wake up feeling fantastic

A sunrise simulator and connected lightbulb
SLEEP COMPANION is the first sunrise simulator with an impact on melatonin production.
Wake up feeling brighter with the connected lightbulb
Wake up feeling fantastic
Improve how you feel on waking with the science of light
• Go to sleep and wake up more easily thanks to the scientifically proven benefits of light
• Benefit from personalised sleep advice from the Sleep360 application
• Find the perfect ambiance for your bedroom by adjusting the intensity and colour of your lighting.
1/ Install SLEEPCOMPANION on the lamp on your nightstand
2/ Download the SLEEP360 application to your telephone
3/ Activate Bluetooth on your telephone
4/ Follow the step by step instructions on the application
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• People who want to wake up naturally
• People who find it hard to wake up in the morning and feel tired on waking
• Enthusiastic users of the SNOOZE function on their telephones
• 25% of 25 to 45 year olds do not feel rested when they wake up in the morning*
• 64% of French people use the snooze button (to make their alarm ring again later on) **
• More than 8 in 10 French people say if they do not wake up well, it can ruin their day. They also
think it has a negative impact on their mood (54%), their concentration (40%) and their well-being
(30%). 50% French people think that the best way to feel better on waking would be to get rid of
their alarm and let their body clock wake them naturally. 4 in 10 French people admit that they
have wanted to smash their alarms**
*Study by INPES carried out by the PVA institute on the practices and representation of sleep in adults
between 24 and 45 years old. December 2007.
*** Withings Study, 2014
Scientifically calibrated light has an impact on the production of melatonin
The SleepCompanion is more compact than classic sunrise simulators, so it blends perfectly into
your home decor
Its price is more accessible than that of a classic sunrise simulator
SleepCompanion is compatible with SleepSensor, so it can improve sleep health
SleepCompanion can be connected to your Smartphone using the SLEEP360 application, putting
control at your fingertips and making sleep statistics and advice available a glance
NASA used the same principles as SleepCompanion to design the lighting in the International Space
Station and improve astronauts’ sleep.
• Red light corresponds to the wavelengths of evening light and does not inhibit the production of
melatonin, the sleep hormone
• Blue light corresponds to morning light and reduces the production of melatonin
• Hence, television, telephones and computer screens, which all produce blue light, should be
avoided before going to sleep
Five Five Sas – 67, rue du Président E.Herriot, 69002 Lyon - RCS LYON : B 539 435 388
Being a morning or an evening person is not just a state of mind – quite the reverse! Doctor Sylvie RoyantParola, President of the Morphée network, based her thesis on this fact. Everybody has a different natural
rhythm linked to their own individual body clock. These rhythms are called Circadian rhythms, and follow
cycles of roughly 24 hours linked to the sun, the changing season and so on. Some people’s Circadian
rhythms are upset when we put the clocks back or forward at the beginning and end of summer.
The morningness-eveningness questionnaire helps to establish individuals’ sleep needs. The questionnaire
was created in 1976 but is now available online.
Technical specifications
Compatible devices
iPhone (4S, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+), iPod Touch 5, iPad 3+, Air, Mini 2+, Pro sous iOS 8+.
Tested with the main phones using Android > 4.3.
Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge+ / S5 White / S5 Black / S4 / Samsung
Note 3 / Motorola G4 / G3 / Motorola Moto E / LG 3 / Sony XPERIA M4
Bluetooth Smart
> 700 lumens equivalent to 50W. Consumes 80% less energy than a
traditional lightbulb
20 LEDs combine to produce wavelengths that encourage the regulation
of melatonin levels in the blood, according to a clinically proven concept.
Light sources
Temperature (°K)
Less than 2500K (warm white) to more than 6000K (cold white)
16 million colours
40,000 hours (or 25 years, 4 x per day)
115 mm Ø 60 mm
E27 Type
Ordering information
EAN pack FR
Customs code
Eco-labelling body
UC dimensions
UC content
Application languages
Lead Time
Master carton
85 39 22 90 90
07.2 (EUR 0.08 per product)
16 x 16 x 9 cm
1 lightbulb
English, French
If stock Europe = 1 week. Otherwise = 12 weeks
EU, RoHS, Reach (Declaration of conformity with EU available)
47 x 34 x 36 cm /10.5 kg / 20 UC
FOB Lyon
80 x 120 x 172 cm / 170 kg
24 cartons / 480 UC
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