UV Varnish
Slit /Cut /Crease/Perf.
Specialised Print
Specialised Finishing
Large Format Printers
Plan Printers
1800 422 349
Print &
Docubind P200 & P400
Desktop Plastic Comb Punch & Bind
The Docubind P200 & P400 are designed
to function in the general office environment.
MP2500iX Modular Series
Interchangeable Die Punching System
I New Binding System
The GBC MP2500iX is designed for those
needing high volume punching with ease of use.
This range incorporates the new vertical punch throat
to give precise alignment of the document and has
a unique radial bind head, allowing smoother, easier
and faster operation.
Never has there been a punch as versatile as the
MP2500iX. Simply slide the die sets in place - no
tools or locking levers are required.
Punching Capacity
Plastic Comb
4:1 Colour Coil
Twin Loop Wire
Ring Binder
25 sheets
17 sheets
20-22 sheets
25 sheets
29 sheets
Magna Punch I Heavy Duty Punching
Increased productivity is achieved by easily punching
15 to 20 sheets at a time. Binding size up to 450
Automated desktop binder that is easy to
use and stylish for the corporate office. An
all-in-one punching and binding system that
enables you to bind your documents quickly
and efficiently. A new and modern product,
ideal for those offices that require a fresh
image in binding.
PB2600 I Modular Series
Plastic Comb Closer
System with Interchangeable Die Sets
P200 offers a manual punch and closer.
P400 offers an electric punch and manual closer.
Docubind TL200 & TL400 I
Desktop Twin Loop Wire Punch & Bind
The Docubind TL200 & TL400 are designed
to function in the general office environment.
This system features our new exclusive wire
holder design that enables you to assemble
your document as you punch, making it easier
to load paper onto the binding element than with
previous systems. 125 sheets bind capacity.
Punching capacity of 15 to 20 sheets.
The Magnapunch is extremely easy to operate, use
either the foot pedal or the tabletop trigger switch.
Die sets for different punch patterns simply slide
in and automatically lock into place, no tools or
fasteners required.
I Modular Series Coil Closer
TL200 a manual punch and closer.
an electric
punch and
Produce attractive Colour Coil™ documents with
a versatile production system from GBC. With its
exclusive “Spine Former”, adjustable roller knobs
and all metal construction, the CC2700 ensures
quick, easy and reliable binding.
The PB2600 electric comb closer is easy
to operate with either the dual foot pedal
or table-top button to activate the binding
process. User-friendly features such as the
adjustable binding knob and the LED display
help you to easily set-up your system for each
binding job.
I Modular Series Wire Closer
Twin loop binding has never been easier!
Revolutionary design of one station to punch
and close; and hassle-free operation makes
the TL2900 the wire binder of choice. Now
your documents not only command attention,
but are functional as well. Twin loop bound
documents lie completely flat when opened
and pages wrap all the way around for
easy handling.
I Automated Punch System
The AP-2 ULTRA is an efficient & reliable punching system with easy, toolless interchangeable dies for various punch patterns such as comb, wire,
coil etc.
The AP-2 can run at up to
56,000 documents per hour
and incorporates the added
functionality of a variable
speed control for punching
irregular & specialty stocks.
GBC Quantum
I Automated Punch System
Digital punch operations have never been easier. The Quantum digital
production punch delivers outstanding productivity combined with
exceptional speed and labour saving value for a solution which is
unparalleled in the industry. Runs at up to 60,000 sheets per hour with
fast, tool-free die-set changeover for minimal downtime.
STL 1000
I Automated Punch System
This office punching system is a popular choice with trade printers and
commercial binderies due to its top speed of 80,000 documents per hour.
With its simple, proven design & bottom feed hopper to maintain document
collation through the punch run, the USP-13 would be a valuable machine in
any establishment.
I Automated Binding System
The revolutionary Digicoil offers ColourCoil binding in a fully automatic unit.
This production binding system is easy to set up, runs the full range of coil
sizes and will set the pace in your production environment. Fast, simple toolfree set-up makes it perfect for both short & long runs, in either digital or
offset shops.
I Automated Binding System
The STL 1000 offers superior productivity for binderies
and commercial shops binding with WireBind spools.
The STL 1000 is ideal for large digital print shops or
implants that do a variety of wire sizes, as it offers
quick changeover and ease of operation.
Channel & Strip Binding GBC AUSTRALIA
GBC Atlas 300
I Metal Bind & Foil System
A revolutionary binding machine, specifically designed for the creation
of personalised photobooks. This machine will securely metal bind A5/
A4/A3 books up to 150 pages and foil stamp the book’s hardcover.
I Metal Bind Machine
Metal bind & debind machine, capable of up to 300 pages,
with no spoilage to document. Largest in the range.
GBC Goldpress 4+
Fastback 9x
I Desktop Thermal Binding System
I Foil Press Machine
Hot stamping machine with the ability to imprint anywhere on
a hardcover. Perfect for personalising books, albums, company
directories etc.
