RFP #11-103
DUE DATE: Friday, July 15, 2011
at 2:00 p.m.
City of College Station, Texas
1101 Texas Avenue
College Station, Texas 77842-9960
(979) 764-3555
Introduction ........................................................................................................................................... 3
Definitions, Terms and Conditions ..................................................................................................... 3
General Information ............................................................................................................................. 5
Special Provisions .................................................................................................................................. 5
Scope of Work ........................................................................................................................................ 7
Technical Requirements ....................................................................................................................... 8
System and Technical Requirements ......................................................................................... 8
Activity Registration .................................................................................................................. 14
Facility Reservations ................................................................................................................. 19
Membership Management ........................................................................................................ 23
League Scheduling ..................................................................................................................... 25
Point of Sale ................................................................................................................................ 28
Equipment Checkout/Rental .................................................................................................... 31
Incident Reporting ..................................................................................................................... 33
Internet Registration .................................................................................................................. 34
Evaluation Factors............................................................................................................................... 36
Format Requirement ........................................................................................................................... 38
Certification ......................................................................................................................................... 40
2 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
The City of College Station is soliciting Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from firms/vendors who are interested and
qualified to provide a comprehensive, computerized, community parks and recreation management system. A
qualified comprehensive community parks and recreation management system includes, but is not limited to:
activity registration, facility reservations, instructor management, league scheduling, customer relations
management, demographic analysis, pass management, point-of-sale, report production, and equipment check-out
and rental. The City of College Station is looking for a turn-key solution. The new solution will replace the
existing Safari system.
You may upload one (1) electronic proposal in the format prescribed herein on our website at . Proposals may also be submitted on a CD in a sealed envelope bearing the name and
address of the respondent. Response packages will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. CST on Friday, July 15, 2011
and should be addressed to:
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Department
City of College Station
1101 Texas Avenue
P.O. Box 9960
College Station, Texas 77842-9961
In order to simplify the language throughout this Request for Proposals, the following definitions shall apply:
City of College Station: Same as City.
City Council: The elected officials of the City of College Station, Texas, given the authority to exercise such
powers and jurisdiction of all City business as conferred by the State of Texas’ Constitution and laws. Same as
Contract: An agreement between the City and a Supplier to furnish supplies and/or services over a designated
period of time during which repeated purchases are made of the commodity and/or service specified.
Firm/Vendor: The responder(s) of this request.
RFP: Request for Proposal.
Receipt of Proposals
The submitted Proposal(s) must be received by the Purchasing Services Division prior to the time and date
specified. The mere fact that the Proposal was dispatched will not be considered; the firm must insure that the
Proposal is actually delivered.
Questions and Inquiries
Questions and inquiries about this bid should be submitted in writing via the Q&A feature available through the
Online Bidding System at . The deadline for submitting written requests for
clarification is Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. CST.
The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals as a result of this request, to negotiate with all
qualified sources, or to cancel, in part or in its entirety, this Request for Proposal if found to be in the best interest
of the City. All Proposals become the property of the City of College Station.
There is no express or implied obligation for the City of College Station to reimburse responding firms for any
expenses incurred in preparing Proposals in response to this Request for Proposal, and the City of College Station
3 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
will not reimburse responding firms for these expenses, nor will the City pay any subsequent costs associated with
the provision of any additional information or presentation, or to procure a contract for these services.
Proposals must be completed and submitted as required in this document. The certification form must be
completed in its entirety.
Standard Contracts
Should this Request for Proposal include any of the City’s Standard Contract, a statement of willingness to utilize
the City of College Station’s Standard Agreement for Consulting Services (attached), must be provided. The
Vendor should review the attached Standard Form of Agreement thoroughly. Vendors who are not willing to sign
the agreement without modification, need not submit.
The City shall not be responsible for any verbal communication between any employee of the City and any
potential Firm. Only written requirements and qualifications will be considered.
Should there be a change in ownership or management, the contract shall be canceled unless a mutual agreement
is reached with the new owner or manager to continue the contract with its present provisions and prices. This
contract is nontransferable by either party.
Payment Terms
Invoices must be submitted by the vendor in duplicate to the City of College Station, Accounting Department at
P.O. Box 9973, College Station, Texas, 77842-9973. If invoices are subject to cash discount, the discount period
is to be taken from the date of completion of the order or the date of receipt of the invoice, whichever occurs last,
regardless of whether or not correct discount terms appear on the invoice. All invoices are to be paid in full
within thirty (30) days after satisfactory delivery of services and billing.
Negotiations may be conducted with responsible Vendor(s) who submit Proposals that are reasonably susceptible
of being selected. All firm(s) reasonably susceptible of being selected based on criteria set forth in this Request
for Proposals (RFP), may be given an opportunity to make a presentation and/or interview with the Selection
Committee. Following any presentation and/or interviews, Vendors will be ranked in order of preference and
contract negotiations will begin with the top-ranked Firm. Should negotiations with the highest ranked Firm fail
to yield a contract, or if the Firm is unable to execute said contract, negotiations will be formally ended and then
commence with the second highest ranked Firm, etc.
At the public opening, there will be no disclosure of contents to competing Vendors, and all Proposals will be
kept confidential during the negotiation process. Except for trade secrets and confidential information which the
Vendor identifies as proprietary, all Proposals will be open for public inspection after the contract is awarded.
Award of the Contract
Award of the Contract shall be made to the responsible Vendor whose proposal is determined to be the lowest
evaluated offer resulting from negotiations, taking into consideration the relative importance of price and other
factors set forth in this Request for Proposals.
Interlocal Agreement
The successful Vendor agrees to extend prices and terms to all entities who have entered or will enter into joint
purchasing inter-local cooperation agreement(s) with the City of College Station.
4 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
The City of College Station has a population of approximately 94,000 citizens and is the home of Texas A&M
The City of College Station Parks and Recreation Department is divided into five (5) main divisions consisting of
77 full-time, permanent employees and over 300 temporary/seasonal employees. Those divisions are:
Special Facilities
Parks Operations
Forestry and Urban Landscapes Division
This RFP has several objectives that are important to the proper operation of the Parks and Recreation Department
and its users. These objectives include:
1. Define, procure, implement, and deploy a comprehensive, automated Parks and Recreation Management
2. Define, procure, implement, and deploy a comprehensive, automated Parks and Recreation Management
System that enhances and supports the Department’s need to collect and disseminate information.
3. Employ an information processing architecture consistent with contemporary technology, and anticipating the
progress of technology over the next five (5) years.
4. Provide an automated environment that enhances and supports day-to-day operations with timely information
by leveraging technology in all of the following functional areas:
ƒ Activity Registration
ƒ Facility Reservations
ƒ Instructor Management
ƒ League Scheduling
ƒ Marketing and Customer Relations Management
ƒ Demographic Analysis
ƒ Pass Management and Membership Control
ƒ Point-of-Sale
ƒ Equipment Check-out Rental
ƒ Credit Card Processing
ƒ Inventory Control
ƒ Real-time Internet Registrations and Reservations
5. The intention is to employ solutions that adhere to industry standards to prolong the life of the system and
postpone replacement.
Turnkey Solution
In the interest of finding a turnkey solution, the City of College Station will consider revising requirements before
resorting to custom software development to achieve a desired function. If the Vendor’s system performs the
desired task in a way that is different than how it is described in this RFP, the Vendor is encouraged to explain
how their system can accomplish the desired task. If any City of College Station requirements necessitate custom
development, the Vendor is asked to explain why custom development is necessary.
Use of Subcontractors
Various companies may wish to combine resources in responding to this RFP. In such instances, the City of
College Station requires the designation of a prime Contractor who will be accountable for the entire turnkey
system proposal, including any resulting contract. Discuss the work that Subcontractors are to perform, if
5 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
applicable, and provide references for previous projects where the Contractor/Subcontractor was the same as that
being proposed for this project.
Information Response Format
Vendors who are interested in providing the software and services indicated in the RFP are requested to submit
information in a concise and responsive manner. Each and every question or request is to be answered. Nonresponsive or incomplete answers to information requests and/or City requirements may lead to disqualifying the
respondent’s submittal.
It is required that respondents answer each technical requirement in the following manner:
Y = Vendor’s software fully meets the described requirement
N = Vendor’s software does not meet the described requirement
C = Vendor can make the software meet the requirement for an additional cost
F = Vendor will be providing the capability in the future at no cost, and shall state the date available
E = Vendor notes an exception to the requirement. If the vendor’s software has a similar, but not exact
function, such exception shall be noted and explained in detail
Exceptions to RFP Provisions
Clearly state in the proposal if the Vendor cannot meet, or takes exception to, any RFP requirement(s). Include
the Vendor’s suggested remedies or counter proposals concerning each requirement. Exceptions to specifications
or requirements will not necessarily be disqualifying, but must be clearly stated in the response.
Additional Information
Any additional information that the Vendor may wish to present, which was not requested or indicated in the
RFP, may be included in a section titled “Additional Information”, and should be included at the end of the
proposal. The City welcomes the submittal of additional related information regarding services, which would
enhance the proposed approach.
Vendor’s Presence May Be Required
During the evaluation, validation, and selection process, the City of College Station may desire the presence of a
Vendor’s representative for answering specific questions, orally and/or in writing. The City of College Station
will not be liable for Vendor’s costs incurred for preparation or presentation in this regard.
