User manual
Picture: Package with
Clearaudio tonearm „TT3“
and Clearaudio cartridge
„Titanium V2 “.
Innovation Wood
Picture: Package with
Clearaudio tonearm
„Universal“ and Clearaudio
cartridge „da Vinci V2 “.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11Made in Germany
User manual
Dear Clearaudio customer,
Congratulation’s to your choice of the Innovation / Innovation Wood (in the following: Innovation
named) turntable, a world class turntable, handmade in Germany by Clearaudio electronic GmbH.
Resonance minimizing chassis construction in a sandwich in combination with the innovative motor
unit (low noise level and high turning moments), guarantees total isolation of resonances from the
turntable chassis, providing the best music reproduction and authentic High End imaging. A high
precision, maintenance free sinter bronze bearing is completing the analogue pleasure.
The Clearaudio patented CMB-Bearing-Technology, an inverted bearing with jewelled and polished
ceramic bearing shaft and a bronzed liner, provides frictionless analog enjoyment.
Please read this instruction manual carefully, to avoid any damages or loss of warranty.
This manual will help you for an easy setup and guarantees the highest pleasure for a long time.
We wish you a lot of musical enjoyments with your new Clearaudio Innovation turntable.
Clearaudio electronic GmbH
This section must be read before any connection is made to the mains supply.
Don’t expose your turntable to rain or humidity.
Don’t handle the mains leads with wet hands.
Don’t place or insert anything into the equipment or through ventilation holes.
No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on the equipment.
The Clearaudio Innovation meets the regulations concerning electromagnetic
disturbance (EMC) and low-voltage appliances.
Your Clearaudio product has been prepared to comply with the household power and safety requirements that exist in your area. This product can be connected to 230 V or 110 V AC (50 Hz and
60 Hz).
Recording und reproduction of any sound-material may require the consent of the creator. Please
acknowledge the information given in the
Copyright Act 1956,
Dramatic and Musical Performers Act 1958,
Performers Protection Acts 1963 and 1972,
Any more recent legal regulations.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
1. Packing overview ................................................ 4
2. List of components .............................................. 5 - 6
3. Installation and setup ......................................... 7 - 12
4. Fine adjustment of the motor ............................. 13
5. Service and special instruction ........................... 14
6. Technical data ..................................................... 15
Warranty information ..............................................16
Stroboscope Testrecord user manual ...................... 17 -18
Made in Germany
User manual
1. Packing overview
user manual,
warranty card,
Clearaudio Quality
Stroboscope Testrecord
turntable chassis incl.
mounted lower bearing part and integrated motor unit;
optional: Tonearm
Stainless steel-subplatter; Delrin or Acrylic platter;
power supply;
upper bearing part
and – cap
optional: Cartridge
Pic. 1: Packing overview
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
2. List of components
Clearaudio has developed a special and secure packing for your Innovation turntable that ensures
a safe transportation. Please keep this original packing, if you need to ship the turntable.
Below you find the part list of the Clearaudio Innovation turntable:
Pic. 7a: Clearaudio Universal tonearm
Pic. 7b: Clearaudio Magnify tonearm
Pic. 2: List of components
Turntable body with mounted
lower bearing part
Stainless steel sub-platter
Delrin or Acrylic (Wood version)
turntable platter
Bearing part
Power supply
3 x Flat Pads
Optional: Clearaudio Universal (7 a) or
Magnify (7 b) tonearm with counterweight
to adjust the tracking force
Mounting clip for stainless steel sub-platter
and hex wrench
Made in Germany
User manual
Continuation of components list
16 a
16 b
Pic. 2.1: List of components
1 Pair of white gloves
Grounding - wire for the Innovation
turntable (to connect in the bottom
bearing part)
16 a
Bearing oil for occasional use
Optional in package:
Clearaudio MC cartridge da Vinci
16 b
Clearaudio MC cartridge Talismann
Level gauge for the turntable
1 pcs. flat belt
4 pcs. hex wrench; sizes: #1,5; #
2,5; #3; #7
Screw driver
Clearaudio Smart Stylus Gauge
Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord
(Art. No. AC038) to adjust the exact speed
Optional in package:
Turntable + tonearm + cartridge
No illustration: Cartridge alignment gauge
for Unify or Universal tonearm (optional)
Not shown: warranty card, Clearaudio
Quality Card, Sales return paper
Not shown: User Manual
Please double check the tightness of all bolts, hardware, and mounting pods, as temperature
fluctuations during transit may have caused the hardware to become loose.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
3. Installation and setup
The setup of the Innovation turntable is easy as the turntable chassis is pre-assembled and has been
tested at the factory.
