Specialty Powder Manufacturer Saves Over US$75,000 Annually on

Specialty Powder Manufacturer Saves Over US$75,000
Annually on Tank Cleaning Labor
A leading producer of powders used for precision polishing in the electronics industry needed to
thoroughly clean the interior surfaces of its processing vessels. Manually cleaning the powder
residue from 12’ x 20’ (3.7 m x 6.1 m) ribbon blenders with high pressure hoses took up to twelve
hours. Obstructions within the blender made it a slow process and there were also concerns
about worker safety. The cleaning process represented a significant labor expense and the loss
of production time severely limited manufacturing flexibility.
Spraying Systems Co.’s TankJet® AA190AGH and AutoJet® Fluid Delivery System provides automated, effective cleaning of the entire blender interior. Hot water is pumped to the TankJet tank
cleaner by the fluid delivery system at 1000 psi (70 bar) with a flow rate of 20 gpm (75 l/min).
The six foot shaft of the TankJet unit, equipped with a Model 43047 adjustable ball fitting, allows
flexible positioning of the spray turret in the blender. To avoid a shadowing effect caused by the
ribbon blade that runs horizontally through the blender, the spray turret is repositioned twice
during the cleaning cycle to ensure complete coverage. Operating at high pressure provides
powerful impact and has decreased the cleaning time to about 45 minutes and workers no
longer need to enter the blender.
TankJet AA190AGH Tank
Cleaner with Model 43047
Adjustable Ball Fitting
AutoJet Fluid
Delivery System
Experts in Spray Technology
Specialty Powder Manufacturer Saves
Over US$75,000 Annually on Tank
Cleaning Labor – Continued
After successfully testing the automated system on a single ribbon blender, the customer
equipped a total of seven vessels with TankJet® cleaning equipment. The AutoJet® Fluid
Delivery System is mounted on a base with lockable casters for easy movement in the
production facility. Automating the cleaning process with the TankJet tank cleaner and the
AutoJet Fluid Delivery System has cut the cleaning time for the ribbon blenders by more
than 90% for an increase in production time and greater manufacturing flexibility. The labor
savings amounts to more than US$75,000 annually. The equipment cost was recouped in
approximately 9 months.
TankJet AA190AGH tank cleaner
• Versatile high-impact tank cleaner provides efficient, consistent,
reliable cleaning with virtually no maintenance
• Air motor is positioned outside the blender, away from
cleaning action
Ball swivel adjustable flange
maximizes cleaning effectiveness by
allowing quick adjustments to nozzle
turret positioning in order to clean
around the blade of the ribbon blenders.
The TankJet AA190AGH is a high-impact
tank cleaner that provides 360° coverage
of tanks and totes up to 34’ (10.4 m) in dia.
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