To ensure operational efficiency, the City will need extensive system documentation. To fulfill this need,
Vendors shall provide the following manuals:
ƒ System Administrator’s Manual
ƒ Programmer’s Manual
ƒ Operator’s Manual
These documents shall be delivered in their final, approved form prior to training. In responding to this RFP,
the Vendor shall provide representative examples of this documentation for consideration. The Vendor
shall propose to the City of College Station as to whether these documents should be characterized as
custom or generic documents, and why they should be so characterized.
Source Code
College Station requires either source code or access to a source code escrow account.
The City of College Station requires the Vendor to develop a detailed Training Plan. The Vendor is
responsible for the development of training for each feature of the proposed system. The Vendor is
responsible for training as approved by the City of College Station. The City of College Station views
training as key to a successful implementation. The training needs for a project of this size are substantial and
require a significant effort on the part of both the selected Vendor and the City. The City will be training
6 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
specific individuals who will then be responsible for the training of the remaining workforce. The selected
Vendor shall prepare for a “train-the-trainer” program. To the greatest extent reasonable, the Training Plan
shall leverage off supplied manuals. This will contribute to validating these essential manuals and also
encourage users to trust them. The Vendor shall provide all training materials in hard copy form for each
Training Material
As part of the training effort required by this Proposal, the Vendor shall provide a comprehensive Training Plan,
either as one document for the entire project, or one document for each course. Course material shall be provided
for each course. In responding to this RFP, the Vendor shall provide representative examples of a Training
Plan and the kinds of course material typically provided by the Vendor. The Vendor shall propose to the
City of College Station whether these documents should be characterized as custom or generic
documents, and why they should be so characterized.
Hardware and Software Procurement
The clients currently run on Windows XP, but will be moving to Windows 7 64 bit processors in the future.
Therefore, the client software must accommodate both Microsoft Windows Operating systems. In addition, the
vendor bidding needs to define all client hardware requirements (memory, hard drives, processor speed, and all
prevails, required for working with the application software).
Just-In-Time (JIT) procurement shall be used to procure all off-the-shelf components of the proposed
software. These items should include all hardware and all software not developed specifically for this project.
The City of College Station expects this will ensure it can procure the latest hardware and software at the
best possible available price. The Vendor will be invited to provide the hardware pricing. College Station
will reserve the right to purchase the Vendor-specified hardware from a third party. Vendors must detail, by
track, required lead times for these items to ensure that the project remains on schedule in their Project
Plan. The Vendor must specify file server requirements that best suit their proposed configuration as provided
in this Request for Proposal.
Warranty, Maintenance, and Support
The Contractor must specify in detail, all warranties associated with hardware and software. The City of College
Station requires a minimum of one-year warranty on all hardware and software from the date of final system
acceptance. The City of College Station requires the Contractor provide maintenance and support beyond
the warranty. The Contractor must specify its maintenance and support programs after the one-year
warranty expires for both hardware and software. The Contractor must specify each maintenance and
support option offered and provide the costing for each option in the pricing section.
Within this document, the City of College Station defines requirements for a qualified, comprehensive,
computerized, community, parks and recreation management system. In the technical section below, we
describe the various modules, their functionality and required interfaces. The functionality described is a
guideline that we will use to evaluate systems. The City of College Station is open to alternative
approaches; therefore, if a system does not perform a task as described, the Vendor should describe how their
system meets the requirement and offer alternatives to the specified requirement.
7 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Recreation Information System – General Requirements
General System Requirements
The application software must be compatible with Windows 2003/XP, and Windows 7 (64-bit) clients.
The application software must be compatible with Windows 2008 server environments. Any other
hardware and/or software requirements for running the application must be defined.
The proposed software is a Windows-based or browser-based application, with a full graphical user
interface. If the software is browser based, IE8 is supported without compatibility mode. Vendor shall
also state what other browser softwares are supported. Additionally, Vendor shall state which
smartphone browsers the proposed software is compatible with.
Relational database technology is preferred. Please describe proposed database to include compatibility,
scalability, ease of configuration. Include other system features. Also, define the database system
software and the release version.
Proposed software should have an ODBC compliant database. If it doesn’t, please explain.
Software must be designed as a multi-user system, and allow for an unlimited number of users. If limited,
indicate the maximum number:
Generally, the system must be hardware and operating system independent, thus compatible with most
System integrates computer with full range of optional POS peripherals including touch screens,
programmable keyboard or keypads, cash drawers, 40 column receipt printers, 80 column report printers,
pole displays, slot badge or laser bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers and PDA handheld devices.
Responsive software technical support via toll free telephone number for a minimum of twelve (12)
business hours daily, five (5) days a week.
Responsive after-hours support options are available for support beyond standard hours provided.
The current version of the software Source Code must be provided in one or more forms as follows:
(Check all that apply and list agent)
Maintained with Escrow Agent:
Maintained on-site:
Encrypted on customer CPU:
Vendor must provide complete documentation, including reference and reports manuals for software
being proposed in the bid. Electronic versions of the manuals must be available.
On-line help is available from all software screens.
On-line help includes field level definitions and explanations
On-line help includes report samples for all system standard reports
On-line help may be modified by user.
More than one operator may update the database at the same time, in the same program. A record
locking feature must prevent the loss of data when two or more users are updating the same record.
8 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System allows for creation of user-defined menus, enabling each operator to have custom menus. City
desires the ability to limit the features and functions allowed for each employee that utilizes the software.
Proposed solution must include a comprehensive method for controlling employee access.
Within one window, the system must allow for the completion of transactions in multiple modules
resulting in one receipt. For instance, complete a program registration, a pass registration, a room
reservation and purchase a point of sale item in a single transaction, processed through a single payment
screen resulting in a single receipt.
The Vendor provides Internet or modem support to dial into the system to diagnose problems, and
provide solutions.
Operators are required to log-in (sign-in) only once, and have access to all specific areas of the system,
based on access and security rights for the individual signing in.
System can utilize Active Directory log-in authentication process for automatic log-in to proposed
application. This function may be disabled and a second log-in, after system log-in, can be required.
Operator is able to update and make changes to any part of a transaction at any point in the process, prior
to the printing of the receipt.
System reports are produced in PDF format with graph and excel options. List number of standard
system reports:
Proposed system offers option for integrated credit card validation processing.
List credit card solution options, with details:
System allows for Gift Card sales and redemptions.
System allows for integrated Electronic check processing as a payment method.
System must allow for multiple language receipts to be setup and produced
(such as Spanish language receipts).
List the developer of the proposed software applications.
List the party responsible for updating and enhancing the proposed software applications.
The system allows the “System Manager” to develop user profiles that allows granting security rights to
various functions of the software. Each user is assigned to a profile. User rights may be further edited
on a manual case-by-case basis.
Rights assigned to users must be “read only” or “full access” as set by the System Manager.
All software applications and any recommended hardware is IPv6 compliant.
General System – Database Requirements
The basis of the proposed system should consist of a central customer database file, including the
following information:
Allow for unlimited user-defined, additional fields to be created to track customer information
Ability to associate scanned documents (such a tax forms, proof of residency, proof of insurance) to each
customer record
9 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Customer database information:
ID number, which can be assigned automatically or manually (unique only)
Primary guardian name, address, four (4) telephone numbers, and e-mail address
Secondary guardian name, address, four (4) telephone numbers, and e-mail address
Email address
Emergency contact name, address, phone number (unlimited), including order of contact, and e-mail
Employer information
Resident/non-resident status
Unlimited household/organization types (e.g., non-profit, resident, non-resident,
commercial, group, senior, etc.)
Customer/Household discount table (allow for unlimited, user-defined tables)
Status (active, inactive)
Tax status
Available scholarship dollars, with expiration date
Customer/household demographic codes
Tracks date customer added to the database
Tracks last date that customer had any activity with the City (for marketing and
reporting purposes)
Restricted payment types (e.g., allow to pay with cash only)
Unlimited miscellaneous comments
Allow for unlimited user-defined, additional fields to be created to track customer information
Ability to associate scanned documents (such a tax forms, proof of residency, proof of insurance) to
each customer record.
Tickler comments (notes or comments placed in this location would automatically display
whenever this household was accessed in any module). Example: “NSF Check”, etc.
School Grade
Birth Date
Fields listed in 1.2.2 above must be able to be required or not required for entry, as defined by City’s
database administrator.
Customer database files also includes detailed member information, with the following required
Member name – Customer or Company Name if a company is the Payer
Contact Name if Company is Payer
Status (active, inactive; if inactive, system prevents processing in any module)
Current pass/membership status
Birth date (system automatically maintains and displays a computed age)
School grade
10 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Specific member email address
Track last time a waiver was signed
User-defined, unique identifying customer identification field (at least 30 digits in length)
Unlimited size comments field
Allow for special needs tracking (with needs review dates, assessment dates, etc tracked)
Store photo/image of family member
Fully customizable, password protected medical record information
Allow for unlimited user-defined, additional fields to be created to track member information
Unlimited number of user-defined family member demographic codes
Ability to associate scanned documents (such as shot history, medical forms, proof of insurance) to
each member record.
ID card—lost card tracking capability
System must include ability to check for duplicate customer files when entering new customer records.
