Widescreen 3D Ultra Short Throw Projection and Interactivity
Engage your audience with the enhanced interactivity technology built into the 3D, W307USTi. Transform a flat wall or
table top into a interactive surface without the need for a screen or electronic whiteboard.
The dual pen feature enables two students to work simultaneously. Smoother, more natural writing using new 3rd generation
interactive technology and new easy to hold pens. This complete solution has everything that’s needed to create a
collaborative learning or working experience, including projector, interactive software, two interactive pens and wall-mount*.
Ideal for almost any room in educational and corporate environments, the W307USTi makes the most of the available
space without the need for costly screens and interactive whiteboards. The specially designed ultra-short throw
lens produces huge images from an extremely short distance allowing you to stand closer to the screen, preventing
shadows and screen glare.
Captivate your audience, increase their learning potential and help improve results with lessons in crystal clear 2D or
incredible 3D.
Using the specially designed wall mount* and clever cable management system the W307USTi is simple to install.
Once in place the many security features ensure the projector is safe and secure.
Designed with you, the presenter, in mind, the W307USTi with 3500 ANSI Lumens of brightness, incorporates
extensive connectivity, plug and play presenting, powerful 10W stereo speakers and Crestron RoomView® control
to maintain and monitor the projector over the network. The environmentally friendly W307USTi has energy saving
features including <0.5W standby mode and auto power off saving you both time and money. Our unique Optoma
Colour guarantee ensures hassle-free, long-lasting projection.
*optional accessory
& Interact
Two students can work side by side
No need for an interactive board
OLD problems
Electronic interactive whiteboard is needed for interactive teaching.
Interactivity built directly into the projector which can be installed virtually
anywhere there is a flat surface. Improved learning in the classroom with
two students able to interact at the board at the same time.
Shadows from the presenter or the audience appear on the screen. Light
projecting directly into the eyes of anyone stood close to the screen surface.
Projector positioned nearly 2m away to achieve a large screen size.
Projectors are vulnerable to vandalism and theft.
2D projection fails to deliver the information needed to ensure
it makes a real impact.
Projector is positioned very close to the screen to eliminate shadows
and stop light from shining in the presenter’s eyes. USTi projectors save
space and enable very large projection displays even in the smallest of
Fully featured USTi projectors are fitted with a security bar, Kensington™
lock and password protection.
Engage and inspire your audience with the latest full 3D projection. Tried
and tested 3D technology proven to improve learning. 3D projection is
vital to creating the best classroom or meeting room environment.
3rd generation interactive pen technology
for mouse control, drawing and writing
Easy to use with all your PC and Mac applications using the intuitive
interactive pen.
Draw and annotate on the projected image
Use two pens simultaneously*
Highly responsive with pinpoint accuracy right to the edge of
the screen
Easier to hold - even for small hands
Two modes, pen and mouse
Multi language support
1. Mouse functions
Interactive Software
2. Brush pens
Enhance your teaching with the included LightPen interactive Software.
Teaching and editing tools are provided to give you everything you need
to interact and engage with your audience.
3. Highlighter pen
Diverse uses including presentations for business conferences, teaching
in education and training for business.
4. Drawing tools
5. Eraser brush
6. Dual pen control
7. Whiteboard mode
8. Additional tools including:
spotlight, curtain, print
*Mac device does not support multi-touch
Position the W307USTi even closer to the wall so that the light beam doesn’t shine into your eyes. Project an impressive 60” diagonal image from just 45cm from
the screen. Stand alone or wall mounted the W307USTi eliminates shadows on the screen and allows you to present with ease.
1 +
+ 1
1 =
= 2
Perfect for
Maximise space in the classroom for
teachers and students. The teacher can
stand close to the interactive whiteboard
without having the intense light from
the projector shining directly into
their eyes.
A new solution
for interactivity
Future proof
technology for
the classroom
Engage and inspire your students
with 3D lessons in Biology, Maths,
Geography and many more.
Interactive technology offers tremendous
Easy to read text and graphics
thanks to the incredibly high native
contrast ratios.
potential for improving the learning
process. Teachers and presenters can
interact with their on screen material,
engaging and involving everyone to
bring learning to life.
Easy to
Control and Monitor
DLP® ensures lower total cost of
ownership, crystal-clear graphics and
improved reliability compared to other
Crestron RoomView® software
provides a custom configurable interface
to monitor, manage and control every
projector in every room remotely from
any computer.
Up to 4000 hours lamp life or 4 years*
Fewer lamp replacements =
lower running costs.
Kensington™ Lock, security bar
and password protection act as a theft
deterrent by preventing unauthorised
use. Keypad lock prevents unauthorised
adjustments and ensures the projector can
only be controlled via the remote control.
