.
For over 25 years, ViewSonic has been offering award-winning, innovative and
dependable projectors for education, SMB, commercial, ProAV, and home
entertainment environments. We understand the advanced features necessary
for delivering a powerful presentation and offer the most comprehensive projector
lineup ranging from best value, 1080p, 3D, interactive, networkable, ultra portable to
installation series with a solid mix of price, performance, portability and connectivity.
ViewSonic offers one of the industry’s best overall projector warranty with 3-year
limited parts and labor, 1-year lamp, and first year free Express Exchange® Service*.
To learn more, click here.
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