eTOUCH MINI - ARC Thermal Products

7. Advanced Settings
WARNING: Advanced Settings is recommended only
for expert users. Consult your supplier or use with
extreme caution! Incorrect settings may damage
your floor or heating system!
Advanced settings menu have the following items:
Heating System
NTC Sensor
Pilot wire
Factory reset
Change heating or cooling
Change NTC type
Change temp variation
Fine tune temp measuring
Change pilot wire setting
See description below!
General Software information
Perform full factory reset
WARNING: Electrical and electronic appliances often contain prescious materials.
But they can also contain harmful substances that were necessary for their function
and safety. They can harm the environment
if disposed or mishandled. Please help to protect our environment! Therefore do not dispose of this device in the
residual waste. Dispose of this unit in accordance with local
regulations. Dispose of the packaging materials, replacement parts or equipment parts properly.
This manual describes the most essential functions
and technical specifications of the eTOUCH mini.
These instructions help the user to control the thermostat, and the electrician to install and setup the
TFT Thermostat
Installation and Operating
ADAPTIVITY: The eTOUCH mini will automatically
start/stop heating proactively to reach the set temperature at the set time. If adaptivity is switched
off, the thermostat will start/stop heating at the set
time instead of operating proactively to reach the
set temperature at the set time.
›› Read these instructions before installing
and using the Thermostat.
›› Contains important information.
8. Sensor Value
Sensor value
(kOhm) at 20°C
10 k
ET-7X, eTOUCH mini,
12 k
15 k
22 k
33 k
47 k
With your choice of ETHERMA you have decided on
an ingenious heating solution. We thank you for your
confidence. In us you have a competent partner with
more than 30 years of experience. ETHERMA relies
on constant innovation , highest product quality and
modern design.
not in use
not in use
9. Cleansing
Please make sure to clean the front of the eTOUCH
mini with a soft material, e.g. a smartphone cleanser
or a glasses cleaning cloth, to avoid scratch marks.
We support you with comprehensive personalized
services and find the right product solution for you.
The following instructions will help you, to use your
ETHERMA quality product as effective as possible.
They contain important information about safety,
installation, use and maintenance of the devices.
Please read the information in this instruction carefully and keep them for feedback at a later time
Elektrowärme GmbH
Landesstraße 16
A-5302 Henndorf
Deutschland GmbH
Fabrikstraße 3
D-48599 Gronau
The manufacturer is not liable if the following instructions are not followed. The units may not be misused, i.e. counter to the intended use.
2. Technical Specifications
Display: 1.8” TFT, 128x160 resolution, 18 bit
Power supply: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Maximum load: 16A (resistive)
Temperature range: + 5 °C / + 40 °C
Temperature setback: Pilot wire 230V - 50/60 Hz
IP class: IP21
Color Touchpad: Black or White
Colour frame: Highloss White and Black
Sensors: Built-in room sensor and floor sensor NTC
(Support for external sensor NTC, not included.)
Approvals: FI / CE
3. Installation
Installation must be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with wiring and building regulations. Before installation, disconnect any power to
the thermostat’s mains. During installation of the
thermostat, power to the thermostat must be disconnected or isolated AT ALL TIMES!
Start by carefully releasing the front cover by pushing the release nails, which are located in the center on both the left hand and the right hand side.
Use e.g. a small slotted screwdriver. The front cover
and the frame can now be removed. Now connect
the wires to the thermostat’s terminals:
Pilot Wire with 3 K temperature
Heating Cable connection (Neutral)
Power connection (Neutral)
Power connection (Live)
Heating Cable connection (Live)
Floor temp sensor NTC type
External temp sensor NTC type.
Next, position the eTOUCH mini and fasten it onto
the wall’s mounting box using 2-4 screws. Position the frame, then position and carefully press the
front cover until it snaps in place. Check that the
front cover has snapped in place properly on both
left and right side. The front cover should now be
firmly fixed on all sides.
4. Startup
After connecting the power to the thermostat for
the first time, or after performing a factory reset, a
startup wizard will prompt the following questions:
Set language
Date Format
Set date format
Date & time
Set current date & time
Thermostat use
Heating or cooling
Floor type
Concrete or wooden
Temperature limiterFloor temp. limiter
Room/floor or power reg.
Temperature unit Celsius or Fahrenheit
Heating type
Operation mode
Week schedule
Constant temp / Scheduled
Proactive temp. regulation
Note: If the floor temperature is limited, the floor
sensor needs to be connected. When installing the
thermostat for the first time, the wooden floor temperature can be limited to a range of 15-28 °C and
the default limit value is set to 28 °C. The concrete
floor can be limited to a range of 15-40 °C. If the
user wishes to change the installed set up values,
this can be done from the Advance Settings menu.