*assumes an average usage of five hours use per day for 200 days per year
colours that last
Project stunning, vibrant and
accurate colour images that
won’t decay overtime thanks to
BrilliantColor™ and DLP®
Grab your audience’s attention with bright, vivid projected images
thanks to the BrilliantColor™ technology incorporated within the
Once you’ve purchased an Optoma DLP® projector, we guarantee that
the colours, compared to other leading technologies, will not fade for
a minimum of 5 years.
Preset display modes allow you to achieve a perfect image on a variety
of surfaces including screens and interactive whiteboards.
Clear, Focused Images
Lessons in the classroom and presentations in the boardroom
demand sharp, flawless images. DarkChip3™ technology from Texas
Instruments produces a stunning 15,000:1 contrast ratio for pin sharp
graphics and crystal-clear text. Crisper whites & ultra -rich blacks make
images come alive and text easier to read.
To retain image clarity, Optoma projectors are designed with DLP®
technology preventing degradation over time to give consistent
pixel performance.
o read
Low contrastDarkChip3
Crestron RoomView® - NETWORK CONTROL
RoomView® software provides a custom configurable interface to
power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the
same time from any computer.
Schedule the projectors to power up/down saving time, money
and extending the life of the lamp.
Control and alter the projector settings using a simple web
browser page including menu control.
Display emergency messages on all projectors simultaneously.
Reduce maintenance time by automatically receiving emails for
lamp replacements.
Cost Saving – Long Lamp Life
The W307USTi incorporates energy saving features to conserve power
and extend the lamp life:
To achieve the maximum 4000hrs lamp life time the projector should
be operating in ECO mode and the shut down timer enabled to
automatically switch off the projector if it is accidentally left on when
no longer required.
Optoma’s low energy standby mode significantly reduces power
consumption, enabling environmentally friendly power management
and lower cost of ownership.
We know that improving our products is the best
way to reduce our impact on the environment.
That’s why at Optoma, we design our products
to have a long usable life, use fewer materials,
ship with the minimum packaging and be free
of all possible toxic substances. Naturally,
energy efficiency and being recyclable are built
in at the design stage. With each new product,
we strive towards minimising our environmental
impact. For full details of Optoma Project Green
please visit our website.
Download Crestron RoomView® Express software from:
RS232 Control
The extensive RS232 command set makes it simple and easy to
control the W307USTi with any control system.
AMX Compatibility – Dynamic
Protocol is incorporated into the W307USTi. This
feature allows for easy installation with AMX control
PJ-Link Compatibility
Teaching in 3D is the latest innovation in education technology, opening up new avenues of learning for
both educators and students alike. Engage and inspire your students with lessons taught in 3D – explore
the world, travel through space, see inside the body and bring new ideas to life. Optoma 3D projectors take
teaching to a whole new level of immersion and enjoyment… at no extra cost!
How does 3D work?
What you need
Using the inherent speed of DLP® technology, Optoma 3D Ready
projectors can output video and images at an astonishing rate of
120Hz, allowing you to show full screen, full colour, stereoscopic 3D.
1. Optoma W307USTi
2. Optoma DLP-Link 3D Glasses
3. Compatible 3D source device and software
The 3D effect is generated by splitting this signal into two standard
video streams, one for each eye. Using DLP® Link™ technology, the
3D glasses synchronise with the image on screen to filter each stream
to the correct eye. Your brain then combines the two streams to make
them jump into life.
For more information please visit
The X307UT supports multiple 3D formats from various devices such
as PC, Blu-ray 3D™, Sony® PS3, Microsoft® Xbox 360 or 3D TV
broadcast systems.
3D Format
Side -by-Side
Frame Packing
Frame Sequential
Enlarge your Images
Project crystal clear images using the HDMI input.( v1.4 3D supported).
Hassle-free projection from a widescreen computer/HD source with a
single HDMI cable – no need for separate audio cables.
Use the digital zoom feature to explain the projected image in
more detail.
Direct and easy access to the lamp whist the projector is in situ.
Easy access
lamp door
Quickly adjust misaligned images with vertical keystone correction.
Use a microphone and the powerful built-in 10W speakers to capture
your audience attention from anywhere within your classroom or
meeting room.
The need for complicated and costly additional audio hardware and
cabling is eliminated. Four audio inputs from individual computer and
video devices enable the W307USTi to function as an audio switcher
and volume controller.
For tabletop use as well as wall and floor projection.
Auto power off - if after a pre-determined time the projector does not
receive a signal, it will turn itself off automatically, conserving power and
extending the life of the lamp.