Colour laser multifunction product
Lexmark CX725 Series
Combining the capabilities and
durability of a workgroup MFP
with the ease of use of a personal
output device, the CX725 Series
features enterprise-level security
and integration into Lexmark’s smart
Up to 50 ppm
MFP ecosystem, all in a simple,
intuitive design.
Fast and quick printing
Reliable, flexible media handling
Paper misfeeds and jams are wasteful,
7-inch touch screen
ADF scanning: Load up the automatic
document feeder with up to 50 sheets of
paper, and count on perfectly straight
Printing up to 50 pages per minute in black
annoying to deal with and time-consuming
or colour, and scanning at up to 60 images
to resolve. The CX725 Series is engineered
per minute, the Lexmark CX725 Series is the
to make media loading and feeding easier
fastest in its class*.
and more reliable than ever.
Speed is important for high-volume
Input flexibility: With maximum input
printing, but most jobs are short—less than
capacity of up to 2,300 pages, the CX725
three pages.
Series gives you plenty of printing without
Fortunately, the CX725 Series has a time to
time-consuming paper loading. And
first black page as low as 5 seconds, and
easily adjustable universal input trays let
5.5 for colour. The CX725 Series often prints
you load envelopes or media as small as
short jobs before a user can even get up
A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches) in any tray without
Ultra-sharp quality: The CX725 Series
from their chair, and minimizes waiting
worrying about misfeeds. The 100-sheet
provides Lexmark’s ultra-sharp 4800
time for users who initiate printing from the
multipurpose feed input is easy to access
Colour Quality (4800 CQ) at maximum
touch screen.
and convenient for special media needs,
print speed. And built-in font outlining
including 52-inch banner support.
automatically smooths character edges
scans resulting from the CX725 Series’
integrated deskew feature.
Superb print quality
The CX725 Series offers print technology
usually found only in higher-priced colour
devices. It creates sharp, consistent and
smooth images for professional-looking
print jobs.
and prevents broken characters for
Processing power
Input reliability: The Lexmark CX725
Printing graphics-intensive colour files
Series is built with the same level of robust
can be a challenge for any MFP. However,
media handling that Lexmark’s highest-
Spot-on colour: The CX725 Series
with the most powerful print controller in
performance monochrome printers are
provides both PANTONE® calibration and
its class* (including a 1.2 GHz quad-core
known for. The series’ paper trays are
embedded colour sample pages to help
processor, up to 4 GB of memory and hard
virtually jam-proof, built with exceptional
you nail perfect colour at the design stage.
disk), the CX725 Series can easily power
durability and mounted on steel rails—all
Lexmark Colour Replacement technology
through complex documents.
working together for added reliability, ease
combines spot colour replacement and
of use and long life, even in challenging
RGB replacement for precision matching
environments. of critical colours such as those found in
outstanding text clarity in any language.
corporate logos. It’s colour so accurate,
you can do everything in-house.
*Class is defined as A4 colour laser MFPs priced between $2,000 and $2,999 as of November 2015. Comparison based on manufacturers’ web price and published speed
specifications as reported by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), as of November 2015.
Colour laser multifunction product
Quality scanning
Advanced scanning technology: The
Software solutions save money
and energy
Included eSF solutions:
Forms and Favourites: Eliminate
CX725 Series scans at up to 60 images
Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework
waste and inaccuracy associated
per minute and its advanced scanning
(eSF) and Cloud Solutions Framework (cSF)
with preprinted forms and other
technology includes:
allow the CX725 Series to load and run
documents by locating and selecting them
software solutions tailored to your specific
from network storage locations or content
need or industry. management applications right from the
eliminates the need for manual
Lexmark devices with cSF can run web
device’s touch screen. With the Forms and
straightening of image files and
apps designed for the device, accessed
saves time.
via the cloud or an on-premise server.
}} Automatic full-speed deskew to
straighten scanned images. This
}} Full-speed scanning of mixed
originals to scan a stack of differentsized originals without slowing the
scan speed.