The Fastback binder is an innovative binding solution for any print
shop or business that wants an innovative solution on a budget. The
fastback is a powerful machine despite its size and has the capability
of producing finished documents from 10 - 250 sheets.
GBC Surebind
Fastback 15x
I Desktop Thermal Binding System
Fast, and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal machine for any print
shop, copy shop, professional bindery, or office that wants a full-featured
binding solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The
Fastback 15x can create anything from a simple report, to a 350-sheet
hard cover book.
I Desktop Strip Binding System
The ultimate desktop strip binding system for moderate
volume users, with the ability to bind documents of a few
sheets to 500. Surebind is available in System 1, System
2 (pictured) and System 3 models, to suit various customer
requirements of volume and document thickness; and uses
patented binding strips for secure binding.
Perfect Binding GBC AUSTRALIA
New Release
DB 280
Desktop Perfect Binder
The user-friendly automatic desktop perfect binder DB-280
brings professional perfect binding to your desktop. Producing
up to 200 books per hour, the DB-280 is ideal for short-run,
on-demand printing applications.
Single-operator design
Fast, easy setup and changeover
Unique notching method
Dust removal
Two glue drum
KB 2000
I Desktop Perfect Binder
A highly productive and cost effective Perfect Binder. The
perfect system for professional glue-binding with a unique
spine scuffing and multi-layered glue system creating perfect
results from a wide variety of paper types. The KB 2000 is
controlled and operated through a central panel with a single
operator and has the ability to produce over 300 books per
hour, placing it at the top of its class.
• Fast: 10 second binding process
• Strong: Unique spine scuffing and cover wrapping
• Padding mode: Option without cover
DPB 500/500 PUR
Automated Perfect Binder
The DPB-500/500 PUR is a professional perfect
binder that is ideal for short run, on-demand
perfect binding requirements. It includes
automated features which enhance
quality and reduce dependence on
skilled operators, and which result in a
professional quality bound product. It will
cope with different binding requirements
using a touch screen setup to change to a
different binding style or book format. It can
produce up to 525 machine cycles an hour,
and is best suited to on-demand digital
production requirements.
Cover feed and scoring
Up to 400 books per hour
Thickness 1-51mm
Touch-screen control
Milling up to 4mm
GBC 3500 & 4500 I Desktop Pouch Laminator
Transform simple pieces into special presentation with the GBC 3500
and 4500 laminators.
Catena Series
Roll Laminator
Hot and cold roll laminators designed for school, office or professional use.
Laminate, encapsulate and mount prints from colour printers/copiers, the Catena
series offers the perfect finish for your full colour digital output. The Catena has
a host of features including speed and temperature control, pre-set laminating
functions with manual override, roller pressure release, cold film setting and
fixed open roller position to allow for efficient mounting up to 5mm thickness.
Available in two models: Catena 35 & Catena 65.
Turn everyday items into high quality, long lasting professional pieces
by using document enhancement products such as mouse mats, gold
foil and designer frames.
The GBC 3500 laminates up to A3 while the GBC 4500 will laminate
documents up to A2 size.
Features hot roller technology for bubble free lamination of photos
and full colour copies.
Fully Automatic
Auto Ultima
Docuseal 3100
Roll Laminator
Low cost, high performance hot shoe roll laminator ideal for schools,
offices and copy shops. Ideal for laminating posters, drawings, maps,
charts/graphs, educational resource material, plans, pamphlets, signs,
catalogues and manuals.
Auto Laminator
Auto Ultima 35 is a brand new,
fully automatic, innovative desktop
laminator from GBC – first of its
kind in the world. Featuring an auto
feeder and trimming mechanism
makes it simply a ‘Load & Go’
machine. The auto feeder can take
up to 50 sheets of paper; just press
a button, the machine will do the rest.
GBC EZload
Laminating Film Supplies
Pouch films (80-250 micron)
Roll films (30-250 micron)
Single-sided films
Gloss & matt finishes
Roll Laminator
This 650mm roll laminator incorporates EZload fool-proof film loading & Accu
therm heating technology, making it the best laminator in its class. The patented
EZload film loading method eliminates the common mistake of loading the film
incorrectly, making the process more time and cost efficient.
Wide Format Lamination GBC AUSTRALIA
Titan 100 Series
Wide Format Laminator
The professional wide format laminator, available in two widths: 1100mm and
1600mm. The Titan is the perfect machine to produce a wide range of services in
a copy shop environment or in a copy centre, graphic printing shop or photo shop.
Features hot and cold lamination, speed control, top and bottom independent
temperature control, mounting onto 12mm foamboard, 8 bit microprocessor
controlling pre-set function and variable pressure control. Rewinder and stand
GBC 2064
Wide Format Laminator
The Panda 1600 is designed to protect and enhance the wide varieties of
inkjet prints which are heat sensitive and thus cannot be finished using
thermal activated film. The Panda 1600 has heat-assist options to achieve a
clear finish instantly and mounts prints up to 1580mm wide using pressure
sensitive film & foam boards.