Please use the white gloves enclosed in order to avoid scratches or unwanted fingerprints (platter).
The Innovation turntable requires a space for setup of at least 18.90 inch x 19.29 inch.
19.29 inch / 490 mm
18.90 inch
/ 480 mm
Pic. 3: Required set - up space
Made in Germany
User manual
Please follow the description step by step:
First take out the three black flat pads out of the accessory bag.
Place these flat pads on your hifi-rack or another suitable base, where the final position of your
Innovation turntable will be.
After that, take the Innovation turntable body of the next packing layer and place the spikes of the
turntable on the flat pads.
Pic. 4: Innovation with tonearm base
To avoid hum noises we recommend to ground the bearing. For that attach the supplied grounding
wire to the bearing cap with the existing screw.
Pic. 5: Grounding the bearing of the Innovation
Remove the protective security tape from the bearing housing.
Place two drops of the synthetic bearing oil on the ceramic bearing shaft.
(also available at, Art. No. AC068)
Pic. 6: Oiling the bearing shaft
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
Take the stainless steel platter with both hands carefully out of the box.
Remove the lamination of the scale ring on the lower side of the turntable.
Please remove the lamination extreme carefully and avoid any soiling and scratches.
Push the delivered bearing part carefully through the hole in the stainless steel sub-platter and
mount the bearing part with the sub-platter by using the mounting clip.
Pic. 7: Connection sub-platter and bearing upper part
In the next step remove the lamination of the sensor, mounted on the turntable chassis (picture 6:
red frame).
Please remove the lamination extreme carefully and avoid any soiling and scratches.
Pic. 8: Removing the lamination
With both hands you can place the stainless steel platter
carefully onto the bearing.
Through a lightly (!!) up and down movement the platter
will slip onto the bearing upper part (picture 8).
Make sure with gentle pressure that the platter is applying
on the complete surface of the bearing.
Avoid major side forces to avoid any damages to
the ceramic bearing!
Pic. 9: Setup stainless steel platter with upper bearing part
Made in Germany
User manual
Now you can remove the mounting clip with the delivered hex wrench.
Pic. 10: Removing of the mounting clip
Take the Delrin platter with both hands out of the box and set
the platter carefully onto the bearing.
The flat side of the platter should face to the stainless steel
platter and the side with the cut-out (for the record) should
face up.
To avoid any damages on your bearing, the Delrin platter
should have room temperature before the setup begins
(approx. 20 ° Celsius).
Avoid major side forces to avoid any damages to the
ceramic bearing!
Pic. 11: Setup Delrin platter and bearing cap
You will find suitable adjustment equipment under or
To install the tonearm, please follow the user manual of the manufacturer.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
To mount and adjust a cartridge, please follow the user manual of the manufacturer.
If you purchased your Clearaudio Innovation turntable as a package with tonearm and cartridge,
you will find a Smart Level Gauge in your accessory, which will help you to adjust the Tracking Force
of the cartridge:
This position of the diamond correlates to a tracking force of 20 mN
tracking force too high!
tracking force too low!
Pic. 12: Use of Smart Stylus Gauge
Made in Germany
User manual
The following final adjustment is very important:
Please ensure that your turntable rack is in a levelled position.
Please check with the bubble level gauge, if your Innovation turntable is in a levelled position.
You can adjust each of the turntables feet to get the turntable levelled.
Only if the turntable is in a levelled position you will get the best results with your Innovation turntable.
Pic. 13 a: Alignment of the turntable
Pic. 13 b: Adjustment of the turntables`feets
Please connect the mains plug to your power supply.
Place the flat belt around the platter and around the
motor pulley.