}} Page-level jam recovery to quickly
resume a copy or scan job from where
a jam or misfeed occurred. }} Standard MRC (Mixed Raster Content)
image file compression technology
to reduce scanned file sizes by
approximately 50% with no image
quality reduction.
Such advanced scanning technology
supports accurate data capture using
the included AccuRead Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) software.
The optional Perceptive Capture software
adds even more functionality to extract
scanned information, organize it and share
content with the people, business systems
and processes that need it most, bringing
order to chaos.
eSF applications are created by Lexmark,
its partners and customers and loaded
Favorites solution, you can print Microsoft®
Office documents directly from the device,
as well as PDF, XPS, JPG, PRN, TIFF and
other file formats.
directly on the device.
Scan Centre: Save time by
The CX725 Series can also integrate with
scanning originals once and
Kofax TotalAgility from Lexmark, the
market’s first and only unified platform
for the development and deployment of
smart process applications. TotalAgility
provides the essential connection between
your systems of engagement and systems
automatically sending the
scanned image to multiple user-selectable
locations. Destinations include shared
network folder, email, fax, FTP server, cloud
drive, internal hard disk, mobile device or
remote printer.
of record, making the information-
AccuRead OCR: CX725
intensive interactions you have with
configurations with a hard disk
your customers smarter. TotalAgility
include an application that
dramatically transforms the business-
turns paper documents into
critical First Mile™ of information-intensive
searchable PDFs or Microsoft Word .DOCX
customer interactions.
files to get documents out of a file cabinet
Solutions capabilities like that combine
and into a searchable database. Eliminate
with Lexmark fleet management tools
and your existing enterprise software
and technical infrastructure to form
post-scan OCR processing with desktopor server-based software by processing
data directly at the device. the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem. Its
Card Copy: Save time and effort
adaptability future-proofs your investment
in copying identification cards,
in Lexmark technology.
licences and insurance cards by
And the Lexmark VirtualReScan (VRS)
automatically scanning, enlarging and
integration option improves scanning
printing both sides of a two-sided card
productivity and capture efficiency by
onto one side of a sheet of paper.
reducing the time involved in manual
document preparation and automatically
enhancing the quality of scanned images.+
VirtualReScan integration via TotalAgility
Colour laser multifunction product
Serious output, minimal downtime
The CX725 Series is engineered with longlife consumables so you can print, scan
and copy with minimal downtime and get
more work done.
Quality in Unison: Unison™ Toner is the
result of advanced toner science—powerful
enough to deliver consistently outstanding
image quality with rich, vibrant colour
and precise details, plus long-life system
reliability and amazing sustainability.
Toner for the long haul: Available High
Documents printed with Unison Toner
Yield toner cartridges produce up to
look great from the first page to the
25,000 black and 16,000 colour pages1,
last because of its uniquely engineered
the highest number of any A4 colour laser
formulation. Even when the cartridge is
MFP*. By reducing the number of times
low, there’s no fading and no need to
toner runs out, the output keeps going
shake the cartridge, and you won’t waste
even in high-usage environments.
money by replacing a cartridge that still
Long-life components: Constantly
has toner in it.
replacing components creates unnecessary
Unison Toner’s unique low-friction qualities
waste and carbon emissions and hurts
increase toner flow and contribute to its
productivity as the MFP stops and print
ability to transfer efficiently to the page.
jobs back up. The CX725 Series’ long-life
Unison Toner reduces internal wear on
components minimize downtime with
long-life components and protects the
imaging components that can last up to
print system. This delivers long-term
150,000 pages depending on usage. In
reliability and ultimately saves time, money
fact, the photoconductor unit drums are
and the environment. covered with an ultra-durable coating
that can produce print quality as good at
page 150,000 as it does on page one. Plus,
an advanced auto colour retract feature
Unison Toner is uniquely tuned to
the CX725 Series’ print system for
optimal performance.
actually pulls colour printing components
away during monochrome printing to
prevent premature wear. And with the
option to continue printing colour pages
in black if any of the colour cartridges run
out, the CX725 lets you choose to keep your
print jobs moving.