Wide Format Laminator
The GBC 2064WF is designed for professional mounting & lamination of stock up
to 1627mm wide and 25mm thick. All process parameters such as temperature
are digitally displayed, with speed and pressure having the ability to be set
independently. Fast roll changes are a breeze with swing out shafts making it
both safe and easy for the operator.
PSA Films
Pressure Sensitive Films
GBC’s full line of pressure-sensitive films and
adhesives are designed for laminating heat-sensitive
output. From banners and signs to floor and window
graphics, you’ll see the difference GBC Arctic films
can make.
Studiojet 1650
Wide Format Laminator
The Studiojet 1650 is an entry level laminator to cold laminate and board
mount, wide-format prints up to 1650mm in width. Commonly used to create
decals, floor graphics, window graphics, displays, banners and POP boards
etc. Studiojet 1650 is simple to use, incorporates a built-in rewind shaft for the
release liner and has mounting capability of up to 10mm thick board.
Pressure sensitive films are available for indoor and
outdoor applications in a variety of substrates and
finishes such as: gloss, matt, luster and textured. Arctic
mounting films are constructed with a thin polyester
carrier film coated on two sides with adhesives. One
side provides a permanent bond to the graphic, the
other is coated with permanent or removable
adhesive for both long and short term applications.
Digital Celloglazing GBC AUSTRALIA
I Automatic Single-sided Laminator
The Delta is a synonym for flexibility. Where volumes are becoming
smaller and production turn-around needs to be more efficient, the
Delta concept is based on offering you the ability to change stock,
size and film quickly. This one-sided, cost competitive laminator is a
compact, fully integrated machine with a built-in feeder and separator.
It is suitable for digital short or offset small to medium run and offers
high professional and quality performances. The Delta’s compact
design, speed of 30m/min and ease of operation makes it the ideal
machine to start in-house lamination and add flexibility to existing
lamination facilities. The Delta will surely help you to distinguish
yourself and to offer your customers the best quality and fast service
they rely on.
Automatic Single-Sided Laminator
Developed with sophisticated technology and an eye on ease-of-operation,
GBC’s 620OS is the industry’s “best-in-class” single-sided laminating
system. With a semi-automatic feeding system and integrated separator,
this tabletop laminator is ideal for short run applications. It is designed to
complement both colour printers and offset press short runs.
With a warm-up time of five minutes, an efficient setup procedure and
comprehensive capabilities, the 620OS easily and quickly improves the
finished appearance and durability of narrow format prints.
New Release
Amiga 36
I Automatic Single-Sided Laminator
The Amiga 36 is a compact solution designed for processing jobs
up to B3 sheet format, especially suitable within the digital print
market. With vacuum sheet feeding from small pile or adding sheets
continuously and an automatic sheet separator using a perforator,
the Amiga 36 is the ideal lamination solution for those with limited
floor space.
Digital Films
I Thermal Celloglazing Film
The special digital adhesive on these films creates a chemical bond that enables lamination
immediately after printing, designed for laminating dry toner-based prints containing silicone
fuser oil. These films are available in Hi-Tac and standard PP materials. Hi-Tac films offer a
clear finishing film with a digital adhesive designed specifically to provide a strong bond, ideal
for book covers and other printed media.
Commercial Celloglazing GBC AUSTRALIA
New Release
Automatic Single-Sided Laminator
The Sagitta is an industrial automated laminator, designed for use
of up to B1 size with a speed of up to 50m per minute. It is a robust
and reliable solution for on-demand and commercial lamination,
suitable for continuous operation. Incorporating a two-system
feeding head, automatic sheet separation using rotating knives and
fast heating laminating roll, ensures that Sagitta is the perfect solution
for medium to large runs.
GBC 8500 HS
Automatic Single-Sided Laminator
Nothing generates profits like the GBC 8500 Cyclone
high-speed lamination system. With a top speed of 150m
per minute, and a generous 112cm width, it cuts
production time by half or more. At Drupa in 2008, the
8500 Cyclone set a new Guinness World Record by
establishing the fastest time to laminate 100 square
metres of paper.
Ultra-high speeds, precise control and superior quality
output make the GBC 8500 Cyclone the fastest, most
reliable high-speed laminating system in the world. Yet
for all of its capabilities, the 8500 is deceptively easy to
operate. All critical functions from setup to job tracking
can be easily controlled by just one operator using
ergonomic touch screens. It’s no wonder that with single
operator productivity, state-of-the-art technology, versatility
and record-setting speeds, the GBC 8500 Cyclone reaches
new standards in finishing productivity.