If a new customer is added to the central database, the system must warn the operator of similar customer
files (possible duplicates) already in the database.
System should allow drop down box that is a required field, with the selection of street name values of:
Street, Lane, Court, Circle, Road, Parkway, etc. This way it ensures there are not multiple entries for
Street or St., Parkway or Pkwy.
This option should reside on both the Internet side and the System User’s side.
System must have the ability to merge duplicate customer records (with full history merge). Example:
same customer has accidentally been entered into the database twice. Explain the methodology.
Provide for Zip or postal code table to be created (by entering the Zip code, the city and state are prefilled).
System must allow tracking of a family, company, household or activity.
System must allow individual members to be members of multiple family households.
System must allow for customer search by company name, ability to pay under a company name, with
the ability to search by company and/or by contact person.
Ability to search payment transactions by a customer or company’s check number detail.
General System – Financial Requirements
System must provide for linking revenue to chart of account (general ledger account) codes, as well as to
sub-account codes and cost centers.
As revenue is tracked (i.e., transactions are processed), the revenue generated may be linked to unique
general ledger codes. Revenue from any part of the system (module) may be associated with any G/L
code in the system.
Example: If an Arts and Crafts program is offered, a class fee and a supply fee may be required. The
system must have the ability to separate the class fee and the supply fee into two unique G/L accounts
and/or sub-accounts, automatically.
A single system fee (line item) must be able to track revenue to up to three different chart of
account (GL) numbers in the system.
System must provide ability to export financials to municipal financial package (e.g., Sungard Public
Sector GMBA), via an automated interface or an exported .CSV file.
System must operate in a “real-time” mode. Example: Upon the completion of a program registration, the
roster, participant/family/household or company history, cash journal, general ledger, billing information (i
applicable) and activity financial status reports are all updated.
11 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System must provide complete end-of-day reports, to include as a minimum:
End-of-shift cash-out process/report
Receipt transaction listing
Account activity listing/Chart of accounts distribution
System must allow the ability to balance (cash out) by user/employee, assigned cash drawer, location, for
any date range, any time range, by function, by general ledger account number, by cost center, by
payment method, or for the entire system.
System must be able to operate on cash, receivables, or accrual accounting basis.
System can require payment reference information to be entered during transaction processing.
Example: Customer check number required for tracking purposes.
Restrict payment methods available for each operator/employee. Example: Summer help cannot
take/process credit card payments.
System must allow for customer/household credit balances, with the ability to apply multiple ways.
System must allow a household with a credit balance in any module, to use that credit in any other
module, automatically.
System must allow for split payments among multiple payment methods (to include “Park Bucks” points)
or Rain Checks.
System must allow for multiple user-defined payment methods to be established.
Example: Coupons, gift certificates, scholarships, “Park Buck” points/credits, Rain Checks, etc.
System must allow for:
Full payment
Partial payment
Payment from customer credit
Payment reversals
Credit balance refunds
Deposit refunds
System must have the ability to cancel any transaction(s) with the following options:
Apply credit to the household balance
Apply surcharge fees
Apply split refund payment types (i.e., ability to process a refund with portions applied to multiple
refund payment methods)
Refund “from cash drawer now” to be limited to same day transactions only and only allowed to be
processed by an authorized Supervisor (i.e. the cashier cannot take payment and then process a
refund – this is against city policy.)
Refund later from system, using check print capability; only allowed to be processed by an
authorized Supervisor (i.e. the cashier cannot take payment and then process a
refund – this is against city policy.)
Refund later from finance department; (system creates a refund voucher); only allowed to be
processed by an authorized Supervisor (i.e. the cashier cannot take payment and then process a
refund – this is against city policy.)
12 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System must allow for multiple tax rate options to be set up.
System must allow for multiple tax rates to be applied to a single sale/line item
(so that a 1% local sales tax and a 6% state sales tax can be applied to one item/transaction).
System must have the ability to create installment billing plans for any customer.
System must have the ability for Electronic Fund Transfers and/or auto credit card billing as form of
payment for monthly payment/billing plans.
System must allow for the creation of invoices and statements for outstanding payments due.
GL accounts must be able to accept account numbers that are alphanumeric and at least 20 characters
System should allow for multiple payees.
System should allow for separate “Remit To” addresses on a standard receipt/invoice when it prints,
without customer confusion.
A data dictionary will be made available with initial install and subsequent updates to allow use of
outside reporting software (i.e. Crystal Reports).
Required Payee/Customer information shall to the maximum extent possible, be the same in all
functional areas. Describe differences from area to area.
System should provide for a method to track the “Park Bucks” program and allow the earned “Bucks” to
be manually applied to the customer’s account by Staff as they are earned. The points cannot show up as
a monetary amount on the customer’s account. This should also apply for Rain Checks being earned.
If “Park Buck” points have accumulated, the total available should be easily accessible to staff when
viewing a customer account.
The system should allow for the points/”Bucks” that have accumulated to be removed as needed (by
Staff) from the account, to be applied toward any program registration.
When “Park Buck” points are entered as earned or used, the system will document the system user that
processed the transaction and allow for a receipt to be printed showing the accumulation.
System should allow for the ability to run user defined marketing/counting reports for “Park Buck” points
or Rain Checks.
General System – Reporting
System must provide standard reports that may be selected from drop down menus.
System must include the ability to:
Preview all print jobs
Print to either laser and/or thermal printers
Print to local, shared, and network printers
Allow for operator to select desired printer from available Windows printers
Standard system reports must allow for Custom Titles to be entered when printing
Graph directly to Excel for applicable standard system reports
Print standard reports in Excel or PDF format (operator selected at time of print)
Direct e-mail feature from system reports with file attachment option
Direct e-mail feature is able to use system central database with customer email addresses and/or you
email groups/lists from Outlook.
Where applicable, standard reports will print in either portrait or landscape format (operator
13 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Standard reports should have multiple selection criteria, allowing for customization of the reports. This
capability must allow end-users to create unique reports without requiring technical assistance and
manipulation of a report writer.
Standard report selection criteria options are memorized for each system operator.
System must allow for a method of “scheduling” reports for automatic output, so that at pre-defined
intervals, reports will be run requiring no employee input (once scheduled).
In addition to the standard reports provided by the proposed application, a report writer must be available
to produce ad-hoc and customized reports. Further, the system must support a third party report writer
(e.g., Crystal Reports).
In addition to the standard reports provided by the proposed application, a simple to use, natural language
custom reporting tool – that allows for NON-TECHNICAL employees to create custom reports, must be
All system modules have a built in capability to create marketing sorts, mailings, and labels using
multiple selection criteria such as: Beginning and ending name range, last active date, Zip code range,
age range, grade range, gender, resident status, database demographic codes, program enrollments,
facilities reserved, membership types held, items purchased, items rented, trips reserved, lockers rented,
Marketing feature includes the ability to e-mail selected groups directly from the system, with the ability to
send out text to select groups directly.
System should allow for the creation of comparison reports based on a variety of multiple criteria,
including but not limited to:
Activity Category
Activity Status
Facility Type
Zip Code
Membership Type
Membership Status
Item(s) Purchased
Program Season
Recreation System - Program Registration Requirements
Program Registration
Programs/Classes – System must allow for registration into any type of program, and provide the
following features as a minimum:
14 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Program numbers must allow for a minimum of six (6) digits, and be completely user-defined.
Allow for linkage to a user-defined program type/group code.
System allows for program to be associated with an activity sub-type code and category designation.
These associations are then used for report sorting (e.g., show all youth classes) and search options (e.g.,
find all soccer category programs).
Programs may be linked to a unique, user-defined waiver letter.
Must allow for multiple sections/sessions to be associated with a program number. Each session is a
unique item in the system with unique program session data tracked.
Allow for flexible lottery enrollment, by activity/program number and section. Lottery enrollment
selection process includes resident priority option.
Programs must be able to be associated to multiple facilities (locations), and the system must be able to
reserve those facilities automatically.
Designate minimum and maximum age range. Proper age check must be calculated based on user-defined
date, by program-session.
Designate minimum and maximum grade range.
Minimum number of registrants.
Maximum number of registrants. System must allow for a max number of residents and max number of non
residents separately. Example: Only 5 non-residents allowed in program.
System must allow for separate Resident and Non-resident begin and end enrollment dates and times.
Display the number of registrants currently enrolled (with break down by resident and non-resident count).
System must handle full program waitlist enrollments. Display the number of registrants currently on the
waiting list. System allows for a maximum number of waitlist entries per program-session.
Program gender restrictions must be allowed—male only, female only, or coed.
Program meeting days – days on which the program will be held.
Program skip days – System must allow for entry of at least ten dates on which the program will not be
held. Skip date information must also print on customer receipt.
Security override feature – Not allow overrides to max counts, age, gender etc., by program, except as allowe
operator’s security file override status.
System must include an option for requiring a valid pass membership for program enrollment.
System must allow for a customer receipt note/comment to be associated with each class. Comment must
be reusable (assigned to multiple programs), unlimited in length and be able to print out on customer
System must allow a unique comment/note for a particular program-section (e.g., only print on receipt if
section C is selected for enrollment).
System must allow for multiple pre-requisite activities to be linked (e.g., must take session A and B before
enrollment into session C is allowed).
