SCANTEAM® 6980 Series
RS-232 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Features & Benefits
The SCANTEAM® 6980 product is a dual track Magnetic Stripe
Card Reader (MSR) designed to attach to devices with an
RS-232 serial interface port. All magnetic stripe decoding
electronics are contained in the compact ST6980 product
The ST6980 is a bi-directional card reader; it can read cards
swiped in either direction. A beeper indicates a good read or
bad read to the operator. The ST6980 is powered by an external power pack device. Other versions are available which
accept input power through the DB-9 host connector.
Compact Size
Mounts easily on keyboard or any flat surface.
Serial RS-232 Interface
Interface is compatible with PC industry standard
RS-232 serial I/O ports. No modifications to PC
systems are usually required to add magnetic
stripe reading capability.
Bi-directional Card Read
Ease of use, reduces training time, allows greater
flexibility in mounting devices.
Provides Full Track Data
The ST6980 is easily attached to host devices in two simple
steps. First, attach the ST6980's DB-9 interface connector to
the host device RS-232 port, securing the connector in place
using the finger grip retaining screws. (For certain applications,
the use of commercially available DB-25 to DB-9 and gender
changer adapter plugs may be required.) Second, attach the
source of external power to the ST6980. This may be the
external 5VDC power pack, or the host system's +5VDC power
supplied on a 2.1mm barrel connector.
The ST6980 offers a fast, easy and accurate method for
entering data contained on a magnetic stripe into a PC system. Retail POS credit and debit account number entry, bank
teller automation, driver's license ID verification, membership
ID verification, access control, work in process data entry,
labor and job tracking, and tool and equipment sign out are
just a few of the applications for the ST6980.
Allows users to take advantage of financial
networks' incentive and discount programs which
require the transmission of full track information.
Supports user accessible DIP switch settings and
downloaded configuration commands.
Audible Alarm and Display
Provides feedback to operator to indicate good
read or bad read.
Track Enable/Disable
Allows user to enable or disable data tracks.
Reads High and Low Coercivity Cards
Reader will not need to be replaced in order to
read new high coercivity financial cards.
SCANTEAM® 6980 Series
Recording Method:
Two-frequency coherent phase (F2F), high or low coercivity magnetic media, compatible with ISO 3554.
Swipe Speed:
Card speed through unit may vary from 5 to 50 inches per second (127 to 1270 mm/sec) for track two data encoded at
75 bpi, or for track one or track three data encoded at 210 bpi. Tolerates ±12% jitter encoded in card.
Data Format:
Serial ASCII data, 8 bit, no parity, 9600 bps default setting. Other configurations selectable via dip switch settings.
Data read from magnetic stripe card is transmitted to the host system as serial RS-232 data
Magnetic Head Life:
300,000 passes minimum (longer life version available - consult factory)
10.6 oz. (300g)
1.67 in. (4.24cm)
3.94 in. (10.0cm)
1.34 in. (3.40cm)
Power Requirements:
Power supplied by external +5VDC, 60mA power. 120 VAC Power Pack included.
Power supplied by external +5VDC, 60mA power. Power Pack not included.
9 pin D subminiature with molded-in power jack, female socket type.
Connector Pin Out:
Pin 2 - Data Out
Pin 5 - Ground
Pin 9 - No Connection
Cable Length:
5 ft.
Pins 1, 4, 6 - Shorted together
Pins 7, 8 - Shorted together
14oF to 122oF (-10oC to 50oC)
10% to 90% relative humidity
Agency Conformance:
Complies with FCC Class A.
The system has been tested to and conforms with the provisions within 89/336/EEC, Electromagnetic Compatibility
directive (EMC).
Mag Tracks
Dual; 1 and or 2
Dual; 1 and or 2
DB-9F with molded-in power jack. Includes 120V power pack.
DB-9F with molded-in power jack. No power pack included.
Consult factory for additional configurations
Data Format - Dual Track
STX = Start text
DLE = Data link escape
ETX = End text
Items in brackets [ ] are optional
SS = Start sentinel % Track 1 for ISO, DMV, AAMVA
; Track 2 for ISO, DMV, AAMVA
; Track 3 for ISO
% Track 3 for AAMVA
! Track 3 for DMV
ES = End sentinel
? Track 1, 2, & 3 for ISO, DMV, AAMVA
Custom Designed Card Readers Are Available Upon Request
Complies with EMC 89/336/EEC
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