Commercial Films
Thermal Celloglazing Film
GBC’s thermal laminating films have an extensive range made from: Polyester,
Polypropylene, Nylon and acetate substrates, feature a variety of adhesives
designed to run at high speeds with the highest quality available in the marketplace.
Choose GBC’s commercial films to finish book covers, dust jackets, packaging,
menus, brochures, posters, postcards and more. GBC has films for both offset
and digital print finishing and is a leader in the development of thermal celloglazing
Apart from standard matt & gloss celloglazing films, GBC offers a range of specialty
films such as: Lay-Flat, Hitac Lay-Flat, Scuff Free Matt and Enviro films.
UV Varnish Solutions GBC AUSTRALIA
for every application
UV Coater for Offset or Digital Print
Introducing the VSG-460 small format varnish coating machine to
give an excellent finish to any printed paper or board (150- 450gsm).
The new VSG-460 lays down superb finish up to 460mm wide
resulting in a bright, waterproof, oil resistant and highly wearable coating
which can be wiped clean. Suitable for either Ultra Violet (UV) lamp
cured high gloss varnishes or a water-based varnish for Infra Red (IR)
heat drying. The VSG-460 with manual feed table is highly efficient, has
low energy consumption (10KW) and is extremely environmentally friendly.
High Gloss UV Coater
The MGI UVarnish is renowned around the world for the highest levels of gloss
and adhesion on all printed substrates, including all digital printed sheets and
even non-paper based substrates. Simply the best UV coater available anywhere
with up to 360mm x 520mm sheet size.
The UVarnish has a high capacity automatic feeder with double feed detection
and easy access controls make this a single operator process. No VOCs emission
plus IR drying and speeds of up to 2400 sheets per hour make the UVarnish a
best in class varnish coater.
Inkjet UV Spot Varnish – Digital Technology
The MGI JETvarnish is a world first digital spot UV varnisher, using the latest generation Piezo inkjet technology to precisely deliver either satin,
gloss or ultra-gloss varnish in a single pass. Simply add a fifth colour in the artwork file, thus highlighting the areas where the spot varnish is required.
Fast startup for producing personalized output up to 4,700 sheets per hour in either spot or flood coating. No need for cost and time producing
plates or screens and eliminates waste. Sheet registration will ensure varnish is placed exactly where it’s wanted from the first sheet to the last.
The JETvarnish accommodates a wide range of substrates and sheet size up to 520mm x 740mm with weights from 135 to 600gsm.
Suitable for book covers, brochures, packaging, folders, business cards and much more.
Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf. GBC AUSTRALIA
Automated Creaser
This industrial creasing machine has two different feeding
widths: 520 and 750mm. Designed to crease and perforate
digital prints, cardboard, laminated sheets, folded sheets,
plastic sheets, etc.
Automated Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf. System
The DC-645 has been recognised as a top quality digital finishing unit by many leading
digital print companies. It offers high quality creasing, slitting and cutting in a single
pass while also opening the finishing process to networked management through JDF
connectivity. This makes the DC-645 an ideal machine for a progressive printer looking
to future-proof an investment, while being able to meet any requirements for short run
and fast turnaround print production.
PC – 360
Manual Creaser
The PC-360 is easy to operate and maintain, making
it an ideal component in the binding process.
Maximum creasing width: 360mm.
MCM – 48A
Automated Slit / Cut /
Crease Machine
The DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/
Creaser performs exactly as it states:
accurate creasing, slitting or cutting
of digitally printed work. It is an ideal
answer to the question of how best to
finish many types of short run digital print
which can result in cracking problems
when using standard finishing machinery.
The single unit offers a multiple of finishing options to create a myriad of professionally
finished saleable products in a single pass. Duplo’s understanding of the problems
associated with digitally printed material has led to the inclusion of features to keep the
unit operating to its full potential. Despite this versatility, the DC-615 is simple to operate
thanks to touch-panel displays and well-conceived user interface.
Automatic Multicreaser
The Multigraf MCM-48A is the first table-top creaser to
provide a crease & a micro-perforation in letterpress quality.
This automatic version is specifically for print shops, with
small-medium jobs and shorter run times.
Automated Creaser
Digital printing requires creasing
before folding, in order to prevent
unwanted cracking – the DC-445
Ducreaser is the ideal machine for this
task. Designed to cope with short runs
with fast set up and multiple creasing
options to handle a wide range of products.
Optional perforating and slitting modules
extend the usefulness of the DC-445
Ducreaser still further.
Bookletmaking GBC AUSTRALIA
Collating & Stacking Solutions
System 5000
I Commercial Bookletmaking System
The System 5000 is a flexible and productive collating and bookletmaking system that can turn out different styles of booklet with no fuss for short to mid run
finishing requirements. The modular approach allows the System 5000 to expand as a user’s needs grow, with additional collating towers or even as far as a fully specified
System 5000. While its main purpose is delivering stitched and trimmed booklets, it is equally adept at straight folding or delivering collated sets into a jogger or
stacker. The system can either have 8 station or 10 station collator towers.