By pushing the sensor-switch, marked with “33 1/3”
on the motor, the turntable starts to spin until 33 1/3
rpm is reached.
After the initial setup we recommend to let the
turntable spin for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
This ensures a smoother break in.
Pic. 14: Connection power supply and motor
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
4. Fine adjustment of the Innovation motor
The motor adjustment is already pre set at the factory. Through the transport or through soiling on
the sensor or the sensor ring some small speed deviations can occur.
Please check the speed before using the turntable for the first time.
For the correct adjustment of the speed please put the recommended Clearaudio Stroboscope
Testrecord on the platter. Follow hereby the instruction of the Stroboscope Testrecord user manual.
To check the speed with highest accuracy please use the Clearaudio Speed Light (Art. No. AC039,
On the front side of your turntable there are three setting trimmers (see Pic. 15).
- Left trimmer = setting 33 1/3 rpm
(near turntable motor)
- Middle trimmer = setting 45 rpm
- Right trimmer = setting 78 rpm
(near turntable bearing)
Pic. 15: Fine adjustment of the motor (on the backside)
If you like to adjust the speed 33 1/3 rpm, take the Aluminum screw driver (see accessories) and
turn the left trimmer until you have reached the right speed according to the Stroboscope Testrecord
(see user manual “Stroboscope Testrecord”).
Turning the trimmer counter clockwise = reduces the turntable speed
Turning the trimmer clockwise = raises the turntable speed
Please proceed with the speed adjustment for 45 rpm and 78 rpm in the same way!
Please note:
If the turntable does not reach the correct speed, the sensor or the scale ring could be dirty or dusty.
To clean the sensor, please take off the platter very carefully!
Clean the sensor and the scale ring with a little isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud.
Be careful and avoid any scratches on the sensor or the scale ring!
If the motor has further more speed variations please contact your nearest authorized Clearaudio
dealer or directly the Clearaudio factory (address on page 14).
If the turntable is not in use, disconnect the unit completely from the power supply by removing the
main plug from the socket.
Now you are finally ready to play your vinyl records.
We wish you a lot of pleasure with your new Innovation turntable.
Made in Germany
User manual
5. Special instruction
5.1 Maintenance
• If the Innovation turntable is a longer time not in use, please disconnect the motor from the main supply.
• Every two years you can lubricate the bearing of the turntable platter with the delivered oil.
In this case it is enough to put 1 or 2 drops of the oil into bearing.
• Please take special caution to any damages of the power cord. Any damages should be repaired
only by authorized personal.
A damaged power cord must be exchanged immediately!
Please use only non alcoholic fluids and only fluids specially used for acrylic, to clean the
Innovation turntable.
Otherwise damage on the material or the surface can occur!
Don’t use try cloths for cleaning because of the electrostatic charging. Suitable cleaning
fluids will be available at Clearaudio ( or your Hifi dealer.
5.2 Transport
Send / ship the Innovation turntable always and only in the original packing!!!
Only in the original packing Clearaudio can provide the warranty. If you repackage the turntable,
please make all steps inverted like at installation and setup (chapter 3).
If any transportation of the Innovation turntable should be necessary, please always remove
the turntable platter and the shaft holder. Otherwise serious damage can occur!
To avoid any dust coming into the bearing, the bearing hole needs to be covered as well.
Only if the product is returned in its original packing Clearaudio can provide the warranty.
5.3 Service
In case of any necessary, service for all Clearaudio products should be done by authorized personal only.
In case of any repair, the Clearaudio Innovation turntable needs to be send to your nearest authorized Clearaudio distributor, dealer or directly to the Clearaudio factory.
Clearaudio electronic GmbH
Spardorfer Str. 150
91054 Erlangen
Phone: +49 9131 40300 100
Fax: +49 9131 40300 119
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
6. Technical data
Construction principle:
Speed possibilities:
Drive unit:
Speed variation less than:
Power consumption:
Max. consumption:
Consumption in operation:
Stand by mode:
Off mode:
Dimensions (w x d x h):
Resonance–optimised chassis shape, made of laminated
wood and aluminium with precision CNC machined surface.