15 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System must allow for pass/fail tracking capability for program participants that allows for the
management of enrollees. The pass/fail status must then be checked for programs that are linked to the
pre-requisite feature.
System should allow for recording program attendance and reporting.
Program facility set-up/maintenance needs must be able to be linked for each the program. These set-up
comments are to be included on facility set-up schedules and reports.
System allows for unlimited brochure comments for a class to be created. These comments will print in
brochure generator report and also viewed on screen in system searches.
Programs must be able to be flagged as Child Care activity/programs, for IRS deduction statement
purposes. System must produce the IRS childcare statements on-demand.
Need the ability to prorate programs based on remaining class dates.
Allow input of budget information by activity section level.
Program keywords may be associated for each program session, allowing for program search functions by
Allow up to multiple (up to 9) separate fees to be pre-linked to each activity section, and each separate fee
to be linked to a different (or same) general ledger revenue code and G/L account number. Provide an
option to discount fees.
The system will automatically select and apply the appropriate customer type fee (Resident, Non-Resident,
Senior Citizen, Non Profit, etc.) based on the information in the customer’s record.
Multiple instructors may be linked to each class/program section.
System includes ability to calculate instructor pay. Feature allows designating only certain program fees
to be included in instructor pay processing calculation.
Multiple pay rates (hourly, percentage, per enrollee, flat fee) can be linked to an instructor.
System must provide for a “Reminder Notes” area for each activity and section.
System must allow for a user-defined enrollment questions page allowing for any data fields/questions to
be setup and tracked for the program. During the enrollment process the questions defined here will be
presented for input. Example: T-shirt size?
System must allow rosters to be transferred to history, while being able to access this data for inquiry and
reports for up to five (5) years. After transferring the rosters to history, the activities may then be updated
with new dates, times, etc. for the following season/year processing (using the same number).
Bulk program field adjustment feature, allowing for across-the-board adjustments to existing program
offerings, such as beginning ending days of the program, days of the week, comments, fees, etc.
Program Registration - Processing
During a registration, the system should:
Warn the operator if a registration does not meet the age, grade, gender, or buddy list requirements for the
activity section.
Allow for overrides of age, grade, gender, and/or max counts requirements, based on the operator’s
security file override status.
Must be able to select an individual by name, guardian name, ID number, telephone numbers, or bar coded
ID card to process a registration or other type of transaction.
16 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Allow an individual to register in multiple classes/programs without having to reselect the individual for
each program selected.
Allow for the registration of multiple family members into multiple classes at the same time, without having
reselect the household. All transactions must print on a single receipt.
Allow for the automatic calculation of multiple child/participant discounts based on enrollments
into the same type or session of a program(s).
Automatically allow the generation of waiting lists for selected or filled classes. Wait lists may be turned
on or off based on the activity.
Allow for the transfer of enrollees from one activity to another (and properly handle the financial data,
even when the fees are not the same.)
Update the customer history record, program roster, cash receipts listing, and general ledger account
distribution with a single transaction entry.
Allow for the cancellation of a program registration, and provide the option to either apply the refund to
the customer balance, process to finance office, or print a refund check.
Provide the ability to override or adjust class fees, with proper rights.
Must provide for automatic late fee calculation.
Provide for automatic fee adjustment/prorating of fees if program has already begun.
Allow for bulk registration, whereby the class/program is selected once to register any number of participant
When an individual cancels from a program, a slot becomes free and the system must remind the operator
that a wait-list exists, if applicable.
The system must produce a printed receipt, with class name, dates, times, locations, descriptive comments,
payment information, date/time of transaction, operator and payment method. An additional comment to
print on the receipt may be selected just prior to printing.
Receipt print options must include standard, direct e-mail and mailer (windows envelope) formats.
Receipts must be able to be e-mailed to customers (with e-mail info entered).
Must have the ability to process transfers and cancellations for individuals or the entire class, in a single
System must allow for updating charges, payment reversals, refunds, partial refunds and credit balance
During a registration, a special needs note may be entered for the registrant, which would then show up on
the class roster.
During a registration, a referral code (e.g., How did you find out about this class?) can be assigned to the
transaction for analysis purposes.
During a registration, system must allow for a custom question(s) to be asked (e.g., Do you need shin
guards for this soccer program?) that are tracked and also can AUTOMATICALLY affect fees (so that if
they say yes to needing the guards, it will apply a $10.00 fee). If a fee applies to a question and the
customer orders more than one, then the system must be able to calculate the amount ordered and charge
the appropriate fee. Custom questions need to able to be put in custom order by the employee.
Registration will check enrollments of selected individual for conflicts (time) with existing program
17 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Allows for multiple household members to be selected at once and enrolled into multiple programs at the
same time.
Must provide for late registration fees to be calculated automatically with different costs associated based
on the type of registration processed (i.e. adult late registration fees and youth late registration fees)
Program registration receipts must include city/department logo on the standard receipt print. System must
allow for multiple logos based on location (option for different logo for each Recreation Center/location).
Program Registration – Reports & Inquiries
Ability to print an activity listing, in summary or detail, by selecting a range of activities with start dates,
including proofing report version for program set-up check.
Program rosters in alphabetical order, order of entry, all enrollees, or only those added since the last print,
with or w/out addresses, with or w/out comments, with or w/out fees, and with or w/out demographic
codes. Option to include photos of enrollees on roster. Full customization of standard system report output
(i.e., fields included on report) and multiple contact work and home phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Option to create rosters to Excel – directly from the proposed application.
Standard system reports must be available that provide demographic and statistical information for program
sessions, categories, types, ages, genders, etc. Analysis reports must be able to produce graphs and be
exportable to Excel and able to compare across seasons, years, etc.
System must provide for a customer/patron schedule print (preferably in calendar format) that displays all
program registrations for a customer/family with enrollee name, date, and location of the program.
Print report showing activities not meeting minimum enrollment.
Print report showing all activities that have reached the maximum enrollment count.
Print instructor rosters, including attendance rosters. Class attendance worksheets with either signature lines
check boxes, or session dates to track attendance. Must be able to e-mail instructor reports (such as rosters
or attendance worksheets) directly for the proposed application.
Print refund/cancellation report with details of all cancellations (for any date range).
Print detailed fee report that shows fees processed per activity (with graphical output option
for easy analysis of revenues).
Report listing all current program enrollments by customer (in statement/mailer/email format).
Instructor pay history report, showing all payment history as processed for instructors.
Ability to print program information in standard file format for use in creating program brochures.
Print a net revenue report, showing all revenue, expense, refunds, instructor pay - with a net income/loss
by activity, with graph option.
Software must include on-screen, information-based viewing capability. The ability to inquire (no changes
allowed) about program information is required.
Inquire/View by roster date or name for current and previous year program roster entries.
Inquire/View about miscellaneous income and expense postings for activities.
Inquire as to activity status, view activity set-up parameters, comments, notes, and enrollment information.
18 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Inquire about household data, addresses, phone numbers, transactions history, current enrollments and
family member details.
System must include a search function—enabling system operators to easily and quickly find program
details and information based on program criteria such as dates, times, ages, grades, locations, and codes.
Inquire/search based on program keywords (user defined).
Inquire/view program data based on program groupings—categories, types, sub-types, and/or supervisor.
Inquire about an individual’s medical record (password protected).
Inquire/view program instructor details and information.
Inquire/view/print custom questions. Be able to create a report by each question, showing the question,
answer, customer contact information, totals. Example: If a questions reads “Will you be a head coach?
If customer answers YES, then a report can be printed to extract all customers that answered yes to this
Recreation System – Facility Reservation/Scheduling Requirements
Facility Reservations
Must provide scheduling/reservation capabilities for any facility type, such as gyms, fields, courts,
shelters, rooms, auditoriums, rinks, pools, pavilions, parks, etc.
Must provide the capability to manage any number of facilities by a hierarchy of facility type, location,
and unique identifier as described by the user. System should provide for reporting and analysis of
reservations by each of the hierarchy types (by location, by type, by specific facility).
Software must manage facilities with overlapping areas/rooms (not allow double bookings in overlap
Must allow for specific operating dates for each facility (open and close).
Must allow for specific operating hours for each facility (open and close).
Must allow linkage of unique reservation comments to each facility, where comment/note prints on
the customer receipt.
Must allow linkage of unique maintenance comments to each facility, where the comment/note prints on
the staff maintenance schedule report. System must also include maintenance set-up image (JPG, BMP,
etc.) link.
Facility capacity must be tracked. System must allow for a search function when processing reservations
based on capacity desired.
The customer/organization data must be shared with the activity registration, membership, league
scheduling and other system modules. A single file for customer data that is accessed by all parts of the
software is required.
System must allow for multiple fees for each facility, each of which is linked to a unique City revenue
account code and general ledger account number.
Software must allow for tracking, billing and collecting of billable services such as staff costs, custodial
fees, lighting, clean-up, and security.
19 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Software must allow for premium billing, where rate differences are automatically calculated based on
season, time of day, day of week, or holidays.
The system will allow reservations at least ten (10) years in the future.
The system will store facility images (pictures) for access/display, including display on the Internet and
System must allow for unique facility questions to be set up for prompt during facility reservations
process. These questions, defined when setting up the facility, will be presented for input during the
reservation. Example: Do you need on-site security?
