A Fast, and Affordable Network Scanner

Network Scanner series
AN240 Network Scanner
A vision of your office
A Fast, and
Network Scanner
Fast, 40ppm / 80ipm scanning in color,
grayscale and monochrome (300 dpi, color)
Scanning and sending images to e-mail, a
shared folder (CIFS), a FTP folder, cloud
servers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote), a
USB flash drive, and the product’s memory
Support form paper up to 242 x 356 mm (9.5
x 14 in.)
Offer preview feature to view your image
result before distributing
Up to
40 80
ppm i pm
scanning speed
Convenient walk-up scanning
The AN240 is a 40 page-per-minute, duplex, and
A USB direct interface is available for scanning files to
network scanner that is fast, reliable, and affordable
your USB flash memory drive.
for business where scanning plastic ID cards, business
A Duplex Scanner Suited for Document and Cards
cards, documents or other heavy card stock is
Thanks to the advanced straight paper path and
necessary. With simply one button, the AN240
image processing technology, mixed batches of
improves your business efficiency by scanning and
documents with varies sizes and weights can be
sending the document to various destinations
scanned, appropriately cropped, deskewed, and
including e-mail, cloud servers, a shared folder (CIFS),
ready to use. Scan size accepts paper from receipts
a FTP server, and a USB flash drive.
(50x 50 mm/ 2x 2 in.) to business document (242x 356
mm/ 9.5x 14 in.). The auto document feeder is also
robust enough to feed paper up to 413 g/m2 (110 lb.)
Easy-to-operate 8” LCD Touch Screen
and embossed hard cards such as ID cards, credit
The large 8” LCD touch screen makes it easy for
cards, driver’s license, and health insurance card up
everyone to scan and share. By assigning your
to 1.25mm in thickness.
frequently used settings and scan to destinations as
Robust 80-page automatic document
feeder (75 g/m2, 20 lb.)
Auto crop and deskew a document with the
advanced image processing unit to
enhance the scanning speed
Reverse roller technology delivers outstanding
feeding reliability
Hard and embossed card scanning up to
1.25 mm in thickness in portrait or landscape
Press and scan to cloud servers via the
bundled software Button Manager V2
Long page scanning: 3000 mm (118”) (<300
dpi, simplex)/ 6000 mm (236”) (<200 dpi)
Auto power off setting
Shortcuts, the AN240 allows you to streamline your
workflow and complete your scanning task in one
step. Configuration and management of the scanner
can also be performed via the LCD touch screen.
Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection
With the ultrasonic multi-feed detection capability, the
scanner allows you to set overlapped paper by
detecting paper thickness between documents. The
ultrasonic function can be turned off when scanning
Reverse Roller Enhances Feeding
document with labels, sticky notes, or taped receipts.
This innovative design prevents double feeding and
Designed with the innovative reverse roller for
effectively scans documents of different weights or
AN240delivers outstanding feeding reliability and
operating productivity by effectively reducing the risk
of a multi-feed or paper jam.
Powerful Bundled Software Applications
The AN240 come with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, and are
bundled with a suite of powerful software applications
A Compact Design to Save Your Space
that include Avision Button Manager V2, AVScan X, and
With a stylish design and a compact footprint of 12.4 x
Nuance PaperPort SE 14.
8.1 x 7 in. (316 x 207 x 178 mm) (W x D x H), the AN240
can be fit perfectly on a desk in any working
Network Scanner series
AN240 Network Scanner
Avision’s Button Manager V2
-Completes your scan with a single step
AVScan X
-The Intelligent Document Management
Nuance PaperPort SE14
- The Professional Choice to Organize and
Share Your Documents
The AVScan X main screen
The Button Manager V2 main screen
Button Manager V2 makes it easy for you to scan
and send your image to your favorite destinations
with a press one button. Now the new version
comes with an innovative feature to let you scan
document to popular cloud repositories such as
Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, or FTP. In
addition, the iScan feature allows you to insert the
scanned image or recognized text after optional
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process to
your text editor such as Microsoft Word to get your
job done easily and quickly.
The PaperPort SE14 main screen
Document Imaging is the very first step of
PaperPort SE 14 is Nuance’s most popular
Document Management. However, poor quality
scanning and document management solution,
images can cause serious problems to later
carefully designed specifically for home office
indexing or storing processes. It may increase
scanning labour costs and lowers the OCR
digital-document desktop, PaperPort SE 14 is the
accuracy. AVScan X ensures all documents are
fastest and easiest way to scan, share, search,
checked and polished at the time they are
scanned such that the image quality is
PaperPort SE 14 now delivers anytime-anywhere
guaranteed before they are ready to use for
access to your most important files however it’s
other purposes.
convenient for you – using a PC, Mac, iPhone,
AVScan X is an intelligent scanning and
iPad, or Android device.
electronic filing solution. AVScan X possesses
distinct features that convert and index scanned
information into electronic documents for easy
storage and fast retrieval.
Button Manager V2
AVScan X
Avision AN240 Product Specifications
ADF 80-page capacity
Contact Image Sensor ( CIS )
8.5 in. Touch Panel
Max. 216 x 356 mm ( 8.5 x 14 in.)
50 x 50 mm ( 2 x 2 in.)
Scanning Speed:
40 PPM / 80 IPM (Color, A4, 300 dpi)
ID Card Scanning:
1.25 mm
Paper Thickness:
27~413 g/㎡ (7~110 lb.)
Long Page Mode:
3000 mm (118 in.)
Optical Resolution:
600 dpi
Output Resolution:
75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
Output Formats:
B/W, greyscale, 24-bit color
Bundled Software:
Avision Button Manager V2 / Avision AVScan X
Nuance PaperPort SE 14
Output Methods:
PC /BM2 Scan via USB or Network
Scan to FTP / Scan to Email
Scan to Share Folder
Scan to USB disk
Power Supply:
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V, 2.0A
Power Consumption: <26 W
Environmental Factors: Operating temperature: 10℃ to 35℃ (50℉ to 95℉)
Operating humidity: 10% to 85%
Acoustical Noise:
Standby: <45 dB Operating: <50 dB
Max.: 316 x 675 x 254 mm ( 12.44 x 26.57 x 10 in.)
Min.: 316 x 207 x 178 mm ( 12.44 x 8.15 x 7.01 in.)
4.2 kg ( 9.26 lb.)
Recommended Daily 6,000 sheets
Duty Cycle:
Multi-feed Detection: Ultrasonic
System Requirements
Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in
the United States and/or other countries.
PaperPort is a trademark or registered trademark of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
Other brands and product names herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
Paper Feeding:
Scanning Technology:
Paanel Display:
Scanning Size:
CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher
Memory: 2GB (32bit Windows)
4GB (64bit Windows)
USB: USB2.0 Port (USB 1.1 supported)
Windows® Operating System:
Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32 & 64 bit)
AN240 Scanner
Power Supply
Quick Guide
USB 2.0 Cable
CD-ROM includes:
-Scanner Driver
-Avision Button Manager V2
-Avision AVScan X
-Nuance PaperPort SE 14
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