– All turntable feet are fine adjustable
– Optical Speed Control (OSC)
– Playback with two tonearms possible
Comfortable speed change, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm
– High torque DC motor with belt drive
– Electronic Optical Speed Control (OSC)
Clearaudio CMB ceramic magnetic bearing in main platter /
upper drive platter assembly. Inverted bearing in lower drive
70 mm / 2.75 inch main platter, made out of synthetic material with high density and excellent dimension stability, precision CNC machined surface, solid stainless steel sub–platter,
dynamically balance
+/- 0.05 %
9.3 Watt
2.5 Watt
2.5 Watt
0.0 Watt
approx. 24 kg (without tonearm and power supply)
approx. 460 mm x 468 mm x 220 mm
(18.11 inch x 19.09 inch x 8.66 inch)
5 years* (see page 16)
* Provided that the warranty card is correctly completed and returned to Clearaudio within 14 days of purchase.
Clearaudio electronic is not responsible for typographical errors in descriptions.
Technical specifications subject to change or improvement without prior notice.
Product availability is as long as stock lasts.
Copies and reprints of this documents, including extracts, require written consent from
Clearaudio electronic GmbH; Germany
Made in Germany
User manual
To achieve the full Clearaudio warranty (Innovation turntable 5 years), it is necessary that you fill
out and send the corresponding part of the warranty registration certificate /card back to Clearaudio, within two weeks after purchase. Only if the product is returned in its original packing
Clearaudio can provide the warranty of 5 years.
For warranty information, contact your local Clearaudio distributor.
Your purchase receipt is your permanent record of a valuable purchase. It should be kept in a safe place to be referred
to as necessary for insurance purposes or when corresponding with Clearaudio.
When seeking warranty service, it is the responsibility of the consumer to establish proof and date of purchase. Your
purchase receipt or invoice is adequate for such proof.
This undertaking is in addition to a consumer‘s statutory rights and does not affect those rights in any way.
Pour des informations sur la garantie, contacter le distributeur local Clearaudio.
L‘attestation d‘achat est la preuve permanente d‘un achat de valeur. La conserver en lieu sur pour s‘y reporter aux fins
d‘obtention d‘une couverture d‘assurance ou dansle cadre de correspondances avec Clearaudio.
Pour l‘obtention d‘un service couvert par la garantie, il incombe au client d‘établir la preuve de l‘achat et d‘en corroborer
la date. Le reçu ou la facture constituent des preuves suffisantes.
Bei Garantiefragen wenden Sie sich bitte zunächst an Ihren Clearaudio Händler. Heben Sie Ihren Kaufbeleg gut auf.
Die Angaben auf Ihrer Quittung erlauben uns die Identifizierung Ihres Gerätes und belegen mit dem Kaufdatum die
Dauer Ihrer Garantie-Ansprüche. Für Serviceleistungen benötigen wir stets die Gerätenummer. Diese finden Sie auf dem
Typenschild auf der Rückseite des Gerätes oder auch in der beigefügten Garantie-Registrierkarte.
Voor inlichtingen omtrent garantie dient u zich tot uw plaatselijke Clearaudio.
Uw kwitantie, kassabon e.d. vormen uw bewijs van aankoop van een waardevol artikel en dienen op een veilige plaats
bewaard te worden voor evt, verwijzing bijv, in verbend met verzekering of bij correspondentie met Clearaudio.
Bij een evt, beroep op de garantie is het de verantwoordelijkheid van de consument een gedateerd bewijs van aankoop
te tonen. Uw kassabon of factuurzijn voldoende bewijs.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
User manual
L’apparecchio è coperto da una garanzia di buon funzionamento della durata di un anno, o del periodo
previsto dalla legge, a partire dalla data di acquisto comprovata da un documento attestante il nominativo del
Rivenditore e la data di vendita. La garanzia sarà prestata con la sostituzione o la riparazione gratuita delle
parti difettose.Non sono coperti da garanzia difetti derivanti da uso improprio, errata installazione, manutenzione effettuata da personale non autorizzato o, comunque, da circostanze che non possano riferirsi a difetti
di funzionamento dell’apparecchio. Sono inoltre esclusi dalla garanzia gli interventi inerenti l’installazione e
l’allacciamento agli impianti di alimentazione.
