User Manual of RCS1~AP10

User Manual of RCS1~AP10
This manual is subject to tell users how to use this CAPWAP Broad Band Router with
WLAN Controller and PoE Switch function, suit for those familiar with basic networking
knowledge and terminology,
Then this user manual including the product main features, packing content, hardware
introduce and AC Controller, Routing, Firewall, Management. Pre-reading this manual
before operation is highly recommended;
Pls note: MR series broadband router work with wireless access point mainly as the
PoE ports supply max 8 PoE power for the PD equipment.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Chapter 1: Product Instruction, Default Data, Packing-----------------------------------------------------------------3
1.1 Product Instruction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
1.2 Default Data-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
1.3 Packing and Accessory---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Chapter 2: Hardware Introduce--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
2.1 Hardware---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
2.2 Installation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Chapter 3: Login ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Chapter 4: WEB GUI Configuration-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
4. 1. User Manager-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
4. 2. AC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
4.2.1 Device List----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
4.2.2: Address Server---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
4.2.3: Zero Config-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
4.2.4: Device Log--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12
4.3 LAN Settings---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12
4.3.1 LAN Setting--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12
4.2.2 Static DHCP-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
4.4. WAN------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
4.4.1 WAN Setting-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14
4.4.2 Advanced Setting-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14
4.5. URL Filter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
4.6 Behaviour Control---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
4.7 Timed Reboot--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16
4.8 Upgrade Firmware--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
4.9 Advanced Settings--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
4.9.1 Common------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 AC Setting------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 IP/Time Group-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 Behaviour-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 User Manager-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Flow Control----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Cloud Server Setting-----------------------------------------------------------------------------18
4.9.2 Network------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
2 LAN Settings--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19 WAN Settings-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19 DDNS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19
4.9.3 Security -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19 URL Filter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19 IP Filter----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19 MAC Filter------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Port Mapping--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 DMZ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21
4.9.4 Device---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 Configure------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 Reboot---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 Modify Password--------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 Firmware Upgrade------------------------------------------------------------------------------23 Device Time--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23 Device Log---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24
Chapter 1: Product Instruction, Default Data, Packing
1.1 Product Instruction:
MR series broad band router is an CAPWAP home use router with WLAN Controller and
PoE switch functions. Build in network/electronic distribution box, it supply Ethernet for PC,
IPTV or other entertainment device, then supply PoE power and Ethernet together for in
wall wireless AP to bring seamless wireless coverage for each corner.The working diagram
showed as follow:
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
1.2 Default Data:
Management IP address & LAN IP address:
Login Password: admin
1.3 Packing and Accessory
Broad Band Router
Power Adapter (26W or 72W)
Power Cord
User Manual
Chapter 2: Hardware Introduce
2.1 Hardware:
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
WAN: Ethernet Port, connect with ADSL Modem mainly.
DC Input: Can be 48V or 24V, we take 48V for example; Pls note: If 48V DC input, then
the PoE ports can supply 48V PoE out for PD equipment. If 24V DC Input, then the PoE
ports support passive PoE, supply 24V Passive PoE for PD equipment.
Reset: Press 10 seconds to revert to factory default data
LED Indicator: to show the working status of Internet, Power
PoE Ports: Work with 48V PD equipment to supply Ethernet and 48V PoE Power; Work
with PC as LAN port to supply Ethernet
2.2 Installation:
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Chapter 3: Login
A. Confirm the PoE ports is 48V PoE or 24V Passive PoE; If 24V Passive PoE, pls
disable PoE power first by the PoE on/off switch, then connect LAN ports with PC.
B. Connect LAN Port with PC, then PC will get IP address: 192.168.18.X (X is number
from 2~254, The default LAN IP address is
C. Open IE browser, input broad band router’s IP address, Enter to log in this
broad band router’s WEB GUI.
D. Choose the Language, then input admin and Login
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Chapter 4: WEB GUI Configuration
When login this broad band router, the following home page will pop up as follow:
Version: Show firmware version
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
: Exist this GUI WEB
: To manage the online users, click it to user manager page
: Click to check the LAN status
: Click to set the WAN Setting
: Here show the CPU and Memory capacity
: Timed Reboot: To set up the reboot time;
: Reboot the broad band router
: Ethernet working status, click to WAN setting page.
: The broad band router running time.
Let’s introduce User Manager, AC Setting, LAN Setting, WAN Setting, Url Filter,
Behaviour, Timed Reboot, Upgrade, Advanced functions one by one to make users with
more understanding in this product.
4. 1. User Manager
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
In user manager, can manage the network behavior of family members and visitors.
Add: Add the MAC which will be managed, configuration showed in above picture.
Blacklist Manager: Mean add the MAC address into black name, prohibit it Ethernet
behavior, configuration showed as following picture;
Config: To controller the Ethernet behavior or Ethernet time, configuration showed as
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4. 2. AC
This broad band router with WLAN controller function, which can manage, control and
configure the connected in wall wireless access point
Click button of AC, it will pop up following picture, which showed all the wireless AP
connected into this broad band router;
4.2.1 Device List
Device List to show the online/offline wireless AP list; Online wireless AP with green
color, Offline wireless AP with red color.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
All AP: Show QTY of wireless AP which connected with this WLAN controller; 20 mean
max to manage 20PCS wireless AP.
