Door monitoring output
(Relay Form C)
LED indicator
Delay time 0~40sec
Input Voltage
Current Draw
Holding Force
Dimensions( L x W x D )
Surface magnet
Strike plate
Material Armature housing
12 VDC
VERSION: 2009/12/3
12 to 24 VDC
12VDC - 500mA
24VDC - 250mA
1200LBS ( 500KG )
266 x 73.5 x 40 mm
185 x 61 x 16 mm
532 x 73.5 x 40 mm
185 x 61 x 16 mm
24 VDC
1. Insert 2 screw into the rectangular holes on the two sides of settlement plate, lock the settlement
plate on the door frame. ( Note: Do not tight the screw, in order to adjust to correct position. )
Make sure the position, then tight settlement plate and magnet body with 8 screws, and insert the
leaf spring (please look at Figure A ).
2. Make sure the strike plate position, drive a hole on the door by the size of M8 flat head screw at
the center position of strike plate ( To fit mushroom head screw and aluminum tube). Insert 2 pin
at the two side of strikeplate. At the same position of 2 pins, drive match holes ( 5~6mm diameter )
on the door.
3. Between strike plate and door, install 2 washers and 1 rubber in the middle of two washers.
Behind the door, insert aluminum tube ( length depends on the door thickness ). Use mushroom
head screw to lock strike plate on the door. Note: Make sure the plate can be slightly shaken when
locked. This will have better conjunction to the magnet body and reach the best efficiency.
1. According to the door frame location set the approximate position of the L-bracket on the door
frame. Use M6 screws to lock the magnet body with the L-bracket.
2. Accommodate the strike plate to the Z-bracket, lock to the door. Make sure it is at relative position
to the magnet body. The Z-bracket fixing-screw can adjust forward or backward to make the distance
between magnet body and strike plate properly when door close then lock the Z-bracket fixing-screw
tightly. Note: To prevent sliding status, Z-bracket fixing-screw must accommodate
with anti-sliding washer.
3. There must have 2 washer and 1 rubber between strike plate and Z-bracket. Put rubber
between 2 washers. Lock the M8 flat head screw on th middle of strike plate will have better
conjunction to the magnet body and rech the best efficiency.