Automated Sample Prep for Metals Digestions

Automated Sample Prep for Metals Digestions
The new AutoBlockTM
Plus automates sample
prep all the way through
a final fill-to-volume
step but takes up less
space and costs less than
previous models and
competing products.
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The New AutoBlockTM Plus
is the Smartest AutoBlock
Yet with Increased
Functionality and
Reduced Price!
The AutoBlock Plus Safely and
Economically Automates Metals
Digestions in Your Lab.
Since 1997 laboratories worldwide
have relied on Environmental Express for
dependable, well-engineered equipment
and consumables to simplify and improve
the metals digestion process. This latest
generation of AutoBlock is the most efficient
one yet.
AutoBlock Plus Specifications:
Sample Capacity:
Sample Cup Size:
Number of Reagents: 8
36"W x 38.5"H x 24"D
2" all sides
250 lbs
300 lbs
Available in
120V or 240V
Ambient to 150°C
120V, 12A
Computer Requirements:
• Windows 7 Operating System
• Intel Core: i3-2330M Processor @
2.20GHz or better
• 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM Memory
The AutoBlock Plus digests up to 54 samples simultaneously, adding up to ten reagents,
while controlling sample temperatures and digestion times. Easy-to-install software comes
programmed with common EPA Methods and records all digestion procedures and data.
New features add flexibility:
•Advanced User-Friendly Software. The software includes pre-programmed EPA Methods
including 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 3050B, 7470.A, 7471, and 245.1. There is also an easy-to-use
procedure for creating custom methods. The software runs on a PC away from the acidic
environment of the digestion process.
•Single X, Y, Z Injection Probe. This single probe automates reagent addition for up to
54 samples. The AutoBlock has 8 reagent and 2 DI water ports.
•Final Fill-to-Volume Function. After digestion, the AutoBlock Plus adds deionized water
to your digestates to achieve the final volume you choose.
•Flexible Batch Size. The AutoBlock Plus allows you to operate any batch size up to
54 samples so providing more economical use of reagents.
•Optional Fume Hood. Place the unit in your existing fume hood or use the optional
HEPA-filtered fume hood to vent the AutoBlock Plus into your existing duct work.
•Smaller Footprint. The compact AutoBlock Plus is 36"W x 38.5"H x 24"D.
•Increased Safety. Leak and pressure detectors minimize analyst contact with acids.
Getting consistent results and freeing up analyst time has never been easier.
The analyst initiates a method and AutoBlock does the rest.
Environmental Express Excellence!
Environmental Express is the original
developer and distributor of many products
including AutoBlock and
HotBlock. Look for
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To operate, the analyst simply chooses a method, loads samples into the AutoBlock Plus
and presses the start button. The dispensing arm with probe robotically adds the appropriate
amount of the specified reagent to each sample. The samples are lowered into the heated
block and the temperature is held at the desired level for the allotted time period. When
the procedure calls for additional reagents the AutoBlock Plus lifts the samples, turns off
the heat and cools the samples with HEPA-filtered air. After cooling, the additional reagents
are added. The samples are lowered back into the graphite block, the block re-heats and
digestion continues. When all digestion procedures are complete, the samples are lifted
and cooled. A special probe sensor determines the level of the digestate in each vessel.
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The AutoBlock Plus automatically calculates the volume necessary and fills each
sample to the specified final volume. A visual alarm alerts the analyst that the digestion
procedure is complete.
With the AutoBlock Plus, reagent additions and digestion intervals are scheduled
and timed automatically. This uniformity in process improves productivity and provides
consistent results. The analyst is free to perform other tasks and can monitor the
digestion progress by viewing the control screen at any time.
After each reagent addition the entire fluid delivery system is purged with DI water to
flush corrosive reagents from the system.
Robust construction assures durability and longevity.
All components of the AutoBlock Plus are manufactured to withstand the harsh
environment of the metals lab. Metal components of the AutoBlock Plus are kept to an
absolute minimum to eliminate corrosion and avoid sample contamination.
•The new AutoBlock Plus features a 54-well PTFE-coated graphite block in a rugged,
corrosion-resistant casing and utilizes silicone mat heating technology.
A PTFE thermocouple, placed in a designated reference
well continually tracks sample temperature.