Lexmark Managed Print
Services (MPS)
Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS)
takes a holistic approach to improving the
enterprise print architecture. Lexmark aligns
devices with the business mission and takes
care of their day-to-day management with
proactive and predictive service to ensure
optimal uptime. Once in place, the managed
environment becomes a conduit to unify
print and digital information for streamlined
processes. Customers benefit with fewer
devices, fewer pages, lower cost and
improved knowledge worker productivity.
*Class is defined as A4 colour laser MFPs priced between $2,000 and $2,999 as of November 2015. Comparison based on manufacturers' web price and published speed
specifications as reported by Buyers Laboratory (BLI) as of November 2015.
Colour laser multifunction product
Security and more
Advanced security features: Lexmark
CX725 Series security features encompass
device management, hardening
and operation.
The CX725 Series also performs automatic
file-based hard disk wiping after every
print job, which cannot be disabled.
And the process of clearing a device’s
disk drive and non-volatile memory
data when removing it from service or
Device management: A combination of
a secure location is simple with a one-
administrative access and passwords,
step “out of service” wiping command for
HTTPS, SMNPv3, IPsec and 802.1x support
authorized users.
lets you remotely monitor, manage,
authorize and authenticate who and what
gets access to the network.
Ease of use features
7-inch colour touchscreen: The bright
Direct printing: Convenient front USB
port allows true PC-free printing of
Microsoft Office files, PDFs and other
Device hardening: Built-in tools include
touchscreen features an ultra-smooth
port filtering and TCP connection filtering
surface and can be activated by almost
to restrict which connections are active
anything, including pens, fingertips or
from what sources. Encryption and
nails—without pressure or direct skin
Accessibility: The CX725 Series includes
wiping of the optional hard disk protect
contact. And support for gestures like
advanced Section 508 and European
sensitive print job data. Digitally signed
swipe to access panels and menus makes
Standard EN 301 549 accessibility
firmware updates can prevent hackers
operation easy and intuitive. Audible
features for those with varying levels
from uploading compromised software to
feedback from the screen provides user
of ability. Features such as an operator
the device.
assurance, while a separate 10-key
panel that tilts from almost horizontal
Device operation: You get user
number pad improves accessibility and
to almost vertical, paper trays that can
authentication via PIN, passwords or
enhances convenience.
be closed with less than five pounds
badge reader, address book lookup via
Intuitive interface: The e-Task interface
LDAP over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to
with modern tablet-like capabilities is
provide a secure connection between
familiar to users, minimizing the need for
the device and the network, and device
training. On-screen features allow users to
operator panel lockouts to protect the
select specific pages within a document,
Compact footprint: Although equipped
device settings.
do print preview and change print job
with many enterprise-class features, the
Hard disk protection: Models equipped
settings at the device.
CX725 Series’ compact footprint makes
with the hard disk include advanced hard
Wireless and mobile printing: Lexmark
disk protection with 256-bit AES encryption
Print Management was the first AirPrint®-
and encryption keys stored in the device’s
certified enterprise print management
memory, not the hard disk. The data is
solution. Lexmark mobile printing includes
protected even if the hard disk is removed.
support for iOS, Android and Microsoft®
This level of protection is automatic at
Windows Mobile printing, with optional
power up—users and administrators do not
wireless and NFC direct connectivity from
have to do anything.
smartphones and tablets. The CX725 is a
documents and image types from flash
drives, network servers or online drives.
of force, high-contrast labelling,
headphone jack and standard talk-back
feature provide a better user experience
for all of our customers. it ideal for distributed environments,
branch locations or anywhere space
is limited.
Mopria®-certified printer and is Google
Cloud Print™ Ready.
Colour laser multifunction product
Environmental features
Advanced toner: Lexmark’s exclusive
Unison Toner makes energy savings a
reality, using less energy than Lexmark’s
previous toners by printing at a lower
temperature. And through LCCP, the
Paper and toner savings: Standard duplex
printing prints on both sides by default.
Plus, the unique ColourSaver feature prints
images at a lighter shade by default, while
leaving text dark and readable, saving
toner and money.