The system must be integrated with the Activity module and the League Scheduling module so that when
an activity or league is linked to a facility, it may automatically reserve that facility into the overall
booking schedule.
Ability to link facilities into facility groups to allow for reserving multiple facilities in one step.
System must allow the user to maintain as much history as desired. Reservations may be kept in database
indefinitely. This requires that data purges include the option for the user to select the date ranges and
types of reservations to be removed.
The system must be able to recognize a facility (i.e. a room, ballfield, etc.) as part of a large building or
complex and not allow the individual facility to be reserved if the complex/building is; or allow the
complex/building to be reserved if an individual room or field is.
Software should allow tracking of attendance by both room/field and building/complex, and report if
adding an event will exceed allowable attendance.
Facility Reservations – Processing
Must allow for the following types of reservations:
One time reservations—one day only
Pattern reservations—every Tues. and Thurs. for the next four months (in one process)
Random Pattern reservations – any combination of any date sequence (in one process)
Internal reservations—reservations not linked to a household or organization
Activity reservations
League schedule reservations
Personal Trainer
Software must print a reservation confirmation, with reprint and/or multi-copy options.
Software must allow for a customer to reserve multiple facilities, for any date ranges, in a single process.
Software must provide the ability to e-mail reservation confirmation receipt, with contact e-mail address
Software must provide an optional, user-defined rules and regulation letter (also referred to as the
contract) to be printed when a reservation is made. This letter must be printed on a separate page, with
the reservation details included. Letter must be mail-merge capable from proposed system database
Software must warn operator, if a conflict exists prior to the completion of a reservation.
Software must allow for the booking of rain dates while booking the main reservation.
20 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Software must allow for reservation set-up and clean-up time assignment.
Fees must adjust automatically based on time/dates of the reservation, and the fee being a daily rate,
hourly rate, flat rate, flat rate plus, or weekly rate fee type.
Software must allow for fee discounting at the time of the reservation.
Prior to the completion of a repeating/pattern reservation, all line items must be listed (displayed), to
allow for adjusting or deleting items without having to process another transaction.
The system must provide capability to maintain (make changes to) current reservations (i.e., system does
not require deletion of current reservation and reentry of a new reservation to make a change).
The system must allow for the transfer/cancellation of a reservation, with the appropriate transfer/
cancellation fees.
The system must provide for updating charges, partial payment processing, damage deposit payments and
refunds, payment reversals, transfer/cancellation fees, and credit balance refunds.
The system must allow for reprinting receipts and batch printing of receipts.
The system must create and track invoices.
Must have the ability to schedule multiple weeks without having to enter the user information into each
time slot. Must also be able to exclude specific time slots during the scheduling process.
Ability to track reservations into user-defined statistics and reporting groups. Example: All reservations
that were for weddings.
System must not allow double bookings.
System allows for minimum time prior to bookings and maximum advanced reservation times.
Example: Ability to allow reservations six months out, with no reservations allowed within three days of
reservation date.
System must allow for bookings past midnight (over 2 days) without having to make multiple
reservations (24 Hour reservations).
System must show changes/booked events as they happen in real time.
System must show a calendar view of available rooms, facilities, etc.
System must show Permit/Contracts arranged first by date, then room and time, or facility and time.
System must have more options on statement/invoices. Example: TAMU Health Dept. has 3 different
events made by different people. As of now, if we print an invoice all events show up. We need to have
the ability to choose what event we want on the invoice.
System should show payment process by color code.
System should be able to have a wait list and if an event is cancelled it would alert us if someone is
interested in booking the room or facility.
System has the ability to set payments weekly, monthly, etc., and have the ability to apply a payment by
how a customer pays (i.e., weekly, monthly, etc.).
System should allow turn-on and turn-off of the ability to do on-line internet reservations, as allowed by
operator’s security file status.
Facility Reservation – Reports & Inquiries
21 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
All reports must include an option to view on screen prior to printing.
Detailed facility listing included.
Facility schedule by date included, with option for individual locations or facilities.
Numerous standard facility schedule report formats, listing, calendars and block reports (all with multiple
print options).
Ability to run marketing report listing all customers with reservations for user-defined search range.
Example: All customers who reserved pavilions in the last month.
Location schedule (all individual assets/facilities at a single location – together) by date included.
Customer-based reservation report that will show for the customer all reservations that they have made
for a specific date range (used for organizations such as Little League and youth soccer).
Reservation calendars by specific facility, location, or supervisor/program.
Maintenance reports by facility and/or date, showing any reservations, special needs, and set-up
requirements (with set-up photo include option).
Ability to reprint receipts/permits at any time.
Billing reminder print included.
Facility usage report, showing usage statistics is required, with graph option.
The system must allow for the printing of rules and regulations letter at the time the reservation
receipt/confirmation is printed.
Software must include on-screen, information-based viewing capability.
Software must include schedule viewing by month, weekly, and daily views. (Calendar form sorted by
program and/or supervisor).
Must allow facility schedule inquires by date (i.e., see schedules for any date/date range).
Ability to view reservations for a specific facility in calendar format.
Inquiry by any level of the facility hierarchy—view reservations by type, location, and/or ID.
Software must provide for viewing of all reservation details for a given facility, such as who made the
reservation, the purpose, when, for any given date range.
Software must allow for viewing schedules for multiple facilities at the same time.
Provide detailed reservation information download to PDA for viewing purposes.
Inquire reservation information by customer/organization name or reservation number.
The system should be able to report on facility use by activity category in list and in calendar view.
22 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Recreation System – Membership Management
The system must provide for any number of pass/membership types.
Any membership type can be valid for a date range or a designated number of visits (computerized
punch), or a combination of both.
Visitations can be limited by pass type, day of week and time of day. Use restrictions may be placed on
membership types.
The system must allow for a renewal rate, different from the new rate for the membership type.
New rates and renewal rates must be discountable.
System must provide the capability to link the revenue from each pass type to unique general ledger
codes and sub account codes.
Must be able to track visit history and statistics for each membership type.
Must be able to track sign-ins (check-ins) as well as sign-outs (check-outs).
Must be able to enter the length of the pass in months (to automatically set the expiration date X months
from today’s date) or set the default membership and expiration dates for each pass type.
System must provide for installment billing and EFT/ACH payment options for monthly membership
dues processing.
Must allow for additional fee charges for each visit, optionally for each membership type.
Must allow for guest fee charges by membership/pass type.
Age restrictions by membership type. Example: Youth memberships valid for 13–18 year olds.
Assignment of valid and invalid visit sound files for each pass type. Sound files must play
at time of entry (when ID is swiped) to alert attendant.
Must allow the linkage of a unique comment code to each pass type that will print on a customer’s receipt
during a pass registration.
Must provide a method for manually posting attendance and revenue data from remote locations that are
not “real time” to the central database.
Must retain prior year’s membership data for comparative reporting purposes.
The system must allow a usage type pass, (i.e., a pass valid for 25 entries).
Pass/Membership – Processing
Pass registration option to process by customer or individual member.
Option to assign pass/membership numbers automatically or manually.
System must be able to sell a family pass in one step, with separate passes for each member.
23 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Unlimited membership types are allowed for each member. Example, we have members who belong to
the pool, golf course, and fitness center. A single ID card must be all that is required.
Unique waiver/contract is required for each pass/membership type that will print with the sale of a
membership. The contract must be able to have “mail-merge” functionality from the database.
In one operation, the system must be able to capture photos on multiple workstations and print a paper or
PVC plastic ID card using one or more printers without having to use third party software, as a byproduct of selling a membership. Please provide all necessary photo ID Card hardware requirements,
including cameras, printers and supplies.
System must have an option for use of Key FOB ID Cards and/or be able to use preprinted third party ID
cards in the proposed software.
During a member visit, a pass or ID card holder must be able to sign in by name or number, or by
swiping a bar coded or magnetic stripe coded card through a reader. The system should automatically
check for an expired or suspended pass or ID card, display the member image (if desired), play the
appropriate sound file (good visit/bad visit or happy birthday) then allow the optional entry of a visit
purpose, guest fees, and/or additional member entry fees.
System includes a minimum time between member visit check. Example: A member’s swiped card
cannot be swiped again for X minutes.
Membership visit check-in using touch screen configuration.
Ability to display member notes and alerts during check-in process.
Visitations must be tracked and reported by day, date, by and by the hour as AM/PM.
The system should automatically update the member’s visit history as well as the membership type totals
with no manual posting, for each visit processed.
Must be able to note a purpose during the swipe/entry process.
The system must provide for daily entry (daily use/non-members) processing with automatic fee
The system should provide for optional receipt printing. System must be able to send receipts to
customers via e-mail with no additional steps.
The system must track pass suspensions with a date range for the suspension.
Must be able to re-print lost or destroyed passes (ID Cards). System must automatically
inactivate the lost card (rendering it unusable).
System must provide for membership renewals.
System must provide for membership cancellations, with refund options.
System must provide for membership transfers of one membership type to a different type.
System provides for PDA/handheld interface allowing for remote location and mobile visit check-in
tracking. Member image validation is required on the PDA unit as well. Must include ID card swipe
capability with the PDA unit.
System must have the ability to track membership check-in while in any screen.
Example: You are conducting an activity registration; the member check-in can happen without leaving
the registration process.
