Managing Your MSP Accounts
More and more, organizations of all sizes are seeking to maximize their network security through
managed services. Companies want to reduce the cost of deploying and managing Web security across
their headquarters, branch offices, and mobile workforce. With the advances in cloud computing and
increasing availability of cloud services, implementing Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become a viable
Web security solution.
If you are operating as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and want to be proactive in delivering
this service, the Wavecrest MSP Partner Program can provide you with all the tools you need to take
advantage of this revenue source. The availability of our cloud service ensures that MSP Partners have a
Web security offering for every customer via an efficient ordering and licensing process.
Using a streamlined portal, MSP Partners can log on to CyBlock Cloud and manage each of their
customers’ account information and also the product features for each of their customers, such as Web
filtering and reporting.
MSP Partner Portal
The MSP Partner Portal allows you to easily access and manage all of your customer accounts and view
their licenses. Here are the highlights:
Once your CyBlock Cloud account has been established, you will receive an e-mail notification to
complete your registration by logging on to the interface.
In the interface, you will see a list of all your customers and their account information. By clicking the
customer name, you can view more information for each customer, such as license details, proxy
activity, and reporting storage options.
For each of your customers, you can set the product to be specific to their needs including blocking
policies, authentication rules, Groups and IDs, and custom categories. You can also run different
kinds of reports on employee Web use for your customers, such as audit detail reports.
You easily switch between customers and retrieve their corresponding policies, settings, and screens
via the Customer menu.
You will receive an e-mail notification of the daily status of your customers including proxy and
reporting usage. You will also be notified when the number of licensed users has been exceeded for
a particular customer.
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Managing Your MSP Accounts
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Customer accounts are easily managed
MSP Partner Benefits
CyBlock Cloud will protect your customers against Web-based threats and productivity loss, and
mitigate legal issues associated with employee Web use. By joining our MSP Partner Program, you can
supplement your offerings as an MSP and increase your revenue with our cloud service. CyBlock Cloud
provides high-value services, such as advanced Web filtering and comprehensive reporting, and an easy
way to manage your customer accounts. Acquire new customers and revenue streams, and build repeat
business across your customer base today.
To find out more about becoming an MSP Partner, visit our partner page, or send us your information on
our partner form and we will contact you.
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Managing Your MSP Accounts
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