Battles of Norghan version 1.11 Manual

Battles of Norghan version 1.11 Manual
Official website with the latest information,
patches, forums etc. available at
Minimum requirements
* Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or better
* 128 MB RAM
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or newer
* Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable installed.
* Requires DirectX 9.0c or newer (The installer will ask you if you want to install it
if you don't have it.)
If the game won’t run or you can't alt+tab in and out of
the game
Make sure you have at least 1 GB of space in your hard disk drive where
the page file resides and make sure your page file size is at least 1 GB.
You might want to try 2 GB or more too.
·0 Here's how to do this on Windows XP:
If that didn’t help, you might need the Microsoft Visual C++
2015 x86 Redistributable installed. Choose the x86 version. It can be
found at:
Try running the game with admin privileges and/or installing the
game elsewhere than the program files folder.
If that didn't help, the most likely reason the game won’t run is that
you don’t have DirectX 9.0c installed:
Open the directory where you installed Battles of Norghan.
· Open the file MGEngine.log.
· This is nearly surely the case if the MGEngine.log tells you this line:
“ERROR: Unable to create the Direct3D 9 object. (DirectX 9.0c is
required.) “. If this is the case, go to to download the latest
DirectX version. Then install it and make sure to restart after installing a
new DirectX version. You can check which version of DirectX is installed
by running the program dxdiag.exe. If the program doesn’t exist in your
system you don’t have DirectX 9.0c or newer installed.Close most
applications which chew a significant amount of memory.
· Install the latest graphics drivers. From if you have a
Geforce graphics card and from if you have an ATI graphics
card. Restart your computer after installing a new graphics driver.
· If after all these steps the game still won’t run, please contact with the text in the MGEngine.log and as much
information as possible about your hardware and we will help you. (It’s
essential to answer to these questions in the e-mail: What is your
Operating System? How much Random Access Memory (RAM) do you
have? What is your processor (For example, Pentium III)? What is your
graphics card? (Or you can rather just run the Microsoft’s program
dxdiag.exe, save the hardware information it gathered and attach the file
in the e-mail message you send to
The Battles of Norghan in-game tutorials are short, can
get you started fast and recommended to be read.
However here you will find some more specific tips and
rules of the game.
A video tutorial on how to play Battles of Norghan (game
mode B):
Remember that you can alt + tab from this manual back to the game
and from the game back to this manual so you can read the manual
as you play.
Getting started (before the first battle information and
After typing the number of players/human clans, their clans’ names,
selecting the difficulty (normal is recommended), and selecting the game
mode (game mode B recommended for your first game if you read the
manual), you start the game in the Mercenary camp. There you can recruit
mercenaries for your clan on an auction basis.
· If your game mode is A, it is recommended to offer year’s contract or
membership contract to one mercenary. If your game mode is B, it is
recommended to offer year’s contract or membership contract to four
mercenaries. If your game mode is C, you aren’t recommended to recruit
any mercenaries on the first round as you have 12 clan members already.
So you can just click End bidding.
· Select a mercenary by left-clicking its information line in the mercenary list,
and then click one of the small wooden buttons below the Offer contract
text on the right. After you’ve made a bid, make sure it stands till the end
of the bidding day by checking that your clan name appears in the Bidder
field and skipping around a hundred bidding turns to make sure you’re not
outbid. (Right-click the skip bidding turn button to skip 10 bidding turns,
left-click to skip only one). The bidding turns are unlimited, however when
you click end bidding, AI controlled clans will only bid for maximum 250
bidding round minus the amount of bidding rounds which have already
passed. Usually the biddings are final after a hundred bidding turns.
Click the End bidding button to go to Clan menu and to prepare your
mercenary or mercenaries for the next battle.
You can select an unit in the menus by left-click its avatar. Click the
selected unit again to battle-check or un-battle-check it. A red hollow
rectangle around the unit’s face avatar marks the selected unit. A checkmark on a unit’s face avatar means that the unit is battle-checked.
Before you can go out to battle you must battle-check every unit that you
want to have in the battle with you. Only units which are alive and battlechecked will participate in battles. All units will come out battle-checked
from the mercenary camp.
Right-click a unit’s avatar to bring the unit’s options. (For example to
resurrect the unit or to browse its spells.)
You should then buy equipment for your units. You can buy melee
weapons at the Jardel’s weaponry, missile weapons at Dirathyn’s bows,
staves and spells at Magus boutique and armours, helms and shields at
Turaken’s armoury. When you click a shop item image, the shop’s item list
category will change. Select the item you want to buy by left clicking an
item’s information line from the list and make sure to select the unit which
you want to buy it for before clicking the ‘Buy selected item’ button.