Gli apparecchi verranno riparati presso i nostri Centri di Assistenza Autorizzati. Le spese ed i rischi di trasporto
sono a carico del cliente. La casa costruttrice declina ogni responsabilità per danni diretti o indiretti provocati
dalla inosservanza delle prescrizio-ni di installazione, uso e manutenzione dettagliate nel presente manuale o
per guasti dovuti ad uso continuato a fini professionali.
Para obtener información acerca de la garantia póngase en contacto con su distribuidor Clearaudio.
Su recibo de compra es su prueba permanente de haber adquirido un aparato de valor, Este recibo deberá
guardarlo en un lugar seguro y utilizarlo como referencia cuando tenga que hacer uso del seguro o se ponga
en contacto con Clearaudio.
Cuando solicite el servicio otorgado por la garantia el usuario tiene la responsabilidad de demonstrar cuándo
efectuó la compra. En este caso, su recibo de compra será la prueba apropiada.
Made in Germany
Stroboscope Testrecord
The Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord satisfies the highest demands for an exact speed adjustment for turntables. Dramatic sound improvements can be reached only with exact calibrated
- Optimal adjustment for turntables To adjust the exact speed, please choose the side for 50 / 60 Hz, or the other side for the use with the speed light first. If you choose the side without the speed light source, you can use the regular light source
for the installation, either 50 Hz (outer scales) or 60 Hz. The scales are graduated in three different reading options: 33.3 Hz, 45 Hz and 78 Hz (starting from the outer diameter).
Please place the Stroboscope Testrecord on your turntable platter and start the engine of your
turntable. The big advantage of the Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord is, that you can place your
cartridge onto the Stroboscope Testrecord, while measuring the speed, as there are grooves provided on the disc. This means, for the first time a real time speed analysis is possible under realistic
If you have the impression that the horizontal lines move on the scale, you should set or readjust
the speed of the motor again.
- If the lines move clockwise, the speed is too fast.
- If the lines move counter clockwise, the motor speed is too slow.
Please correct the speed on your motor or turntable until you have the impression that the lines
stopped moving. After that you have reached the exact speed and you can enjoy the full potential
of your vinyl collection again.
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
If you use the Speed Light (Art. No. AC039) you can reach an even higher or more accurate adjustment, completely independent of the power line or fre-
quency of your country. As well, the 300 Hz calibrated light, used as an external
light source is completely independent from possible power line fluctuations, which could influence the result by regular light. The 300 Hz of the Speed Light
are generated by a stabilized quartz oscillator and permit a very exact adjust-
ment. Please put the Stroboscope Testrecord with the fine lines upward on
yourturntable. Here you also
have the possibility to choose between two different speeds. With the outside scale you can detect the speed of 33 Hz and with the inside scale you can detect
the speed of 45 Hz. Again, the big advantage of the Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord is, that
you can place your cartridge onto the Stroboscope Testrecord, while measuring the speed, as there
are grooves provided on the disc. This means, for the first time a real time speed analysis is possible
under realistic
Press the button of the speed light source and place it parallel over to the scale and adjust the motor
or turntable speed until the horizontal lines do not move anymore.
- Tip As more accurate your turntable speed is adjusted, as better the overall sonic appearance of the
record playback will be!
It is mandatory to check the speed several times through out the year, to ensure that other influences are not minimizing the sound quality.
Technical Data:
Speed Light
Light source:
blue LED / 300 Hz precision light source (calibrated)
V23GA – 12 V – Alkaline (Art. No.: AC039/B)
(Technical changes are subject without notification)
Date: 2017/11
Clearaudio electronic GmbH
Spardorfer Str. 150
91054 Erlangen
Phone: +49 9131 40300 100
Fax: +49 9131 40300 119
Made in Germany
clearaudio electronic GmbH
Spardorfer Straße 150
91054 Erlangen
Phone/Tel.: +49 9131 40300 100
+49 9131 40300 119
Handmade in Germany
(Technische Änderungen vorbehalten Technical specification are subject to change
without prior notification) 2017
© clearaudio electronic GmbH, 2017/11
Made in Germany