The menu for the floor sensor is only active when
the floor sensor is connected.
Heating switched
Cooling switched
The maximum floor temperature is reached.
Therefore heating is switched off.
Smart ’n’ Easy
Slow heating
Power regulation
User Manual
1. Control
The eTOUCH mini is controlled by three touch sensitive capacitive buttons. These are:
›› Left (Up)
›› Center (Confirm)
›› Right (Down)
Each button has its own background light. At any
time, when any of the buttons’ background light is
lit, the button is available for use.
TIP: Holding the left button for 2 seconds at any
time, will make a quick return to the main screen.
TIP: While browsing the thermostat’s menu, pause
at any menu item for a while, and a help text will be
shown. This help text gives useful information and
guides the user through the functions related to that
menu item. The help text delay can be can be adjusted under “Settings” in the main menu.
2. Standby and Main screen
When the thermostat remains untouched for a while, it will automatically go to standby screen. While
in standby, touching any of the buttons will display
the main screen below:
1. Mode symbol
2. Time
3. Temperature unit
4. Heating switched
5. Date
6. Measured temp.
(Room or floor sensor)
In the main screen, pressing the center button will
access the main menu. Pressing left or right button
will change the set temperature.
TIP: While the thermostat’s operation mode is set
to Smart ‘n’ Easy: Changing the set temperature
directly from main screen will prompt the user, if
user wants to add the set temperature as a set point
to the week schedule as well. Thus, the thermostat
can utilize user behavior to program its week schedule automatically. If selected “No” when prompted,
the set temperature will be used as a one-time setting instead. See point 5. Week schedule.
3. Menu items
The main menu has the following items:
Fast Mode
See 4. Fast Mode
Week schedule
See 5. Week schedule
Energy consumption Show energy consumption
Child Lock
Activate key lock
Adjust the settings
Shut down
Switch thermostat on/off
TIP: “Energy Consumption” shows consumption
statistics over different time periods. Press center
button to change unit or to reset statistics.
TIP: Select “Child Lock” and hold the center button
for approx. 5 seconds to activate/deactivate key lock.
4. Fast Mode
Fast Modes are intended to be short programs that
alter temporarily the operation of the thermostat.
Only one Fast Mode can be active at a time. Each
of them works only with certain operation modes
of the thermostat. A Fast Mode can be deactivated
either manually (“continuous”) or automatically (“timer”); or by activating another Fast Mode. When a
Fast Mode is deactivated, the thermostat will automatically resume in normal operation.
Note: The thermostat’s normal adjustability is limited while a Fast Mode is active.
Save your energy costs without really noticing it.
“Eco” reduces the set temperature between 0.5°C
and 2.0°C in background. Eco reduction can be adjusted under “Settings”.
While Fast Mode Party is activated, the thermostat
will stop heating, to prevent overheated conditions
due to large human masses.
Use this when staying at home for a prolonged period of time, e.g. during a normal workday or holiday
occurring on a weekday. This Fast Mode functions
only in conjunction with the Smart ‘n’ Easy operation mode: It sets the daily heating schedule to the
same scheme as Sunday while mode is activated.
“Away” sets the thermostat in a constant temp (or
constant power), while you are away for a prolonged period. “Away” can be deactivated manually
when returning home, or automatically through
Heat radiation from a fireplace near the thermostat’s
room sensor measurement might disturb the temperature regulation, causing cold floor. Activate this
mode while heating your fireplace: The thermostat
will switch to floor sensor measurement and keep
the floor’s temperature unchanged and comfortable
while your fireplace is burning.
Note: Fast Mode “Fireplace” requires floor sensor,
otherwise the mode will not be available!
5. Week schedule
Create customized daily schedules to minimize
energy consumption and maximize comfort. There
can be up to five set points per day. A set point is
given a target set time and a target set temperature
for the eTOUCH mini to regulate on automatically.
Note: Week schedule menu is available only in operation mode “Smart ‘n’ Easy”!
You can view your daily heating schedule in this
menu. Set points can be edited, added and removed
according to your preferences.
TIP: Create a daily schedule for a weekday according
to your preferences. Then use the copy/paste function to duplicate the given day’s scheme to other
6. Operation modes
Set constant temp to room or
Smart ‘n´Easy
Utilize the thermostat 100%:
Use week schedule for maximum comfort and minimum
Slow Heating
Heating rate 1 °K / 24 h for
slowly drying wet concrete.
Keep above freezing point. Set
temp +7°C at all times.
Power Regulation Heating 10%-100% in 30 minute cycles.