Later on you might want to train your units’ skills in the Training camp.
Their skills will improve in battles also but slowly.
Check the Division rankings and Season’s battles to see what’s ahead of
you before proceeding to your first battle.
You can modify the units’ order by pressing the arrow keys. (which affects
your battle unit order)
o - Up arrow key moves the selected unit one step up or to the bottom
if it's already at the top.
o - Down arrow key moves the selected unit one step down or to the
top if it's already at the bottom.
o - Left arrow key moves the selected unit at the top.
o - Right arrow key moves the selected unit at the bottom.
When you’ve done your first round’s management, click the Start battles
button to continue the game. On the first click, you’ll only see the date
change and you are simply able to recruit units and train units again. Click
the button until the Next battles screen pops up. Then proceed to battle.
Getting started (battle information and tips)
You will notice that a unit follows your mouse; you must place these units
on the green highlighted area before the battle begins and the enemy
shows up.
You can scroll the maps by scrolling the mouse wheel, moving the mouse
pointer to the borders of the screen or by pressing the arrow keys of your
You win a battle by eliminating all enemies.
The home clan’s first placed unit’s turn will begin and the turn’s starting
speed points for the unit will be shuffled for randomly. Medium armours
reduce the starting speed points by 10% while heavy armours reduce the
starting speed points by 20%. Light armours don’t reduce the speed
points. All actions require a defined amount of speed points. You can
move your unit by right-clicking an unoccupied tile or with the num pad
number keys. Hold the right mouse button down before you release it to
see the path and required speed points to where you want to go.
o Casting a spell or shooting with a crossbow will take a whole turn.
o Shooting with a short bow or long bow will take 80% of the starting
speed points.
o Moving one step towards north, south, east or west will take one
speed point.
o Moving one step towards northeast, northwest, southeast or
southwest will take 1.5 speed points.
o Hitting with a melee weapon or fists will take 50% of the starting
speed points + 1 speed point.
o Assaulting with a melee weapon or fists will take the amount of
speed points required to move to the target + 1 speed point.
Assaulting moves the unit in range to the enemy, hits it dealing
135% damage, reduces final hitting chance by 25% and makes you
35% easier to melee hit until your next turn.
You can bring the unit commands by: Right-clicking near the red active
eye mark of the unit, right clicking the selected enemy unit, left clicking the
top bar's command icon or by pressing num pad 5.
You can right-click an enemy unit to move in the currently wielded
weapon's range from the unit.
You can select a unit to view its statistics and to make it your target by leftclicking it.
You can scroll the maps by scrolling the mouse wheel, moving the mouse
pointer to the borders of the screen or by pressing the arrow keys of your
You can attack your target with the 1-6 keyboard keys by default or by
bringing the unit commands up and selecting a command.
You can use the spells with the hotkeys (You can view them in the options)
or by clicking spell's menu from the unit commands and then select a spell
and its target.
Commands which are displayed in grey text can't be given at the time to
the activated unit, press one if you want to see why.
· You can hide/show UI bars, enable/disable showing the trees near the
mouse cursor as translucent, enable/disable showing star points,
enable/disable fast dice mode and lock mouse map scrolling by clicking on
the upper bar icons on the left or with the hotkeys found in the options.
· You can enable/disable displaying a grid on top of the terrain and path
highlighting from the options along with adjusting their colours and opacity.
· The battle events bar has information about the various attacks including
their success changes etc. You can bring it up or down by clicking the
second top battle bar icon from the left or pressing the key E.
Some goals of the game
(In order of significance)
The game will never end by winning something, however you can choose to end
it and consider yourself a champion of that difficulty with that game mode when
you win a championship by ranking first in the first division at the end of a season
(i.e. game year). Scoring any of these goals (or some other minor ones) will
award your clan with gold pieces unless otherwise mentioned.
Win the championship of the year by winning the first division.
Make your way to be the toughest clan in the clan toughness rankings. (No
gold awarded)
Win the Cup of Glory.
Train one of your units to be the toughest of all (No gold awarded)
Rank second in the Cup of Glory
Train one of your units to have a maximized skill, for example 99% melee
hitting and blocking skills. (No gold awarded)
Move to the next division (you’ll get more gold from moving in to the top
Win the Small clans’ cup
Get one of your units to be the star unit of the year.
