Voltage Range
Input Phase Frequency Voltage Range Output Frequency Outlets AVR / Surge only
Network Surge Protection Overload Short Circuit Power On/ Off LED Boost Buck Temperature Environment Humidity Noise Dimension DxWxH Weight Kgs 1. FEATURES z Six outlets protect peripherals and devices. z Automatically regulating high voltage and low voltage. z Internet, ADSL, Tel/Fax data line surge protection. z Able to reset input overload protection circuit breaker. z User friendly visual LED indicators. z Cable collection. 2. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. Main ON/OFF Switch: z AVR turn on / turn off. z Allows for easy recovery from overload. 2. Boost LED 3. Power on LED. 4. Buck LED. 5. AVR protection outlets. 6. Surge protection outlets. 7. Wires collection: z To collect wires in AVR cabinet. All wires connected on AVR can be well organized to make your home & office look neat and clean. 8. Internet, ADSL, Fax/Modem protection: z Protect your phone and data line from dangerous and costly lightning surge. 9. Utility power input. LVRP‐800 800VA / 400W
1.6 LVRP‐1200 LVRP‐2000 1200VA / 600W 2000VA / 1000W 220 / 230 / 240VAC ‐30%, +25% 1 Phase 2 Wire 50Hz or 60Hz + / ‐ 10% 50Hz or 60Hz 3 / 3 RJ‐45 / RJ‐11 Manual Reset Circuit Switch Manual Reset Circuit Switch Green LED Yellow LED Yellow LED 0 ~ 40 ゚ C 0 ~ 95%, non‐condensing < 40dB at 1M 265 * 120 * 90mm 2.0 2.3 
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