In-line 3-knife trimming
Individual bin control to handle various stocks in the same job set
Straight or offset stacking
Up to 9,000 collated sets per hour
Up to 5,000 booklets per hour
System 3500
Automated Bookletmaking System
The System 3500 is a flexible and productive collating
and bookletmaking system that can turn out different
booklet styles with no fuss, for short to long run finishing
requirements. The modular approach allows the System
3500 to expand as a user’s needs grow, with additional
collating towers or even as far as a fully specified System
5000. While its main purpose is delivering stitched and
trimmed booklets, it is equally adept at straight folding or
delivering collated sets into a jogger and stacker.
Automated Bookletmaking System
The mini collator and booklet making system marries the DFC-100 or DFC-120
tower collators with the DBM-120 booklet making system to create a simple to
operate system that can run at up to 2,400 booklets an hour. A range of stitching
options creates different product types, while the modular approach allows a
user to upgrade the number of collating bins as the work mix changes.
Friction Collator
The Duplo DFC -100/120 collators are high spec 10/12 station friction collators with the ability to work standalone
or as part of a collating/booklet making system. It is also able to connect to another DFC-100/120 tower yielding
a 20-24 station collating system or with Duplo’s DBM-120 bookletmaker to create 80-page booklets.
Bookletmaking GBC AUSTRALIA
Near-Line Systems
Digital System 5000 Pro
Commercial Bookletmaking System
The Duplo Digital System 5000 Pro is a high volume booklet maker designed to provide a digital printer with a ready to go means of producing booklets from digitally
printed pages. There are options for the type of finish required with optical mark recognition to trigger the bookletmaking sequence. For example, the feeder can take
pre-printed litho covers to wrap around variable content inside pages produced on a digital press. These pages can be comprised of different paper types. Inline
trimming gives a professional finish to the completed products.
Digital System 445
I Commercial
Bookletmaking System
Duplo’s near-line digital system 445 booklet making system has
been designed to completely finish full-bleed booklets in a single
pass. Combining the creasing and slitting function of the DC-445
creaser with the stitching, folding and trimming capabilities of the
mid-range DBM-350/T booklet maker and trimmer, the digital
system 445 delivers an affordable all-in-one booklet making
system ideal for short-run applications. The digital system 445
can also be used as a stand alone creasing unit by lifting the
bridge unit.
Digital System 2000
I Automated
Bookletmaking System
Sheet feeder accepts pre-collated sets from any digital press.
Duplo near-line systems provide simple solutions to bring together
the output from many different print devices, whilst combining the
best of both in-line and off-line production.
Programmable Guillotine
• Perfect for the smaller printer
who needs programmable
• Suitable for oversize A3 sheet
in both directions.
I Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine
Baum cutters are known for low maintenance and hours of operation. The BaumCut
cutter line has many exclusive features including: easy knife change, high speed steel
knives as standard, and a table surface that never needs waxing. Baum cutters are
also state-of-the-art in safety design with infrared light beams and other safety
features. Available in 670mm or 810mm widths.
EBA 435M
Manual Guillotine
• Powerful guillotine designed
for manual operation, suitable
for sizes up to A3.
• Patented fast flick
action clamp.
Electric Guillotine
• High quality with
electric blade drive.
• Manual clamp, with
large hardwheel.
• Programmable keypad
for back gauge control.
• Adjustable blade depth.
EBA 551 & 551LT
Hydraulic Guillotine
This hydraulic guillotine is perfectly suited for small and medium sized printers, book
binderies, copy shops and printing centres with print on-demand facilities. For small
quantities needing frequent job changes, or complex work that demands the best
results, EBA 551/551T with its programme controlled power back gauges and
hydraulic pressure provides an economical solution.
Desktop Folder
The DF-755 is the ideal folding solution
accommodating a variety of stock types
& sizes at a speed of up to 120 sheets
per minute. The 4-digit LCD counter &
500 sheet feed tray capacity ensures
folding is completed at maximum
DF – 920
I Desktop Programmable Folder
With the introduction of the DF-920, high-speed folding of up to 280
sheets per minute has never been easier. The DF-920 offers 6 popular
pre-programmed folds and a multitude of custom folds to suit a variety
of applications. The patented fold system ensures reliable folding and
accurate folds for a variety of paper sizes and stocks.
Suction Folders
Eurofold folders are professional folding machines, capable of A3+ & A2+
sizes; with automatic, programmable or manual folding plates. The Eurofold
also incorporates a suction feeder with pre-select spacer unit & motorised
steam delivery.
DF – 1000
I Desktop Suction Folder
Commercial and on-demand printers are set to benefit from the advanced
capabilities of the DF-1000. Offered at a competitive price, the system
produces precisely folded, scratch free material and effectively
finishes work printed on both offset and digital presses. As the newest
addition to Duplo’s digital product portfolio,
the DF-1000 is perfect for countless
applications and is the ideal
system for folding direct
mail pieces such as:
brochures, flyers and
invitations as well as
official documentation,
such as: invoices
and letters.