System must provide for updating charges/fees, payment reversals, partial refunds, partial payments and
credit balance refunds.
24 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Pass/Membership – Reports & Inquiries
Must print a pass member report, listing all members by pass type, membership date range, with or
without addresses and show for each member the name, primary guardian, membership date, expiration
date, status, amount due, and pass membership type.
Pass visit history report, with summary or detail option, showing visits by individual and/or in total, by
type or by date with graph option.
Unique family pass report, showing the number of unique families that are registered for memberships,
by type.
Membership analysis report, showing how many new and renewed members, how many expired, and
total revenue by pass type.
Membership fee analysis reports must be provided that show revenues for any membership
sales date range, by membership type or member.
Daily visit/entry report, showing the number of visits by hour, by membership type for any date range.
Visit entry (usage) reports by location must provided.
Membership comparative report, showing monthly attendance and revenue totals by membership type for
current and previous year with variance included.
Provide a listing of all members with a balance - credit or debit.
Print and track membership installment bills, with statement option.
Ability to reprint member ID cards directly from member file. Simultaneously must also allow
for the update of the members photo/image.
Provide marketing reporting feature to target specific demographic groups by creating labels and
personalized letters for mailing. This capability must provide multiple selection criteria, such as
membership type range, pass number range, membership dates, expiration date, minimum balance owed,
demographic codes to include/exclude. Must include direct e-mail capability.
Must be able to print invoices for membership billing purposes.
Software must include on-screen, information-based viewing capabilities.
The ability to inquire about membership information - but not make changes - is required.
Inquiry view of all pass members on screen, to include name, membership type, membership expiration
dates, age, gender, etc.
Provide inquiry by customer/member file with visit history view.
Inquiry by membership type offered, showing membership fees and renewal fees.
Recreation System – League Scheduling
League Scheduling
The system must provide for the scheduling of any number of leagues with up to ninety-eight (98) teams
each with normal regular season, round robin, and single, double elimination, and three-game guarantee
tournament league types.
League data must contain the following:
League beginning and ending date
25 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
An extension play date, used for scheduling cancelled games
Beginning and ending times, and days of the week for league play
Restrictions for Gender, age, residency and option to require that all participants have an active
Number of officials, and official sport type scheduling feature (code)
Number of rounds to be played for the league
Number of teams in the league
Number of games each team will play
Minutes (duration) of the game, including set-up minutes needed
Custom league Waiver (with option of one per team or one per player)
Team seed or standing (with scoring capability)
Allow for setting up and tracking user-defined individual statistics, such as batting average, points
per game, rebounds, assists, etc.
Allow for up to ten league fee line items, with each fee capable of being linked to the same or separate
general ledger account code.
System must allow for unlimited schedule exemptions by team, by facility and for the entire league.
Exemptions are times when either the team, the facility, or the entire league will not be able to play. The
schedule for the league needs to be adjusted to meet the exception when creating the game slots.
System must maintain the following team and member data:
Team name
Primary contact, address, e-mail address, and phone numbers
Secondary contact, address, e-mail address, and phone numbers
Exempt times and exempt dates
Team record and winning percentage
Team colors and home facility
Missed games and team fee balances
Team members names, addresses, e-mail addresses, birthdays, gender, and phone numbers
(with notes)
Capability to track and maintain individual team member statistics
Team members may be selected from the central database of households and members
Multiple facilities with unique times for each may be linked to each league.
Example: Three different fields are used for the men’s softball league.
System must provide for tracking player attendance at league games.
System must provide for league schedule template import and customization (user-defined schedule
Unlimited numbers of officials and referees can be set up and tracked with qualifications exemption
times and pay rates entered.
Multiple officials may be assigned to a league, by officiating sport code/qualification.
System provides for the import of league and team data from the program registration function in the
software. Enrollments may take place in the program registration module, then automatically feed the
26 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
league scheduling module the information creating team rosters without having to duplicate data entry.
League Scheduling – Processing
Software can automatically reserve/book facilities during the schedule generation.
System will schedule any number of officials for each game.
System will balance home/away and time slots when creating the schedule.
System must allow manual adjustment to a league schedule to meet any special requirements. Allows for
adjustments to any game in the schedule.
System provides for game flop—quick change feature that will switch/swap two games.
Drag and drop game schedule adjustment feature is desired.
System provides ability to cancel games, then reschedule.
System identifies any facility conflicts during the scheduling process.
Ability to enter/post scores of games/contests which automatically updates league standings programs
and reports.
System provides for PDA/handheld interface allowing for remote location and mobile league attendance
tracking. Must include ID card swipe capability with the PDA unit.
System should allow for creation of tournament brackets at the end of the regular season based on league
System must allow for team registrations for leagues. Team players must also be tracked.
System allows for league payments and reversals.
System must allow deleting of one or more teams from a league, and then automatically regenerate a new
League Scheduling – Reports & Inquiries
Summary and detail league set-up information reports.
Software must produce league team rosters.
Software must produce officials schedule reports, and officials information listings.
League revenue reports, must be available to display revenues/fees for each league
League statistics report, to verify balanced league schedules.
Software must produce league standings reports
League results report must be provided that shows final scores as posted.
Software must provide a multi-league master schedule print.
Team schedule print outs, listing all games and times for a team.
27 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
League schedule print outs, listing all game and times for the entire league.
Tournament bracket print single, double elimination, and three game guarantees. Must be able to generate
generic Tournament bracket print out (requiring no league setup).
Balance due listing, which includes all the teams with a balance due.
Provide the ability to print mailing labels, letters and direct email messages to league coaches, players,
and officials.
Provide marketing reporting feature to target specific demographic groups by creating labels and
personalized letters for mailing. This capability must provide multiple selection criteria, such as League
range, current leagues or prior leagues, team captains/coaches, players, minimum balance owed,
demographic codes to include/exclude. Must include direct email capability.
Software must include on-screen, information-based viewing capability.
The system must allow for inquiry into the league team/roster information.
The system must allow for inquiry into officials data and schedules.
The system must allow inquiry/viewing into league game schedules.
6. Recreation System – Point of Sale/Inventory Control
Point of Sale
System must allow for the sale of inventory items (with full inventory control), miscellaneous
sale items, tickets, and services.
Any items sold in point of sale must be able to be linked to any revenue account number.
Allow up to nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine (9999) sales category/transaction codes.
System should provide a sales tax option for each sales/transaction code.
Must be able to link default price and sale quantity to each unique transaction code.
System must allow for up to a 15 character, user-defined, alpha-numeric code for each inventory item.
Each trans code may have as many of these inventory items associated with it as needed. System must
be able to handle millions of inventory items. Example: The trans code is clothing and there are 300
unique, individual clothing inventory items.
Ability to link multiple UPC codes to each inventory item.
Must automatically maintain inventory data such as quantity on hand, reorder point,
normal stocking level, and quantity on order.
Each inventory item must maintain a last sold date.
Must track sales history for at least 24 months.
Must have the ability to link a storage location identifier (Bin) to each inventory item.
Option to set retail price manually, or automatically by flat markup % based on cost, or by margin.
28 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Allow for a sale date range with an associated sales price to automatically apply during dates entered.
Maintain average cost of inventory items and last cost for items.
Ability to associate vendors (with primary vendor toggle) for each inventory item.
Inventory pricing allows for adjustments in default price based on time of year and time of day—
Must allow linking an inventory item to sub inventory items, in order to accurately manage inventory
quantities while selling items that are made up of smaller stocked inventory parts. Example: If a
hamburger is sold, the system automatically reduces the inventory levels of 1 patty, 1 bun, 1 pickle, 1
slice of cheese, etc.
Capable of creating and tracking unlimited number of tickets.
Ability to link each ticket type to its own revenue account code.
Ticket printing feature with customizable ticket layout options.
Up to five (5) separate blocks of sequentially numbered tickets may be linked to each ticket type.
Ability to conduct inventory count/update in real-time and batch mode via PDA. Must offer UPC
scanning capability for PDA count update.
A begin and end sale date range may be associated with each ticket type.
Each of the following types of commission types may be associated with the ticket sales. Each ticket
type may be assigned a commission type for remittance of ticket revenue to the vendor:
Flat amount of sale price
Percentage of sale
Flat cost remittal
Point of Sale/Inventory Control – Processing
The system must allow for the sale of an unlimited number of line items for each transaction.
Inventory counts must automatically be updated when an item is sold in the point of sale process.
Must allow for the selection of the item/service/ticket to be sold by each of the following four
Selecting the item from a list
Barcode (UPC or other) scanning
Programmable keyboard or keypad
Touch screen sales interface. Touch Screen layout must be customizable.
Must allow for an assigned global discount, which would then automatically discount all items for a
given day.
System must allow for an item discount at the time of sale.
Touch screen sales must allow for unlimited number of drill-down screen layouts, to accommodate any
number of inventory items at the point of sale.
29 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Touch screen option for POS sales screen must allow for user-defined touch buttons—size, color,
function, type.
System must provide the option to print or not print receipts.
System must allow for the return of an item, which then automatically adds the item back into inventory.
System must allow for the deletion (void) of a single item during a transaction, without having to start the
transaction over again.
System must provide for Open Ticket processing.
Example: Restaurant sit-down table service.