Get to the semi-finals of Cup of Glory
Rank second in the Small clans’ cup
Win the unit of the battle award for an unit (See the Units' Star points
section below for more information)
Losing the game
You lose the game if any of the following occur:
Your clan is the last ranked clan in the last division (the eighth division) at
the end of a season. (December)
Your clan doesn’t have any alive units and has less than 100 gold pieces
at the end of a season (December).
Your clan owes too much gold to the supporting noble when the round
(date) is updated. Too much debt is calculated according to the below
If your gold pieces < -1000 and your gold pieces < your total
battle salaries * 1.5 and your gold pieces < 30% of your clan’s
AI controlled clans can also lose and be replaced by new clans if they lose.
Some miscellaneous game rules
For additional tips and game rules, please go to
* The money in the game is called gold pieces.
* If you have an alive unit with a membership contract who is not battle-checked,
you will pay 25% instead of 100% of the unit's salary for the battle.
* Hitting a head will cause a critical hit always but reduces the final hitting chance
by 50%. The damage dealt by hitting a head will be reduced by the unit’s helm.
* Hitting torso will cause a critical hit with 10% chance and the damage dealt will
be reduced by the unit’s armour.
* AI controlled clans will manage their clans like normal players and they can’t
cheat in any way. On the 8th division their starting situation is exactly the same
as the human controlled player’s starting situation.
* The minimum success chance for everything is 1% and the maximum is 99%.
* If a unit is wearing a missile weapon as the active weapon it doesn't get the
blocking chance bonus from its melee weapon and thus is easy to hit with a
melee weapon. In this case it also does not get the spell casting bonuses from its
* If a unit was melee attacked last turn, it's spell casting chances are decreased
by 50%.
* If a unit was shot at with a missile weapon last turn, it's spell casting chances
are decreased by 25%.
* The casting success chance of debuff spells such as Tear from Inside, Bad
Luck, Sorrow etc. are reduced by the Magic Resistance of the target. However,
the average magic resistance of the races is added to the success chance to
compensate for that. Magical damage is also reduced by magic resistance.
Magic resistance does not work against thunder storm. Magic resistance does
not affect friendly spells.
* When you look at an enemy's melee or missile weapon hitting skills, one of the
following values are listed to give you a rough valuation of their skills:
Pathetic <= 7.
Poor (8 - 12)
Weak (13 - 18)
Average (19 - 26)
Good (27 - 36)
Skilled (37 - 45)
Great (46 - 56)
Elite (57 - 68)
Glorious (69 - 79)
Legendary >= 80
* Strength affects melee and ranged damage before the effect of armour. It also
affects what equipment the units can wear. If strength is less than 6, it penalizes
damage. If it's equal to 6, it has no effect on damage. If it's greater than 6 it
increases damage. if your blow does 20+ damage, you get an extra (strength-6)
points of damage. If your blow does less than that in damage, you get a
proportionate increase - so, if you do 10 damage, then you get half of that bonus
(strength-6) added on.
* Clan’s toughness equals the toughness of all of its units. Units’ toughness is
determined in very complex formulas by its skills and equipment and their
* Critical hits deal normal damage * (random number (from 145, to random number (from 155,
to 190)) / 100) + 1. So basically they deal 145% - 190% damage + 1 damage point.
Units' Star points are calculated according to these rules:
* Any damage dealt to enemy units adds 100 star points.
* Any damage dealt to enemy summoned units adds 30 star points.
* Any damage healed adds 65 star points.
* Killing an enemy unit adds 750 star points.
* Negating/curing a spell effect will gain star points based on the mana costs of
the spells cured/negated and how many turns were left before they would fade
* Conjuring/Enchanting a unit will gain the spell's mana cost * X (X = 90 or less,
depending on the mana cost) star points.
- You can hide/show units' star points in a battle by clicking the star in the top
battle UI bar.
- The unit of the battle award winner's clan will gain the unit's salary + 50 - 200 gp
from the crowd.
Training camp
* Your units have a set limit on how high an attribute can be depending on the
unit's race.
* Most skills’ maximum value is 99, but dodging skill’s maximum value is 75 (30
to drakes) and dual wielding skill’s maximum value is 80.
* Dual wielding will train (less than one skill point) if you train melee fighting,
melee blocking or melee hitting while having two weapons equipped.
* Units can only train once per round (fifteen game days).
* You can only train alive units.
- Individual unit training
* Always trains one skill or attribute point with 100% chance except when you are
dual wielding two different categories of weapons and training melee skills it
trains both weapons with only 0.75 points.