New Release
Duplo IFS
Integrated Folding System
Duplo extends its range of multifunction finishers for digital colour
prints with the addition of an integrated module that provides
folding and high capacity stacking. The Integrated Folding System
incorporates an in-line knife folder with a DC-series finishing device
for folding applications in one pass using a single finishing system.
All-in-one slit/cut/crease/fold finishing solution
Folds sheets up to 350 gsm
Completely automated setup
To be used in conjunction with a DC-645 / 615 / 445 unit
Stago 20155A
Multi-head Drill
• Single/multi-spindle (up to 5 drilling heads)
• With fixed sliding table for paper size
up to A3
• Sliding table with programme shaft for up
to 6 adjustable hole centres
• With manual or automatic spindle stroke
• Automatic waste disposal of paper chips
from every drilling head
Stago PB1015S
Two drilling speeds
60mm drilling depth
Six pattern program bar
2-15mm diameter drill bits
Stago PB1006SP
Stago PB5010
I Desktop Drill
I 4 Head Drill
1-5 drilling spindles
2-15mm drilling diameter
60mm drilling depth
Sliding table with 6 sided program bar
Automatic stroke
Desktop Single-head Drill
• Entry level, single spindle
• Waste chute to rear
• Two pattern program bar
Stago ESM20
I Desktop Corner Cutter
Round cornering machine
Radius cut paper & cardboard
Up to 40mm cutting capacity
Range of radius sizes
Stapling Machines GBC AUSTRALIA
Electric Stapler
Flat & saddle staple
Foot panel control
Safety cover for operation
Paper side gauges
Adjustable stroke power
Staple up to 40 sheets
Stago H18T Manual
I Manual Stapler
This heavy duty manual stapler can easily staple
from 2 to 180 sheets (0.2 – 18mm).
Electric Stapler
Cassette loading (5,000 staples)
Flat clinch
Quiet action and low vibration
Adjustable throat depth
Staple up to 70 sheets
HM 6
Desktop Stapling
Staple from 2 sheets up to 6mm thick
Flat & saddle
Front loading staples
Electronic foot switch
Introma Supra ZD-2SR
Commercial Stitching Machine
HM 15/2
2 Head Stapling System
Clenched flat and saddle stapling
One & two head models (2 head illustrated)
Quick change to loop staples
Staple two sheets or up to 15mm thick
Electronic foot switch
Heavy duty machine
For professional and economical wire stitching
Quiet operation 240 volt single phase power
Either flat or loop stitching
Wire diameter range 0.5mm to 1.0mm
Flat and saddle stitching
Saddle to 8mm thick
Stabbing to 40mm thick
Specialised Printing & Finishing Solutions
MGII Meteor DP60Pro
DP Pro
Multi-Substrate Digital Printing Press
The MGI Meteor DP60 Pro is a revolutionary new press for flexibility in digital printing. Produce four colour, exceptional quality print up to 2400 dpi or 200 lpi on coated and
uncoated papers, or even PVC, teslin, polyester up to 400 micron. The industry standard Fiery RIP and Print Station Manager works with all major graphic design applications
and includes a variable data module.
This production quality digital press has standard a 3,000 sheet feeder with air suction sheet separation, side lay registration, and double
sheet detection. This is complimented with a high pile 6,000 sheet stacker delivery to handle the shortest of run lengths through to many
thousands of sheets with consistency and a single operator. Optional feeder available for running envelopes.
PressCard Pro
PunchCard Pro
Industrial Lamination Machine
Hydraulic Finishing Unit
MGI’s PressCard Pro is an
industrial lamination unit for
paper and plastic substrates,
including PVC, polycarbonate,
vinyl and synthetic papers. The
PressCard Pro can manufacture
high quality plastic cards (ISO
CR-80) from 100 microns up
to 850 microns for RFID, labels,
signage and other applications
including embedded magnetic strips.
MGI’s PunchCard Pro is a standalone, hydraulic finishing unit for
paper or plastic cards. Each sheet
can be cut into 21 or 24 ISO CR-80
cards (85.5mm x 54mm), with perfect
rounded corners and a maximum of
850 micron thickness. Crop marks
are read using integrated fiber optics
to ensure precision die cutting. Cards
are automatically retrieved via the
3 chimney stackers each holding
180 cards. Processing speed up
to 10,000 cards per hour.
RISO High-Speed Inkjet
ComColor Series I High Speed, Business Colour
RISO presents the ComColor series of full-colour inkjet printers, five powerful machines
engineered to print high volumes at ultra speed, year after year. Specifically designed
to give you the ultimate in ease of use, these advanced printers require virtually no
operator training. High-speed, high-volume, on-demand colour printing; with the
ultimate in versatility, cost efficiency and ease of use.
