Miercom Report - HP A5120-48G SI Switch

Key findings and conclusions:
 HP A5120-48G SI with 52 ports consumed 28% less
power than the Industry Average consumption for
comparable products
Lab Testing
 Energy efficient architecture uses 65nm silicon
technology to lower power consumption
 Effective management GUI allows administration of
power saving options for all ports, by schedules
or usage
 IMC Platform supports management and network
monitoring including power consumption statistics
June 2010
Report 100305B
Product Category:
Power Efficient
Vendor Tested:
ewlett-Packard* A5120-48G SI Gigabit Ethernet Switch was
evaluated by Miercom under the Certified Green Program for
power consumption and energy efficiency. We analyzed the
business enabling green benefits that the A5120-48G SI offers to its
ecologically aware customers.
In hands-on testing and analysis of the HP A5120-48G SI with 48
10/100/1000 Mbps auto sensing and four 1Gb SFP ports, the switch
proved to afford customers a highly economical, manageable and
energy efficient Layer 2 switching solution. Utilizing the latest silicon
technology and energy efficient design, the A5120-48G SI leverages
its green features to promote environmentally sound network
The A5120-48G SI is operational with default settings and can also be
configured using a web browser GUI. The GUI has an Energy Saving
option which enables port scheduling to work at variable speeds
during specific times of a day as needed by the business. In addition,
the switch will power down the idle ports not running any traffic
resulting in additional power savings. As shown in Figure 1, HP
A5120-48G SI has an annual running cost (continued on page 3)
Products Tested:
Figure 1: HP A5120-48G SI Annual Energy Cost
All Ports Loaded, Annual Use Estimate
HP A5120-48G SI
Gigabit Ethernet
A5120-48G SI
SUT Annual Cost
Industry Average Annual Cost
Source: Miercom, June 2010
Annual cost for the HP A5120-48G SI was calculated to be $65 for 52
ports as compared to the Industry Average of $90. This is a 28% cost
savings for power consumption alone. See the Business Case section
on page 5 for additional details and calculations.
*The HP products referred to in this publication were developed and sold by 3Com, which was acquired by HP in April 2010. The original report can be found under 3Com
at www.miercom.com.
Test Bed Diagram
IP Load Generators
Switch Under Test
Environmental Measurement Tools
Dranetz Encore
61000 Power
Industry Average
Green Calculator
HP A5120-48G SI
Ixia 1600T and XM2
Multifunction Chassis
Fluke Scope
Meter Portable
Heat and Power
Source: Miercom, June 2010
How We Did It
The HP A5120-48G SI was evaluated for environmental impact by looking at the individual components as well as its
special features and capabilities. Testing focused on the power consumption and efficiency of the product. A full audit
was conducted to analyze the overall product specific environmental impact.
Lab testing was conducted for power consumption under load. Measurements and audit results were verified with site
survey assessments. The HP A5120-48G SI was configured and tested using 48 10/100/1000 Base-T ports and 4 SFP
1GbE ports. We measured power consumption changes by scheduling the independent ports for power down and
configuring them for rate changes via GUI. In addition, we measured the power consumption at idle with no traffic, no
links, partial load and full load.
Measuring Power Consumption: The power consumption of the HP A5120-48G SI was measured with varying network
and link loads that a switch would typically experience in a real-world deployment. Power consumption was measured
using a Dranetz Encore 61000 Power Analyzer from Dranetz-BMI (www.dranetz-bmi.com). The SUT was loaded with
traffic at various rates and packet sizes in accordance with RFC 2544 Benchmarking Methodology for Network
Interconnect Development.
Power consumption measurements were taken during system boot-up, idle, and with 70% and 100% load. Power
consumption was measured, while running Layer 2 traffic from the XM2 and 1600T traffic generators from Ixia
(www.ixiacom.com). Traffic was applied to each of the 1 GbE ports while stressing the product with the features it
supports. All power measurements were taken at 110 volts and 60 Hz frequency. Frequency was also regulated at 50Hz
and 60Hz to test actual power provided in other countries. In addition, power measurements were also taken for varying
frame size from small to jumbo size to analyze any change in power consumption.
Miercom recognizes Ixia as an industry leader in energy efficiency testing of networking equipment. Ixia’s unique
approach utilizes coordination of energy measurements with network traffic load – allowing energy consumption to be
graphed against network traffic volume. Real-world traffic is generated by Ixia’s test platform and test applications,
principally IxNetwork for layer 2-3 routing and switching traffic and IxLoad for layer 4-7 application traffic.