System includes complete tip processing.
System provides ability to print receipts in multiple locations (specific to item sold).
Example: Grill items printed on kitchen printer, drink items printed to the counter printer.
System must have the ability to sell and redeem gift certificates. System must maintain gift certificate
balance and all transaction history associated with each certificate.
System must provide the option to link a transaction to a customer for reporting and statistical purposes.
System must provide for coupons or discounts, with the ability to discount a flat dollar amount or a
percentage amount. In the case of a percentage, must be able to take percentage of last item sold (in the
current transaction) or all previous items sold (in the current transaction).
System must allow for multiple touch screens/pricing set-ups to allow specific event pricing. Describe
Point of Sale/Inventory Control – Reports & Inquiries
System must generate an inventory listing with item numbers, descriptions, unit of measure and current
inventory levels.
The system must provide an inventory price list.
The system must provide an exception re-order report that lists all inventory that is at or below normal
stock levels.
Software must provide physical count worksheets, including item number and description, with Bin
location and room for physical count to be entered.
Must provide an inventory valuation report that shows cost value, sales value and margin value.
Software must provide inventory sales comparison report that shows year to date sales versus last year to
date sales, with differences, broken out by month.
Sales tax report, listing all sales tax revenues.
Sales history report for any inventory item or range of items for any date or date range showing sales
information including receipt #, sale amount, margin and cost of goods sold.
Sales history by item, showing all transactions affecting an individual item.
System must include a cost of goods sold report that shows quantity sold, average sale amount, average
cost, total sales, margin and COGS for any date range and inventory item range.
Report that lists items that are selling well and those inventory items that are not selling well.
30 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System must provide for summary sales reports, showing net of all sales for any date, time and employee
Hourly sales reports must be provided, which display sales information for inventory based on the time
of the transaction.
Household inventory sales report showing purchases by each customer—if sales have been associated to
the customer at the time of receipt.
Ability to target demographic group by type of items purchased and create mailing labels, letters, and/or
emails for each group.
System must allow for customizable POS sales reports with total user control of all included sales items.
Ability to associate a marketing code (e.g., Zip code) at the time of purchase, and then use this code for
demographic and marketing reports.
Software must allow for viewing of transaction code information, including budget information.
Software must allow for viewing of inventory item information, including quantity sold and budget
Software must allow for viewing of ticket information, including detailed ticket setup information.
Software must allow for viewing of ticket information, including detailed ticket setup information.
Software shall provide a count of items sold per day/week/year by workstation, facility and/or center.
Recreation System – Equipment/Site Rentals
The system should be flexible enough to handle equipment rentals, campsite rentals, RV sites and marina
slips, as well as any other items that can be signed out for a period of time.
Ability to assign a rental code of up to ten (10) alphanumeric characters to each rental item.
Ability to assign make, model, serial number, and description to rental item.
Ability to link a rental item to a rental classification, which provides for the collection of additional
information from the customer based on what is being rented. For instance, if certain data is required for
a marina slip rental, the system will request this user-defined data such as the boat size, license, plate,
beam, draft, boat make, model, etc.
System will track revenue and number of times rented YTD, as well as hours rented YTD.
Allow unique comment text linked to the rental item which would then print out on the customer receipt.
Ability to link multiple rental items together as a rental group, allowing for a single package rental to be
processed. Example: Race Clock, Cones, Vests.
Ability to assign a capacity or headcount allowed to each rental item. This feature allows for a single item
to be created, with a capacity entered (number of units). Reservations are then processed and tracked
against the number of units available. Example: 500 chairs; rent 300, then 200 are still available.
Ability to create quick rental items, where no fees would be required for renting the item.
Example: At the equipment desk, tracking of balls, weight-belts, racquets, etc.
31 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System must control the time in advance that rental reservations are allowed.
Be able to identify amenities/unique features of each rental item—for use with search functions.
Allow multiple fees to be assigned to each rental item, which then default at the time of the rental.
Multiple customer fee types may be created and associated to the fees linked to each rental item. Fees
will automatically be charge based on the customer type.
Examples: resident, non-resident, commercial, non-profit, employee, member, non-member, etc.
Rentals – Processing
System must allow for the rental and advanced reservations of items with or without fees.
The rented item/slot/equipment/campsite may be selected using a pick list, barcode reader, programmable
keyboard, or magnetic stripe reader.
The out date and time defaults to the current date and time, but may be changed by the operator to a
future date or time for future reservations.
System must include a fully customizable, Touch Screen, graphical rental interface that can be used for
viewing and processing Rental reservations.
Example would be a graphic/visual representation of our campground that is touch screen
based and allows for viewing and processing of reservations.
System must be able to accept and track damage deposits.
Must be able to rent to a customer/organization or directly to an individual member.
The system must warn the operator of any conflict when attempting to rent an item, and allow the
operator to search for another item.
While showing the default fees associated with the rental when making the reservation, the operator is
allowed to add additional fees at the time of the rental.
Custom questions must be tracked during rental reservation process. If applicable, answers to custom
questions will automatically update fees charged.
Must print a receipt showing the rented item, renter information, date/time out, date/time to return,
amount due, unique comment, fee information, payment method, date and time of transaction, and
Must allow for future payments, partial payments, payment reversals, credit balance refunds, and deposit
payments and returns.
System must provide ability to assign and track a condition code to the item at the time of the rental and
upon return.
Must be able to rent multiple items while producing only one receipt. Rental groups must be allowed to
link multiple items into a single group allowing rental of packages. Examples: Ski gear packages (boots,
skis, poles) and camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, stove).
The system must provide for rental returns. Return process tracks rental items as they are returned.
Must allow for the updating of charges during the return, to take into account early returns, late returns,
and damages to equipment.
Must be able to return an item without knowing who rented the item. Example: If an item was returned
during closed hours, the system should be able to select the item, then display the last renter name.
32 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Must allow for a rental reservation change without having to cancel the original rental and then re-rent
the item.
Must be able to cancel a rental and process a refund if needed; refunds to be processed by a Supervisor
and should not be allowed for processing by the person who processed the rental.
Must allow for a Quick rental capability that is touch screen based. Check-out of equipment (e.g., weight
belts, balls, racquets) with no fees, in a completely customizable touch-screen process.
Must allow for installment billing. Example: If renting an RV storage location, be able to bill
Rentals – Reporting & Inquiries
Rental item listing report, displaying rental item detailed information.
Rental schedule by date, showing rental item schedules by date.
Rental schedule by item, showing rental item schedules by item.
Rental availability calendar, showing rented and open times for rental items in calendar format.
Capability to e-mail rental schedules to other departments and customers.
Rental usage and usage percent report (including yearly option) with graph option.
Rental item revenue report, showing fees and revenue generated by rental item.
Rental billing reminder report, showing installment billing plan information.
Rental statements - to send the customer for outstanding balances due.
Rental return schedule, listing items rented and scheduled return information.
Ability to create label, letters, statistical reports, and emails based on item/s rented, customer
demographic information, and/or specific groups of both.
Outstanding rental items report, showing those items not returned on time, with name and phone number
of renter.
Rental Items - two week availability view. Shows for viewing purposes on the screen the rental item
schedule for a two week period.
Inquiry of all outstanding rentals by rental item type (category).
Recreation System – Incident (Accident) Reporting
Incident Reporting – Data Management
The system must have the capability of entering required data, then tracking and reporting on incidents or
accidents that have occurred.
Any number of incidents may be tracked.
Each incident should include the date, time of issue.
33 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Incident info must include location of accident, victims name, address, phone numbers, and victim’s
Data fields for description of injury, department personnel involved, names of witnesses, and person
filing report.
Additional fields for tracking how the injury/incident occurred, first aid administered, and
arrangements/actions taken.
Ability to add unlimited follow up comments to an Incident at any time.
Incident Reporting – Reporting & Inquiries
Summary incident report, summarizing report information.
Detailed incident report, detailing all issues/information including comments.
Incident status report, showing status of accidents (pending, active, closed, etc.).
Allow for on-screen inquiry/viewing only of Incident information.
Recreation System - Internet Processing
Internet Processing – Online Options
System allows for REAL-TIME access directly to the central recreation database. Transactions are
complete in one operation, with rosters, financials, schedules, demographics, and statistics
automatically updated.
The system controls online access to the database via customer ID and password.
System controls what database information is allowed for online viewing and/or processing. Information
web display and use) only needs to be managed once.
System can process at least one thousand (1000) simultaneous web transactions.
System must use SSL website processing and cascading style sheets. The proposed online
system must keep the look and feel of all City Web pages.
Must have the ability to accept both credit cards and electronic check payments. Flexibility in merchant
banks is preferred.
Daily credit card settlements must be deposited directly into City accounts. If not, describe in detail the
Proposed software application meets the PCI/CISP credit card industry Payment Applicator Best
Practices specifications and is PCI/DSS 2.0 compliant.
Must have the ability to accept gift cards/gift certificates and to use “Park Bucks” points for payments.
System allow for customers to view their shopping history and reprint old receipts.
System allows for customer to update file information (address, phone, emails, etc.) and pay off existing
Online system functions are controlled in the central recreation system/database. No duplication of data
is required.
34 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Guest log-in function must be available, allowing for non-department members to access the
information in a view-only environment.