Print Size
(dots per inch)
(pages per minute)
300 x 600 dpi
90 ppm
300 x 600 dpi
90 ppm
300 x 600 dpi
120 ppm
300 x 600 dpi
120 ppm
300 x 600 dpi
150 ppm
DUPLO Duprinters
A Duprinter is the ideal way to quickly produce single or spot
colour printing. Low running cost, reliable service and low
environmental impact makes the Duprinter an alternative to offset
and high cost photocopying, whilst being clean & easy to use.
Typical Applications
• Letterheads
• Business stationery
• Forms
• Direct mail
• Newsletters
• Envelopes
• Booklets
• Labels and tickets
Print Size
(dots per inch)
(pages per minute)
300 x 360 dpi
90 ppm
300 x 600 dpi
120 ppm
600 x 600 dpi
150 ppm
600 x 600 dpi
150 ppm
Large Format Printers GBC AUSTRALIA
12 Colour Printers
Canon iPF8300 44”
Canon iPF6300/6350
Large Format Printer
Large Format Printer
Ideal for business-minded photographers and artists who need to
maximise their earning opportunities without compromising their
creative potential, the 24-inch imagePROGRAF iPF6300 offers
the optimum balance of ultra high-quality printing and performance.
Equipped with LUCIA EX 12 colour inks, high-precision printing
modes and an Accounting Manager feature, the iPF6300 also
features a built in 80GB HDD.
Built for ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance, the imagePROGRAF
iPF8300 44” large format printer is equipped with an array of professional features. The
re-formulated 12-colour LUCIA pigment ink system increases the achievable colour
gamut by approximately 20% from the previous imagePROGRAF 12-colour series,
enabling over 90% coverage of PANTONE colours. A large 80GB hard drive, sub-ink
tank system, Gigabit Ethernet support and Accounting Manager feature make this a
premier solution for fine art, photography and proofing markets.
8 Colour
Canon iPF8000s/9000s
Large Format Printer
HP Designjet Z5200
Large Format Printer
Equipped to maximise your productivity. Print more in less time. Advanced
technologies are seamlessly integrated into a single, exceptionally efficient
production printing system engineered to produce more high quality work,
at a lower cost in less time. Economy Print Mode reduces ink consumption 2
1200 x 1200 dpi output at 19.6m /hr on coated and uncoated paper stocks.
This new feature regulates the use of Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta inks
to produce high quality output at a lower total cost.
HP Designjet Z5200 44” streamlines your workflow to achieve greater
productivity. The printer’s 160GB hard disk provides a large buffer, reducing
the chance that your workstation will lock up when printing large files and
simplifying the process when you need to reprint. Achieve your desired
colours quickly while minimising unnecessary and expensive trial-and-error
printing. This printer’s embedded spectrophotometer enables automatic
calibration and profiling for greater colour accuracy and consistency.
6 Colour
Canon iPF810/820
Canon iPF650/655/750/755 I Large Format Plotter
Built for speed, quality and ease of use, the 24” iPF 650/655
& 36” iPF 750/755 are versatile solutions designed to simplify
large format printing. On-board support for HP-GL/2 and
HP-RTL files give the iPF 650/655/750/755 the capability of
meeting the needs of any professional printing complex fullcolour renderings, CAD drawings, and other large-format
graphics quickly, effortlessly, and with remarkable detail.
Large Format Plotter
The 44” wide iPF810/820 is ideal for those
involved in high-volume production printing by
providing a complete workflow solution. The
iPF820 helps to boost productivity and facilitate
workgroup printing by creating a powerful
software and hardware combination. With an
80GB hard drive, and sub-ink tank system, the
iPF810/820 is a truly cost effective solution.
HP Designjet
T770/HD I Large Format Plotter
A reliable, plug-and-play, 1118mm printer
for small work teams, producing 2 A1-sized
prints/minute using the fast Economode
print setting. Improve media loading with
convenient, space-saving hassle-free
front-loading. The T770 achieves rich,
dark blacks and fine detailed lines with
HP Vivera inks – 6-ink printing system.
