End-to-end Security for the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing business. Connected devices can streamline processes and allow companies to create innovative
and convenient services for their customers. But this innovation does not come without risk as much of the IoT is coming online without
adequate security measures.
As systems begin to operate autonomously with more and more automated decisions, IoT devices must be trusted and their data secured.
If an automated system is fed incorrect data, whether erroneously or maliciously, the whole integrity of the system is compromised. Incorrect
smoke detector data can trigger building sprinklers, inaccurate temperature readings can cause control systems to make potentially harmful
adjustments, and so on.
Trust begins with identity. In order to ensure the integrity of the entire system, it is crucial to securely establish and maintain the full lifecycle
of IoT devices themselves, and the data they generate. These identities and their associated credentials must be trusted and useable across
numerous connected ecosystems, between different devices, from devices to humans, and from devices to all varieties of cloud services. The
data from these devices must be kept confidential and secure, and the system needs to be able to verify where it came from and control what
systems can access it.
Existing solutions in the new “connected everything” world have tried to employ cryptographic security methods that were barely sufficient in the
old, mostly disconnected and siloed landscape. They involve hard coded usernames and passwords that are an easy target for bad actors, or
managing individual X.509 certificates on thousands of devices, which isn’t scalable and creates a huge management burden.
What’s needed instead is a system for establishing the trust and to manage the full lifecycle of IoT devices and their data. Enter ForgeRock,
the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions. By applying our vast knowledge of using digital identity to map the
relationships between people, devices, and things to machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT environments, we are able to provide a security solution
purpose-built for the internet of things.
ForgeRock® Edge Security offers complete end-to-end security for IoT deployments. It ensures the integrity of IoT devices and their
communication using secure, standards-based tokens instead of insecure hard coded usernames and passwords, or managing thousands of
individual PKI certificates. It adds a rock solid security layer to IoT hardware used at the edge, including leveraging highly secure on-chip Trusted
Execution Environments (TEE) if available, and comprehensive, policy based controls for publishing and subscribing to data streams from edge
devices, making it as easy to protect data coming from IoT devices as it is to protect a web page.
ForgeRock Edge Security is part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, and is comprised of two products designed specifically for IoT:
ForgeRock Identity Edge Controller (IEC)
The ForgeRock Identity Edge Controller runs on smart edge
devices and establishes a cryptographic Root of Trust that is
used to create a trusted identity for each device. IEC ensures
unauthorized traffic is intercepted before it enters your network.
With a broad range of deployment options, even where network
access is not always guaranteed, you can ensure trusted
relationships between devices at all times. The ForgeRock
Identity Edge Controller, part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform,
enables you to harness further capabilities of the platform such
as standards-based tokens, authentication, and authorization,
and authorization to every user and every thing.
• Secure device attestation and on-boarding of trusted
device identities
• Device authentication and authorization
• Proxied on-boarding of simple and constrained edge devices
• Secure configuration endpoints for connected devices
and services
• Root of trust-based signing and encryption
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Identity Message Broker
Organizations today need a way to secure
and identity-enable industrial IoT data
flows. Unfortunately, many IoT data flows
lack identity integration needed for secure
authentication and authorization, such
as sending and receiving data through
popular, yet not as secure protocols like
MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry
Transport). Token-based validation of
devices, for example, allow revocation and
expiration of credentials, ensuring the trust
of the device identity.
The ForgeRock Identity Message
Broker, part of the ForgeRock Edge
Security compliments the device
security provided by the Identity Edge
Controller by providing message-level
security over native IoT protocols. The
Identity Message Broker installs onpremises, in cloud, or on the edge, and
ForgeRock Edge Security
Unified Platform
ForgeRock Identity
Edge Controller
Identity Platform
ForgeRock Identity
Message Broker
Figure 1. ForgeRock Edge Security brings Hardware Root of Trust and useful identity capabilities such as
standards-based tokens, authentication, and authorization to devices on the edge.
can receive data streams from thousands of IoT devices. It authenticates the source and secures the data, and authorizes the data flow
with the proven policy-based mechanism of ForgeRock Access Management. The Identity Message Broker can even be configured to
install on the same hardware as the ForgeRock Identity Edge Controller, providing an all in one IoT edge security solution.
• Authentication and authorization enforcement for MQTT secures and hardens the sending and receiving of MQTT dataflows between
an edge client and the cloud in Internet of Things (IoT) systems
• Evaluate access policies at the moment of action
• Token-based validation of devices enables revocation and expiration of credentials, ensuring device identity
The two products together form a strong and secure foundation to ensure the trust of the device identity, in combination with using the same
device credential as the trusted source of data being authenticated and authorized for sending data to the cloud.
These components work together with the complete ForgeRock Identity Platform solution and provide a new level of security for IoT
deployments. The ForgeRock Identity Platform brings carrier grade scalability, contextual security, and trusted relationships to IoT, supporting
on-premises, dynamic cloud architectures, and hybrid cloud deployments
Don’t let security be a limiting factor in the design of your IoT hardware, software, and solutions. Close the IoT security gap with innovative
security, proven open standards, high scale, and advanced management tools with ForgeRock Edge Security, part of the ForgeRock
Identity Platform.
About ForgeRock
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