* The training cost is determined by what attribute or skill you want to train, the
unit's intelligence (low intelligence increases the cost and high intelligence
decreases it)
and training a higher skill point will cost more.
- Clan training
* Costs at least single unit training cost times two, so you must have at least
three units to benefit from clan training.
* Costs number of trainable units in clan * single unit base training cost of that
attribute or skill / 2.
* Intelligence of the individual units doesn't affect clan training cost but instead
affects on how much or with what chance will they train.
* You can for example train one unit on archery first and train the rest of the clan
on melee fighting. In this case the unit who trained archery would not participate
in clan training or add to its cost.
* All attributes train with X% chance
with clan training instead of 100% chance like with unit training. (Depends on
the intelligence of the unit. For example if an unit has 15 intelligence, his chance
is 70%)
* All skill points usually train less than one whole skill point at a time so you might
or might not see any results immediately when using clan training
but the cost of training skills is much less.
How units train in battles
* Every melee and missile hitting skill trains in battle when you successfully hit an
* Every melee blocking skill trains in battle when you successfully block an
enemy melee attack.
* Dodge trains in battle when you successfully dodge an attack.
* Shields skill trains in battle when you successfully block an attack with your
* Magic resistance trains in battle when you successfully avoid a spell by
resisting it.
* Spell bonuses train in battle when you successfully cast a spell.
* Dual wielding trains in battle when you are using two weapons and you
successfully hit or block with both weapons.
How the winning or losing money of a battle is determined
* Game mode factor = 1 for game mode A, 1.2 for game mode B and 1.3 for
game mode C. The final battle income will be multiplied by Game mode factor
and afterwards by the difficulty winning money factor.
* The Difficulty winning money factor only affects human controlled clans’
* When you lose, you only get gold if your clan dealt damage to the enemy.
* If one clan forfeits, the other clan will get the normal division’s or cup battle’s
winning gold amount without the ticket income.
·5 Ticket income for clans which dealt damage in the battle: 100 gold plus:
- Game mode A: (starting own clan toughness / 130) + (starting enemy
clan toughness / 175)
·6 Other game modes: (starting own clan toughness / 80) + (starting
enemy clan toughness / 110)
* If both clans forfeit, neither clan gets any gold.
* The winning clan gets (Ticket income + the division’s normal winning money
(affected by division number and to a slight degree, game mode´) if the battle
was a division battle or the cup’s normal winning money for that round) * Game
mode factor * Difficulty winning money factor + 100 gold pieces.
* The losing clan gets nothing if it didn’t deal any damage to the enemy or if they
did, then Ticket income * Game mode factor * Difficulty winning money
factor + 100 gold pieces.
Navigation in the Battles of Norghan menus
The Esc key brings you back to where you were last or closes a game
window or notification from anywhere in the game.
· Pressing the Tab key or right clicking a clan's name in the top wooden bar
(where the BoN date is) changes the active player/clan.
· Right-clicking the Skip bidding turn button will skip 10 bidding turns and
left-clicking will skip one bidding turn in the Mercenary camp. You’ll need
to skip many turns to make sure no clan will outbid you and “steal” your
* There are 22 different races in the game. Below is a list of the differences
between races:
* Which spells a mercenary is able to learn and which it can’t learn and how well
the mercenary initially knows a spell depends on the mercenary’s race. The spell
success chance bonus percentages like other skills and attributes are picked
from the race’s range of values randomly, for example from 2 to 30.
* Every race has its own background story which you can read in the game.
* Every race has a rival race which can't be in the same clan with its rival. (Go to to see what race is a rival with what)
* Every race has its own chance of appearing in the mercenary camp. (Go to to see the chances)
* Every race uses their own graphics in the game and while how small or big a
unit’s graphic is doesn’t directly affect the battle mechanics, it affects on how to
statistics were designed for the race so basically it has an effect.
* Some races have some racial attributes and there are 11 different racial
200% mana recovery rate (mysteryarchs and drakes), ability to fly (drakes), ability to fly
over obstacles but the need to land before next turn (imps), regeneration (+1 Health Point
recovered per the unit's turn, mountain trolls), dragonskin which grants the unit 22 head
and torso defence (drakes), the ability to wear two handed sword in one hand (only the
physically strongest races in the game), rangers get a 25% penalty when shooting at the
unit (drakes and imps), not being able to wear heavy armours (physically weak races), not
being able to wear equipment (drakes), not being able to wear armours (centaurs), not
being able to wear armours nor helms (imps).
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