Large Format Printers GBC AUSTRALIA
HP Scitex LX800 / LX600
HP Scitex FB700
Latex Printer
Maximum: 3.2m and 2.6m print width, respectively
6 colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan & light magenta
Supports both aqueous and solvent based media
Print speed at production mode up to 88sqm
or indoor quality mode at 45sqm
HP latex ink technology - water based ink system
Low running cost and super high speed & quality
Low maintenance requirement
Dual roll kit and roll to floor kit for LX800 (optional for LX600)
UV Curable Flatbed Printer
• Maximum: 2.5m print width
• Up to 1200 x 600dpi with variable drop size
• Print speed at outdoor signage mode up to 34sqm
(or 9sqm with white ink printing) or indoor signage mode
up to 18.8sqm (or 7.9sqm with white ink)
• HP UV curable technology for rigid and flexible media
• Print thickness up to 64mm
• Optional roll-to-roll kit and white ink system for pre and post coating
HP Scitex FB500
UV Curable Flatbed Printer
• Maximum: 1.6m (64”) print width
• Up to 1200 x 600 dpi with variable drop size
• Print speed at outdoor signage mode up to 29sqm
(or 7.9sqm with white ink printing) or indoor signage mode
up to 16.4sqm (or 7sqm with white ink printing)
• HP UV curable technology for rigid and flexible media
• Print thickness up to 25mm (2.5 inches)
• Optional roll-to-roll kit and white ink system for pre and post coating
HP Designjet L25500
I 42”/60 Latex Printer
HP Designjet L25500 Latex Printer increases business opportunities
with a printer that delivers unrivaled versatility for outdoor and indoor
applications. Experience the ease of reliable HP Designjet printing.
Attract the attention of environmentally conscious customers. The
HP Designjet L25500 includes independent Print Zone and Curing
Zone heating systems to cure HP Latex Inks. The temperatures in
each zone depend on the print mode and media being used. Ideal for
outdoor and indoor signage with low maintenance and high productivity.
Scanners / Plan Printers GBC AUSTRALIA
Seiko L1020L
I B&W Laser Printer
600dpi laser printing
2 rolls, automatic media feeding system
Maximum print width: 914mm x 150m
Maximum output length: 10m
40GB hard drive
Easy toner loading and drum replacing system
Seiko L1020L-MFP
HD Scanners
• CCD Technology
• 18” x 24” Flatbed Scanner
• 24”/ 36” / 42”/54”
SD Scanners
I CIS High Resolution Scanners
• CIS Technology
• High-stand MFP scan station
• 22”/44”
B&W Laser Printer / Scanner
Seiko L1020L-MFPB/W Laser Printer (200 km print life)
600dpi laser printing
Maximum scanning resolution: 60mm/sec
Optional colour scanning upgrade
Maximum print width: 914mm x 150m
Maximum output length: 10m
40GB hard drive
Easy toner loading and drum replacing system
Studiojet Media
Water Based Media
• Coated paper, photo based paper, polypropylene film,
polyester film, fine art canvas, synthetic cloth and backlit
lightbox film etc.
Solvent Based Media
• Monomeric and polymeric self adhesive vinyl, hi-tac self
adhesive vinyl and repositioning car wrapping cast material
with an outdoor life of 1 to 10 years.
Studiojet RIP - Lite
• Free layout workflow software
• Colour management
Studiojet RIP - Lite Plus
• Free layout workflow software
• Colour management
Also available in PVC base scrim
banner vinyl, polypropylene film for
roll-up banners as well as high
resolution polyester backlit film for
indoor/outdoor use.
I CCD Camera Based Scanners
Studiojet RIP - Lite Full
• Free layout workflow software
• Colour management
• RIP queue
Summa Cutters
I Tangential &
Contour Vinyl
The Summa Cutter incorporates the latest
generation technology, including the latest in
internal electronics, such as Altera ACEX
64-bit processors, 16-megabytes of processing
and replot RAM, three powerful digital servomotors and contour cutting alignment system,
OPOS X. The advanced features, pinpoint
precision and rock solid durability of a Summa
S Class cutter means it can meet your needs
today and for many years to come.
GBC Plates & Pre-Press
• GBC plates & pre-press supplies
• Agfa metal and polyester plates
• Instruments, magnifiers and more
GBC offer a full range of consumables for the pressroom.
GBC Finishing Consumables
• Colour library
Stitching Wire
• 2kg spools to 90kg spools
• German quality
Stack Wagon
Australia’s top paper trolley
Up to 20,000 sheets
A4 & A3 models
Made in Australia
Clear and colour covers
Plastic spirals
Pouch and roll lamination film
Thermal binding covers
Plastic combs
2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire
Stitching wire
We Mix Inks!
Offset Inks
Creasing Matrix
Van Son
Tough Tex
Unipak (Metallic Gold & Silver)
• Self-locating metal, plastic and paper
bases: Trimplex, Xpress, Reflex and Jazz
Total Service Solutions GBC AUSTRALIA
GBC Total Service Solutions
Securing your investment
Providing peace of mind
Helping when you need it most
Technical Service Solutions
Onsite warranty repairs
All machines supplied by GBC Australia are protected by a 12 month on site warranty
(within 100km of the nearest GBC Australia Service Centre)
Onsite after warranty repairs & service.
We provide onsite technical service to almost anywhere in Australia. Our mobile technicians are fully trained and carry genuine
GBC parts. GBC service technicians are equipped with the latest in service automation systems (Mobileware©) for receiving service
calls, ordering of spare parts and accessing technical information. This means faster response, prompt repairs and less downtime for
your equipment.
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