Environmental Analysis: Miercom's environmental review of the HP A5120-48G SI also entailed an examination of the
Hewlett-Packard company-wide and product-specific environmental impact reduction efforts. Analysis includes
comparisons to industry averages for competitive products that were also tested.
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Energy Efficient Switches
Page 2
switches. At 100% load with 512-byte packets,
the IA was 85.2 watts, while the A5120-48G SI
consumed 60.3 watts. At 70% load, 59.9 watts
was used. See Figure 5 on page 5.
(continued from page 1) of $65 under the
Business Case described on page 5. This reflects
a 28% savings when comparing costs for switches
that are configured with 52 1GbE ports. The cost
analysis is described under “Business Case” on
page 5.
The total annual power consumption by the
A5120-48G SI was calculated to be 519.67 watts
compared to the Industry Average of 719 watts.
A5120-48G SI used 1.15 watts power per port as
compared to the Industry Average of 1.64 watts
per port at full load. The Business Case
described on page 5 shows that deploying the HP
A5120-48G SI in a network can reduce energy
bills by 28%.
Power Efficiency
Power measurements were taken with different
Layer 2 frame sizes and traffic loads. The effect of
the various traffic sizes on the power consumption
was measured. The HP A5120-48G SI was
loaded with 70% and 100% traffic. As shown in
Figure 2, the power consumption at idle state with
all links up registered 59.27 watts. With 70% 512
byte load, the watts used increased to 59.94. At
100% load there was an increase of 1.03 watts for
a total 60.3 watts.
Product Efficiency
The HP A5120-48G SI with 48 1GbE ports and 4
SFP fiber uplinks can provide greater media
flexibility for data transport and achieve greater
distance connectivity.
We took additional measurements for power
consumption using different frame sizes and
found that when using Jumbo frames (9216
bytes), the power consumption was 59.88 watts,
an increase of only 0.61 from idle without traffic.
We noted that an increase in the frame size
caused the power consumption to decrease as
shown in Figure 2.
The A5120-48G SI is easily manageable via a
web browser interface for configuration,
monitoring and administration. Features include
LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) for
automated device grouping, which helps to
prevent traffic bottlenecks. Integration with
Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Platform
provides all basic tools needed to manage and
monitor a network, including the power
consumption at each node. IMC delivers
Accounting, Performance and Security FCAPS
solution and can be used to map the network
topology, with indicators for connected devices
and port locations.
A Web based management GUI provides access
to dynamic port speed throttling for the A512048G SI. This feature can reduce the load on the
processor; for example, a schedule can be
created to change the load to a lower rate on all
52 ports in order to reduce the power
consumption. See Figure 3 for more details.
The HP A5120-48G SI used 30% less power than
the Industry Average (IA) of similar 52 port GbE
Figure 2: HP A5120-48G SI Power Profile
48 1Gbps ports, at specified frame size and load
Idle (No
100 %
Miercom, January 2010
Source: Miercom, January 2010
Source: Miercom, June 2010
Copyright © 2010 Miercom
51 512
consumed while using
different frame sizes and
traffic loads. Power with
all links up and without
traffic was 59.27 watts.
increased as Layer 2
traffic was added to the
switch. With an increase
in frame size and
throughput, the power
consumed decreased.
Frame Size (Bytes)
Frame Size (Bytes)
Energy Efficient Switches
Page 3
Figure 3: Management Interface with Energy Savings Settings
Using the intuitive built-in web
interface, an administrator can use
the Energy Saving option to modify
the ports for low bit-rate or
shutdown by time-of-day. Ports can
easily be set to low speed or
shutdown at pre-scheduled times.
The HP A5120-48G SI uses 65nm silicon to
improve the green capabilities of the switch with
lower power consumption. The A5120-48G SI has
an auto-idle power down mode which can also
decrease energy consumption.
implements recycling and waste reduction
programs, energy management systems for
controlling light and heat, a global print-on-demand
system for marketing and sales materials; all part
of eliminating and reducing landfill waste.
New security features are supported including
SSL to encrypt all HTTP traffic for secure access
to browser based management. The switches
also include automatic DoS protection.
Employing technologies that enable employees to
work remotely, Hewlett-Packard reduces travel and
damaging emissions. IMC controls multiple devices
from a central remote location and allows the
administration of all devices on the network.
Remote backup, mass configuration changes and
The web interface GUI, as shown in Figure 3, has
all the ports listed to allow an administrator to
schedule ports to work at low bit-rate or even
power off when not in use. This is another energy
saving capability in the network.
The HP A5120-48G SI offers a switching capacity
of 104 Gbps loading the same with 100% traffic.