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program,
Recycled paper compatibility: To ensure
Lexmark offers a free and easy way for you
that you can minimize the impact of the
to return empty cartridges for sustainable
paper you use the Lexmark CX725 Series
recycling or remanufacturing.
has been fully tested with a range of
Power saving modes: Sleep mode power
recycled papers, up to 100% recycled.
usage of less than 3 watts saves money
Post-consumer recycled content: The
and energy between print jobs. When the
CX725 Series makes a measurable
device is not in use, it goes to sleep and
impact on raw material consumption by
wakes for incoming print jobs. In addition,
containing up to 50% post-consumer
it can be powered on or off from its control
recycled plastic content.
panel or a user-defined schedule.
Environmental certifications: Lexmark
products meet globally recognized
environmental standards‡:
}} Blue Angel
}} EPEAT® Gold
Smart MFP ecosystem
Bridge paper and digital—unstructured and
Lexmark Sustainability
structured—information with devices and
connections that drive your business forward.
For Lexmark, commitment to the environment
In an ecosystem, things work in concert
isn’t a marketing tagline, it’s a core value
to ensure efficient processes. In the
backed up by real action and results. We
business environment, people, technology
are forward thinking, innovative and driven
and information also form an ecosystem,
to sustain a healthy planet for generations
where information exists in both structured
to come. For our customers and partners we
and unstructured forms. And the centre
bring this passion, our leading technology
of this ecosystem is the smart MFP, the
and a deep understanding of industry-
connection point between digital and
specific business processes to continuously
printed information.
improve their efficiency as well as our own. The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem brings
For more information on Lexmark’s
together the hardware, software, tools and
sustainability initiatives, visit
services to help drive your business forward. ENERGY STAR V2.0 for Imaging Equipment (EU RoHS and Section of IEEE 1680.2-2. Available Summer 2016.
Colour laser multifunction product
1. Intuitive colour touch screen with nextgeneration e-Task interface
The large 7-in. colour touch screen features
an ultra-smooth surface and can be
activated by almost anything, including pens,
fingertips or nails—without pressure or direct
skin contact. The modern interface is familiar
to users, minimizing the need for training.
2. Expandable input
Add trays to print on multiple paper types
and boost maximum input capacity to
2300 sheets.
3. Universal input trays
Easily adjustable universal input trays let you
load envelopes or media as small as A6 (4.1
x 5.8 inches).
4. Direct printing
Print Microsoft Office files and other
document and image types from flash drives,
or select and print documents from network
servers or online drives.
5. Compact footprint
Ideal for distributed environments, branch
locations or wherever space is limited.
6. Unison Toner print system with longlife supplies
Unison Toner delivers consistently
outstanding image quality plus long-life
system reliability and amazing sustainability
in a no-shake design. High Yield toner
cartridges produce up to 25,000 black and
up to 16,000 colour pages.