Must provide for an option for employee access to the system via the Internet for general system
functions such as reporting, inquiring and daily processing. This feature must allow for employees
with nothing more than an internet connection the ability to work with the software.
Ability to have images, videos, and graphics display on the website.
System allows for online program registration.
System allows for detailed program information—current counts, comments, fees, dates, times,
instructors, holidays, ages, and grades can be viewed.
System must allow for online lottery program registrations.
System must allow for controlling the number of registrations that are allowed via the Internet.
Example: If the program has a max count of 25, must be able to set the max number of enrollees via the
internet to 15 (reserving 10 slots for walk-ins/mail-ins).
System must have a method for calculating automatic enrollment discounts for the enrollment of second
or third child into the same session or program type.
System must control the dates and times allowed for online registrations by program, and by customer
residency type.
System must include a detailed program search function allowing for customers to search for programs
online. Flexible keyword search capability is required.
System displays waivers/hold harmless agreements (unlimited formats) with “I Agree” “I Disagree”
buttons for customer input. If the customer selects the “I Disagree” option, the registration process is
not completed.
System will present custom program questions during the online enrollment process.
Detailed program registration receipts are provided in PDF format, both onscreen and directly e-mailed
to the customer’s e-mail address.
System allows for on-line facility reservations; and, the ability to do reservations on-line should be able to
turned on and off by System User with those rights.
System allows for detailed facility information to be displayed including schedules, comments, fees, and
facility images.
System must include a detailed facility search function allowing for customers to search for available
facilities online. Search criteria include types, locations, amenities, keywords, dates, times, headcounts,
and day(s) of the week.
System must control which facilities are allowed/available for online booking.
System must control minimum and maximum days in advance that a reservation can be made.
Facilities may be set-up to allow for on-line schedule viewing only - no online reservations allowed.
Facility set-up allows for associating an on-line image and movie for each park asset.
System allows for on-line membership processing/sales.
System must allow for on-line membership renewal processing.
System allows for detailed membership information to be displayed including description of
membership, fees, age criteria, and valid membership dates.
35 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
System displays waivers/hold harmless agreements (unlimited formats) with “I Agree” “I Disagree”
buttons for customer input. If the customer selects the “I Disagree” option, the membership process is
not completed.
System must control which memberships are allowed/available for on-line registration.
Ability to track membership check-in/online visit processing with complete membership validation and
daily entry processing.
Current members may view existing memberships and expiration dates.
System allows for on-line league processing.
System allows for detailed league information to be displayed including league and team schedules,
game times and dates, game locations, and posted game scores.
System must allow for the posting of league scores (game results).
System must include real-time league standings view.
System must allow for online league sign-up/registration processing.
System must allow for controlling which leagues are allowed/available for online registration and
System allows for on-line locker reservations.
System allows for detailed locker information to be displayed including locker location, linked locker
room, type of locker, and fees.
System must allow for customer to enter desired locker type (full size, half size, keyed, combo) and will
return valid locker options based on search criteria.
System must allow for controlling what lockers are allowed/available for online registration and
System allows for on-line trip reservations.
System allows for on-line court reservation processing.
System allows for on-line equipment/site rental processing.
System allows for a graphical display of rental sites online, displaying availability (both open
and booked sites). The graphical display must allow the patron to make site
reservations directly from the display.
System allows for on-line personal trainer scheduling.
We desire a unique design for our on-line brochure (we have very specific information and format
specifications for our online brochure). Proposed solution should include an option for a custom online
brochure. Please include the cost (if any) for the custom design in the
pricing section of the bid response.
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria. Vendors will be ranked in order of best evaluated
offer based on this criteria. Presentations and/or interviews may be requested of one or more of the top
ranked Vendors. Subsequent evaluation may be conducted with these Vendors for final ranking, however
contract award may be made without presentation and/or interviews.
36 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
10% Qualifications and Experience, Including Company History and Organizational Structure.
¾ Provide the number and a brief synopsis of representative professional staff to be employed on this
project on a full-time basis.
¾ Provide the number and a brief synopsis of the professional staff to be employed on this project on a
part-time basis.
¾ Provide an organization chart of the recommended project team including required City staff. The
role and responsibility of each team member should be clearly defined.
¾ Resumes of key personnel should also be included.
¾ Provide Vendor experiences with other government entities demonstrating installation of the same or
similar requirements listed in this request for proposal.
¾ Provide information on a maximum of five (5) projects completed in the last two years and ranked on
the basis of relativity to the current proposal. The scope of the project, beginning and ending dates of
the project, total hours of the project, and the name and contact information of the client, should also
be included.
5% Project Time-line
Evaluations will consider the timeline necessary to complete the scope of work. Sufficient detail for each
proposed phase of work: installation, implementation, training, warranty, etc., should be included.
45% Project Methodology and Deliverables, Including Technical Approach and Understanding of the
Scope of the Project
¾ Project Methodology – The proposal must accurately describe your company’s methodology for
successful completion of this project. Identify each major activity and a representative timeline for
each activity in your work plan. Include a description of your company’s method of monitoring and
reporting actual project progress versus the work plan.
¾ Project Deliverables – The proposal should describe the key components of the project and the
specific deliverables. Deliverables should include, but are not limited to, those items delineated in the
Scope of Service section.
¾ Project Scope – This section should include your company’s understanding of the City of College
Station’s requirements for this project. Additionally, you should identify and address topics that your
company considers essential or critical to the successful completion of the project, including, but not
limited to, products meeting the City’s present needs and requirements, as well as future needs
through enhancements and upgrades.
15% Proposed Contract(s) Terms and Conditions
Proposals submitted must include all proposed contracts, to include but not limited to:
¾ License Agreements
¾ Maintenance Agreements
¾ Purchase Contracts
5% References
A minimum of six (6) references should be provided to include company name, contact name, address,
37 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and web address.
20% Rates and Expenses
The cost proposal submitted must include specific deliverables and costs for each component of the
project. Costs, including but not limited to, warranty, maintenance, and support costs, should also be
included. Payment for all services will be made based on an all-inclusive, not-to-exceed, fee estimate,
with progress payments made as mutually determined to be appropriate. Cost evaluation will include
initial costs, and costs over the life of the project (8 – 10 years).
The contract award will not necessarily be made to the company that provides the lowest cost proposal,
but rather to the company that submits the most responsive proposal meeting the City’s requirements.
Subsequent evaluation may include:
¾ Presentation and/or demonstration of proposed products in College Station, Texas.
Demonstrations will be evaluated on ease of use, including but not limited to ease to update and
The City of College Station requires comprehensive responses to every section within this RFP. To facilitate
the review of the responses, Vendors shall follow the described proposal format. The intent of the proposal
format requirements is to expedite review and evaluation. It is not the intent of the City of College Station to
constrain Vendors with regard to content, but to assure that the specific requirements set forth in this RFP are
addressed in a uniform manner amenable to committee review.
Proposals must be submitted containing the following sections in the order indicated:
Tab ‘A’ ~ Cover Letter
This section should contain the name of the proposing company, the address of the proposing office,
and contact persons authorized to answer technical, price, and/or contract questions, together with
their telephone number(s) and mailing address(es). An officer authorized to bind the company must
also sign the cover letter.
Tab ‘B’ ~ Executive Summary
Prefacing the proposal, an executive summary of five pages or less should be provided which
gives in brief, concise terms a summation of your proposal. Identify the points that uniquely qualified
your company for this project.
Tab ‘C’ ~ Table of Contents
The Table of Contents shall include an index of the proposed contents and attachments.
Tab ‘D’ ~ Qualifications and Experience, Including Company History and Organizational Structure
Tab ‘E’ ~ Project Scope, Organization, Methodology, and Deliverables
At a minimum, this section must include responses to the technical requirements outlined above.
Tab ‘F’ ~ Proposed Schedule
Tab ‘G’ ~ References
38 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
Tab ‘H’ ~ Additional Data and Other Information
Since data not specifically requested must not be included in the foregoing proposal sections, give any
additional information considered essential to the proposal in this section. If there is no additional
information to present, state in this section, "There is no additional information we wish to present."
Tab ‘I’ ~ Vendor’s Proposed Contract(s)
Tab ‘J’ ~ Concluding Remarks
This section shall contain any final remarks or elaboration, which the vendor believes is important for a
clear understanding of the proposed services and/or the vendor’s capabilities.
Tab ‘K’ ~ Cost Proposal
Tab ‘L’ ~ Certification
Certification, acknowledgement of any Addenda issued, and a statement of willingness to sign the City's
Standard Form of Agreement.
39 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System
The undersigned affirms that they are duly authorized to execute this contract, that this RFP has not been
prepared in collusion with any other firm, and that the contents of this RFP have not been communicated to
any other firm prior to the official opening of this RFP. Additionally, the undersigned affirms that the firm is
willing to sign the enclosed Standard Form of Agreement (if applicable).
Signed By:
Title: _____________________________________
Typed Name:
Company Name:
Phone Number:
_ FAX Number:
E-mail Address:
Bid Address:
P.O. Box or Street
P.O. Box or Street
P.O. Box or Street
Order Address:
Remit Address:
Federal Tax ID Number:
END OF RFP NO. 11-103
40 RFP No. 11-103
Software Solution for a Community Parks & Recreation Management System