Offline AP: Show QTY of wireless AP which offline already
Online AP: Show QTY of wireless AP which online
WLAN Users: Show QTY of end users which access into wireless AP.
Batch Set: Set Channel, TX Power, Time to restart, Max users, device login password in
Delete: Delete the chosen wireless AP from this device list.
Reboot: Restart this wireless AP
Reset: return to factory default
Upgrade: Upgrade firmware.
: if tick it, mean select all the wireless AP; If tick
here, mean select this wireless
: Can mark AP the location or model number other information which easy to
know this wireless AP.
IP: The wireless AP’s IP address
MAC: MAC address of wireless AP
SSID: Show the SSID of device 1 and device 2
Users: Mean how many users connected with this wireless AP
Channel: Show this wireless AP’s channel, including device 1 and device 2
TxPower: Mean the wireless AP’s RF power
Device Model: Model number of this wireless AP
Uptime: running time
: to check the wireless AP’s working status, configure the wireless AP’s basic
and advanced data.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.2.2: Address Server:
Address Server: Mean this AC controller can assign IP address for wireless AP
automatic, no need to change wireless AP’s IP address one by one
Refresh: to refresh the wireless AP’s IP address
Function: Enable/Disable, default is Enable
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Server IP address: default is; can change to anyone you like, but pls
note, if server IP is, then wireless AP’s IP address will be one from to
Server Address Count: default is100, can be 1~100, based on the QTY of wireless AP.
Effective Time: can be 1~24 hours
Allocated AP number: show the QTY of wireless AP which assigned IP address by this
WLAN controller.
When setup the above data, click Apply to save it.
AP address information list: to show wireless AP’s model number, IP address, MAC
address and running time.
4.2.3: Zero Config
This function make wireless AP plug and play, but recommend to configure this function
before connect wireless AP into this network as following reason:
1. If configure this function after wireless AP connected into this network, then all wireless
AP should be reboot, then wireless AP will get the configuration from Zero config.
2. There is one group only in Zero config, which will make all wireless AP in same SSID,
password, channel...
Wireless Basic: to setup wireless AP’s SSID, password, Tag VLAN
Device List: Wlan Device 1 and Wlan Device 2; Wlan Device 1 mean 2.4G Radio
mainly; Wlan Device 2 mean 2.4G or 5.8G radio, based on wireless AP.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Main AP Configuration: setup the wireless AP’s main SSID, Tag VLAN, Configure
Virtual AP Configuration: setup the wireless AP’s virtual SSID, Tag VLAN, Configure
Password. The default status is disable for this virtual SSID.
Automatic Reboot at: Mean can setup this wireless AP reboot at certain time automatic,
to improve the performance.
Wireless Advanced: to set up the channel, RF power, ShortGI, Coverage Threshold of
wireless AP
Channel: Auto in default, but recommend to setup channel by manual based on
RF Output Power: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 12.5%, can adjust it based on application.
More RF Power, mean more WiFi Range;
Coverage Threshold: This make end users to connect the outdoor CPE with stronger
signal strength;
For example, If one outdoor CPE with -80dBm coverage threshold data, another outdoor
CPE with -95dBm coverage threshold data, then end users will connect the outdoor CPE
with -95dBm coverage threshold always even this outdoor CPE with very weak signal
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
After setup all the data, click Apply to add zero config group as follow:
Pls note, click config button
, can modify the data if need.
Delete: If need, can delete this zero config .
4.2.4: Device Log
Device Log is keeping the operation record of this WLAN controller.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.3 LAN Settings
This including LAN setting and Static DHCP
4.3.1 LAN Setting:
IP address: mean AC controller’s IP address
Subnet Mask: to set the subnet of LAN
STP: Spanning Tree: Enable to show the assigned IP list in DHCP list; Disable mean will
not show it.
DHCP Server: Enable mean can assign IP address automatic.
Start Address: The started DHCP IP address
Max Number: QTY of max DHCP address
DHCP Lease Time: the IP address lease time by DHCP server
Assigned IP Number: QTY of IP address that DHCP assigned.
4.2.2 Static DHCP
Static DHCP: Banding certain users with certain IP address by scan MAC address and IP
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.4. WAN
For the MR series product, the default operation mode is gateway.
4.4.1 WAN Setting:
In WAN Setting, including DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, showed as following picture:
Static IP: Assign IP address and DNS information to get the Ethernet
PPPoE: Dial up the PPPoE number to get the Ethernet
DHCP: Get Ethernet from router’s DHCP.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Downstream: Download bandwidth of Ethernet;
Upstream: Upload bandwidth of Ethernet.
