Smart INS-SM1 Package
Programmable, 7‐Day 14716 S. BROADWAY, GARDENA, CA 90248 ● Ph: (310)532-1555 Fax: (310)-532-3030 ●
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Smart Package Specs
Package Part #
Includes: 99‐187
Smartswitch Option 1, 24/7 timer, Heat on Dem Plus, and Filter Indicator
Thermostat, 24 Volt, Digital, Programmable, Battery Power, Optional remote sensor
Thermostat, 24 Volt, Duct Air Temperature Sensor, 10k Ohms
Note: Panel and Door Limit Switch are required Thermostat Features: 
Allows automatic control of heated air 
Regulates the heat near the air curtain 
Heat Setting temperature range from 40F to 90F 
1 Stage heat controls 
Heat on demand & 2‐speed controls integral to package 
Low voltage (24V) control 
Dual power supply: Battery or hard wired o
Cell type back‐up battery to store settings during power outages 
Easy to use LCD touch display with backlit capabilities: 3 1/2” x 2 3/4” 
Removable from wall for easy programming 
Self‐diagnostic testing 
Remote wall mounted by others *Do not mount low voltage thermostat greater than 30ft from the air curtain. Mounting the low voltage thermostat too far from the air curtain may cause a voltage drop and cause chattering. 
(4) AA batteries and (2) mounting screws provided 1 year parts warranty (Thermostat and Sensor) Sensor Features: 
Discharge air temperature sensor 
Factory installed and wired 
Wide range of operating temperatures up to 200F Programmable Features: 
365/7 day timer capabilities 
Standard Sequence of Operation (SOO) o
Door Open and T’stat does not call for Heat: Fan Low Speed and Heat Off o
Door Open and T’stat calls for Heat: Fan Hi Speed and Heat On o
Door Closed and T’stat does not call for Heat: Fan Off and Heat Off Door Closed and T’stat calls for Heat: Fan Low Speed and Heat On o
Real‐time clock with formatting 
Change reminders reminds you to service or replace optional components o
Filters o
UV Lamps o
Batteries 
Keypad Lockout with passcode 
Backlighting 
Dealer information Options and Accessories: 
Custom SOO 
Wireless communication controls 
2 stage heat controls 
SD Card programming storage 
Factory Wired and Installed Thermostat 
Lockable clear cover 2 1/2"
2 1/2"
4 5/8"
99‐187 – Duct Air Temperature Sensor, 24 Volt, 10k Ohms 4 5/8"
1 1/8"
99‐186 – Thermostat, 24 Volt, Digital, Programmable, Battery Power NOTE: MARS AIR SYSTEMS, LLC reserves the right to change specifications and product design without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for previously purchased equipment. MARS AIR SYSTEMS, LLC ● GARDENA, CA ● USA