Digital Thermometer
Fast and Accurate With NFC Transmission
BriteMED® Digital Thermometer is designed with slim shape, allowing users
to take oral and underarm temperature whenever and wherever needed. The
reading takes just 8 seconds to display on the screen and beeps reminder
sounds once finish. The fever alarm warns users when the temperature
is higher than 37.8ºC. With the built-in NFC module, the reading can be
transmitted to PC for further consultation. The Android app is designed with
friendly interface, facilitating temperature management for family members.
Why Choose BriteMED® Digital Thermometer?
Quick 8-Second Measurement
NFC Transmission
Just 8 seconds, the reading is accurately displayed
on the large LCD screen.
With the NFC module, the reading is quickly sent
to PC gateways or mobile devices.
Changeable Unit
Power Saving
BriteMED® Digital Thermometer is designed with
user selectable unit between ºC & ºF.
When standby over 1 minute, it will automatically
turn off for power-saving advantage.
BriteMED® Digital Thermometer App
The app is designed with simple and intuitive interface including app guidance
for quickly learning how to use. It also includes temperature trend graph, user
profile management and additional note taking, providing an user-friendly tool
to manage temperature change.
App Guidance
User Profiles
Record Graph
Measurement Range
32.0˚C (89.6˚F)~ 42.9˚C (109.2˚F)
Display Resolution
0.1˚C (32.2˚F)
Temperature Display
<32.0˚C (89.6˚F): display: Lo˚C (Lo˚F)
>42.9˚C (109.2˚F): display: Hi˚C (Hi˚F)
35.0˚C (95.0˚F) ~39.0˚C (102.2˚F): ±0.1˚C (0.2˚F)
Other range: ±0.2˚C (0.3˚F)
>37.8˚C (100.0˚F): short beep sounds
Beep Sound
≤37.8˚C (100.0˚F ):long beep sounds
Auto Power Off
About 1 minute
3.0V , CR 2032 Lithium
18 g
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