We measured the power consumed for jumbo
frame size and found it uses 25.3% less
Watts/Gbps than the Industry Average as shown
in Figure 4.
Figure 4: HP A5120- 48G SI Power
Quality of Service offerings allow traffic
prioritization and classification of real time traffic
into eight priority levels mapped to eight queues.
Business Processes
Hewlett-Packard strives to reduce landfill waste,
by reducing the physical size of their products and
simplified packaging. Paperless documentation is
now available online, further reducing materials
used and facilitating recycling activities.
Hewlett-Packard demonstrates their commitment
to the environment when planning and designing
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HP A5120-48G
5120-SI SI1
Industry Average
Frame Size
Source: Miercom, June 2010
A comparison of the power consumption relative to
performance throughput for the switch under test
compared to the Industry Average (IA). The HP A512048G SI uses 25% less watts than the IA.
Energy Efficient Switches
Page 4
other similar functions can all be performed without
traveling to various locations. Carbon foot print is
again being reduced.
Green Innovation
All Hewlett-Packard products are designed with
the latest silicon technology. The HP A5120-48G
SI uses 65nm technology, providing enhanced
performance without increasing power usage. This
has led to 31% savings from the previous
generation 90nm silicon.
In addition to reducing power consumption, heat
generation and cooling requirements, the built-in
dual speed cooling fans run at a lower speed and
reduce the amount of energy that fans require.
Hewlett-Packard also uses texture mapping rather
than printing, electroplating or bronzing to reduce
materials used in product manufacturing.
Recyclable materials are used whenever possible
in component manufacturing.
Shipping by sea rather than air is the HewlettPackard preferred choice for global distribution of
products, reducing overall impact on the
Affiliations and Standards
As an active member of Energy Efficient Ethernet,
Hewlett-Packard helps drive the standards for
more energy efficient design and development.
48 port switch, 512-byte frame size,
at specified load
5120-SI Switch
Layer 22 HP
Industry Average
Source: Miercom, June 2010
Power consumption was measured at idle, 70% and 100%
throughput. Hewlett-Packard results are compared to the
Industry Average (IA).
Copyright © 2010 Miercom
Products from HP are compliant with RoHS and
exceed the international standards. The
affiliations mentioned help Hewlett-Packard to
innovate based on “standards based design” and
point to the credibility Hewlett-Packard products
and solutions have in the industry.
Business Case
Figure 1 shows an annual savings of $25 for the
HP A5120-48G SI switch compared to the IA.
The annual costs were compared to a typical
switch being used with varying traffic from idle to
the maximum line rate.
The Annual Use Estimate (AUE) is based on a
duty cycle of 12 hours per work day each week.
During those 60 hours approximately 10 hours
will be running at 100% load while the remaining
50 hours will run at 70% load. Weekends and
the remaining 12 hours per day are considered
as idle/ready for a total of 108 hours per week.
To calculate the annual cost, multiply the
kilowatts by total yearly hours; and multiply this
result by the cost factor of 12.5 cents per kWh.
Certified Green
Figure 5: HP A5120-48G SI Power
Hewlett-Packard is the founding sponsor and
member of Green Grid. HP is a strong proponent
of standards based design, utilizing standards
based Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP),
supporting dynamic power allocation, resulting in
increased energy efficiency.
Miercom conducts environmental analysis on
products using holistic view, considering power
efficiency, manufacturing, and other factors
which are part of the product and its lifecycle.
Power consumption and power efficiency are
very important metrics for comparing products
and are typically all that are discussed in other
organizations’ green reports. We believe a more
comprehensive approach, which reveals true
business case savings to customers for the
other environmental benefits a vendor’s product
may afford, is a better approach.
Competitive indexing with industry average is
achieved by comparing measured results from
products in a given class. This comparison
allows a single view of the annual cost for power
consumption of a product, and comparison
information that will help the user understand if
the evaluated product affords an overall
advantage for power efficiency.
Energy Efficient Switches
Page 5
Miercom Certified Green
The energy-saving attributes of the HP A5120-48G SI were
evaluated by Miercom in accordance with the Certified Green
Testing Methodology. The product met the required criteria to
achieve the Miercom Certified Green Award.
Based on our hands-on testing and the verified representations
made by Hewlett-Packard, Miercom confirms that the HP A512048G SI is designed to provide effective and environmentally
sound networking solutions.
The A5120-48G SI gives customers a highly economical,
manageable and energy efficient Layer 2 switching solution.
Utilizing the latest silicon technology and energy efficient design,
the A5120-48G SI leverages its green features to promote
environmentally sound network practices.
Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA
HP A5120-48G SI
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Report 100305B
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