Lexmark CX725 Series features
7-in Colour Touch Screen
550-Sheet Input with 100-Sheet
Multi-purpose Feeder
550-Sheet Tray
Adjustable Printer Stand
550-Sheet Tray
550-Sheet Tray
Product specifications
Lexmark CX725de
Lexmark CX725dhe
Lexmark CX725dthe
Lexmark e-Task 7-inch (17.8 cm) colour touch screen with audible feedback
Black: 50 ppm / Colour: 50 ppm
Print Speed: Up to5
Black: 5.0 seconds / Colour: 5.5 seconds
Time to First Page: As fast as / Time to First
Page: as fast as
Black: 4800 Color Quality (2400 x 600 dpi), 1200 x 1200 dpi / Colour: 4800 Color Quality (2400 x 600 dpi), 1200 x 1200 dpi
Print Resolution
Standard: 2048 MB / Maximum: 4096 MB
Option available
Hard Disk
Included in configuration
Recommended Monthly Page Volume
2000 - 20000 pages
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to3
150000 pages per month
Black: 50 cpm / Colour: 50 cpm
Copy Speed: Up to5
Black: 6.5 seconds / Colour: 7.0 seconds
Time to First Copy: as fast as
Flatbed scanner with ADF / RADF (reversing Duplex)
Scanner Type / ADF Scan
A4/Ltr Duplex Scan Speed: Up to
Black: 26 / 28 sides per minute / Colour: 26 / 28 sides per minute
A4/Ltr Simplex Scan Speed: Up to
Black: 56 / 60 sides per minute / Colour: 56 / 60 sides per minute
ITU T.30, V.34 Half-Duplex, 33.6 Kbps
Modem Speed
Laser Cartridge Yields (up to)1
Imaging Unit Estimated Yield: Up to6
Cartridge(s) Shipping with Product1
16,000-page Colour (CMY) High Yield Cartridges, 25,000-page Black High Yield Cartridge, 7,000-page Black and Colour (CMYK) Cartridges,
3,000-page Black and Colour (CMYK) Cartridges
150000 pages, based on 3 average letter/A4-size pages per print job and ~ 5% coverage
7,000-page Black and Colour (CMYK) Return Program Toner Cartridges
Paper Handling
Included Paper Handling
300-Sheet Output Bin, Integrated Duplex, 100-Sheet Multipurpose Feeder, 550-Sheet Input
550-Sheet Tray
Optional Paper Handling
Paper Input Capacity: Up to
Paper Output Capacity: Up to
300-Sheet Output Bin, 550-Sheet Tray,
Integrated Duplex, 100-Sheet Multipurpose
Feeder, 550-Sheet Input
Standard: 650 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond / Maximum: 2300 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Standard: 1200 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond /
Maximum: 2300 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Standard: 300 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond / Maximum: 300 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Media Types Supported
Banner Paper, Refer to the Card Stock & Label Guide., Vinyl Labels, Plain Paper, Paper Labels, Envelopes, Card Stock
Media Sizes Supported
A6, Oficio, Universal, Statement, Letter, Legal, JIS-B5, Folio, Executive, DL Envelope, C5 Envelope, B5 Envelope, A5, A4, 9 Envelope, 7 3/4
Envelope, 10 Envelope
General Information4
Standard Ports
Rear Hi-Speed USB port Compatible with USB 2.0 Specification (Type A), Front USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified port (Type A), Gigabit
Ethernet (10/100/1000), USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified (Type B), One Internal Card Slot
Internal MarkNet N8360 802.11b/g/n Wireless, NFC
Optional Network Ports
Print: 53 dBA / Copy: 56 dBA / Scan: 53 dBA
Noise Level: Operating
Specified Operating Environment
Altitude: 0 - 2896 Meters (9,500 Feet), Temperature: 10 to 32°C (50 to 90°F), Humidity: 8 to 80% Relative Humidity
1-Year Onsite Service, Next Business Day
Limited Warranty - See Statement of Limited
Size (mm - H x W x D) / Weight
648 x 505.5 x 533 mm / 44.9 kg
648 x 505 x 533 mm / 44.9 kg
767 x 505 x 533 mm / 51.7 kg
Average continuous black or continuous composite CMY declared cartridge yield up to this number of standard pages in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798. 2”Recommended Monthly Page Volume”
is a range of pages that helps customers evaluate Lexmark’s product offerings based on the average number of pages customers plan to print on the device each month. Lexmark recommends
that the number of pages per month be within the stated range for optimum device performance, based on factors including: supplies replacement intervals, paper loading intervals, speed,
and typical customer usage. 3”Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle” is defined as the maximum number of pages a device could deliver in a month using a multishift operation. This metric provides a
comparison of robustness in relation to other Lexmark printers and MFPs. 4Printers are sold subject to certain license/agreement conditions. See for details. 5Print
and copy speeds measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734 and ISO/IEC 24735 respectively (ESAT). For more information see: 6Actual Yield may vary based on
other factors such as device speed, paper size and feed orientation, toner coverage, tray source, percentage of black-only printing and average print job complexity. 7Product functions only with
replacement cartridges designed for use in a specific geographical region. See for more details.
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