•The guide rod of the reagent dispensing arm is PTFE-coated to prevent corrosion and
sample contamination.
•The AutoBlock Plus cabinet is continually purged with inert gas, removing acidic fumes
that could potentially cause corrosion.
Superior engineering enhances performance.
•State-of-the-Art Delivery System. Reagent addition and Final Fill-to-Volume steps are
controlled by state-of-the-art peristaltic pumps. Delivery is precise and accurate to <2%.
•Reagent Segregation. The system segregates reagents containing metals (used in
Mercury digestions) from the reagents used in digestions for trace metals.
•Convenient Racking System. The AutoBlock Plus comes with three 18-place polycarbonate
racks for convenient loading of up to 54 samples. Racks with samples are raised and
lowered into the wells of the heating block by a precisely engineered lift system.
•Convenient Venting. The benchtop unit is easily vented via a 4" duct system. Internal
exhaust blowers are controlled automatically.
AutoBlock Plus software is easy to install and intuitive to understand.
The AutoBlock Plus software comes programmed with common EPA Methods for
Metals Digestions and automatically performs all digestion steps; alerts the user of
scheduled maintenance procedures; and, records and date/time stamps all digestion
data through final fill-to-volume for easy reference or download to a PC or other
backup device.
AutoBlock Plus Software Features:
•Service Interface Screen provides access to items such as Reagent Configuration,
Temperature Calibration, Pump Calibration, Maintenance Schedule, Supplies
Status and Data Logging Options.
•Operator Test Screen allows the analyst to select a programmed method, view
the method, start the method and view progress as the method is performed.
•Method Creation Screen allows the analyst to easily create customized methods
or modify existing methods.
•Maintenance Tab periodically prompts the analyst to perform routine maintenance.
Default settings can be modified to customize the maintenance schedule.
•Data Viewer Screen displays the recorded data in a .dat file and allows the analyst to
convert the file to other file formats if desired.
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The AutoBlock Plus comes with two Reagent Rack Kits and a
Waste Carboy Assembly.
Each Reagent Rack Kit includes a six-place bottle rack, five reagent caps and five lengths
of 1/8" PTFE tubing suitable for drawing reagents directly from acid bottles. The Waste Carboy
has a 10-liter capacity.
Ordering Information:
Equipment and Accessories
Catalog #
AutoBlock Plus with Two Reagent Rack Kits, 120V
AutoBlock Plus with Two Reagent Rack Kits, 240V
AutoBlock Plus Optional Fume Hood
Reagent Rack Kit
10-Liter Carboy Assembly with Cap and Tubing
Optional Fume Hood attaches to the AutoBlock
Plus and is easily vented.
EE Consumables ensure clean, accurate digestions.
Use our 50mL polypropylene disposable screw-cap Digestion Cups to eliminate
transfer steps.
•Accurate Graduations. Molded-in graduations eliminate the need for graduated
cylinders and eliminate transfer steps. Each vessel is graduated to 50mL and has a total
capacity of 68mL.
•Certificate of Analysis. Each lot of clarified polypropylene used in the manufacture of
our cups is analyzed for trace levels of specified metals. Each box of cups comes with a
certificate detailing the results of this analysis. Cups are also certified for volume accuracy.
•Screw-caps. Polyethylene-faced, foam liner in cap ensures a leak-proof seal.
These carefully engineered digestion vessels provide premium performance in the
AutoBlock Plus. Accurate, molded-in graduations allow analysts to easily reproduce
volumes to within 0.5%. Vessels serve as graduated cylinders as well as storage containers.
Catalog #
50mL Disposable Digestion Cups, Case of 500
34mm Reflux Caps, Case of 1,000
Carefully engineered digestion vessels provide
premium performance.
Filtration Devices
Environmental Express carries a complete selection of FilterMateTM and
FlipMateTM filtration products for 50mL samples. These products are designed
to work with our 50mL digestion cups. Filtration Systems come with a variety of
filter options. Visit our website to review our complete assortment.
Acids, Bases, Bulk Reagents
Acids, Bases and Bulk Reagents for Metals Digestions are also available from
Environmental Express. Our assortment includes Acetic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid,
Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid,
Potassium Permanganate, Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfuric
Acid and more.
FlipMate (left) and FilterMate
Filtration Devices make filtration
of samples easy.
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