4.4.2 Advanced Setting:
In Advanced Setting, mainly to show MAC Clone and Remote Management
MAC Clone: When enable it, can scan the connected device’s MAC address, choose the
MAC address needed to be cloned, then apply; Or can input the indicated MAC to clone.
Port Remote Management
Enable the remote management port, manager can access into the WEB interface even in
another Ethernet.
4.5. URL Filter
When enable URL filter, this will prohitbit the users to visit some URL in certain time;
When click URL filter, pls setup the URL rule, add the time group, configure the limited time
range and input URL to finish.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.6 Behavior Control
In behavior part, it allow/reject end users some behavior based on rules.
Status: Enable or Disable
IP Group: Can add the IP group if need based on following picture
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Time Group: Can add time group based on requirement in following picture:
Application Class: Including
Instant messaging (QQ, Trade Manager, WeChat);
Network Download (Thunder, BT, Edonkey);
Network Video (Youtube, PPTV, Tencent Video, Ppstream, Youku, Sohu Video, Letv, RSTP,
Douyu, Storm web version, funsh, YY)
Office ( FTP, DNS, Http, NTP, NFS, DHCP, RTSP, IRC, Telnet, Stun, System Log, IPSEC,
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Finance and other ( ICMP, Flush, DZH, Eastmoney)
4.7 Timed Reboot
In this part, it show the auto reboot time;
The default setting is disable, when enable it, it can reboot everyday.
4.8 Upgrade Firmware
This feature allows the device firmware upgrade.
Noted:Upgrading software may cause system outage, In the process of upgrading the
firmware, do not power off, otherwise it may damage the broadband router!
4.8 Advanced Settings
In advanced Settings, it including the common broadband router setting ; Network setting,
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Security setting and Device setting.
4.9.1 Common AC Setting:
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.2 AC Part. IP/Time Group
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.6 Behavior Control Behavior
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.6 Behavior Control User Manager
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.1 User Manager Flow Control
Flow Control mean Ethernet speed limit, to limit end users Ethernet speed;
Should add IP group first, then choose the limited mode.
Pls note: Shared Mode: mean all end users in this IP group share the downstream and
upstream Ethernet speed; Exclusive Mode mean each end users in this IP group get the
downstream and upstream.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.9.2 Network
In Network part, including LAN Settings, WAN Settings and DDNS settings. LAN Settings:
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.3 LAN WAN Settings:
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.4 WAN DDNS:
DDNS or Dynamic DNS, is a method of automatically updating a name server in the
Domain Name System(DNS), often in real time, with the active DDNS configuration of its
configured hostname, address or other information.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.9.3 Security
In this part, including port mapping, IP Filter, Url Filter, MAC Filter, MAC Filter, DMZ URL Filter
For this part, pls refer to chapter 4, 4.5 URL Filter part. IP Filter
When enable this function, router will allow or limited this IP address to access into this
broadband router based on rules.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
24 MAC Filter
When enable MAC filter, router will allow or prohibit this MAC address to access into this
router based on rules. Port Mapping
Port forwarding: called port forwarding also, it an application of network address
translation(NAT) that redirects a communication request from one address and port
number combination to another while the packets are traversing a network gateway, such
as a router or firewall
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Status: Enable/Disable
Rule Class: Including user defined, http, https, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, telnet, IPSEC,
Remote Desktop
Rule name: Show the name of choosed rule class;
Protocol: Including TCP, UDP, TCP+UDP
LAN IP: port mapping LAN IP address
External Port: Set external port rule
Internet Port: Set internal port rule
Mark: the Ethernet Line which will be applied in this rules DMZ
DMZ or Demilitarized Zone is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains an exposes
an organization’s external-facing service to a usually larger and untrusted network, usually
the Internet. The purpose of a DMZ is to add an additional layer of security to an
organization’s local area network, an external network node can access only what is
exposed in the DMZ, while the rest of organization’s network is firewall.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
4.9.4 Device
This is configuration and management for broadband router, such as Configure, Reboot,
Modify password, Upgrade firmware, Time reboot and Log. Configure
In this part, including the broadband router backup, restore, reset default.
Save the WLAN controller configuration file to your computer, can restore to the same
configuration if restore this file.
Using the saved configuration file to recovery configuration
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Restore default
Restore the factory default settings, please press this button Reboot
In this part, mainly to reboot the broadband router now or reboot this broadband router in
certain time Modify Password
Modify the login password of this broadband router Firmware Upgrade
For this part, pls refer to Chapter 4, 4.8 Upgrade Firmware. Device Time
To show the broadband router’s time.
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Sync with the host
Synchronization time with connected PC and router
NTP Eable
Enable or Disable NTP
NTP Server
Select the server time synchronization
Manual IP Setting
Setting user-defined IP address
Time Zone Select
Setting the router’s time zone
Manual IP Settings
Setup the manual IP address Device Log
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version
Device Log
Enable or Disable to show system log
Remote Log Service
To decide whether send System log into some pointed remote server synchronously;
Nveo Professional RCS1~AP10 Use Manual preliminary EU version