Network Surveillance System for SMB and Enterprise

5012/ 5020
Network Surveillance System for SMB and Enterprise
QNAP Network Video Recorder for IP Cameras
Live Monitoring, Recording, and Video Playback over the Internet Anytime, Anywhere
Secure Life, Secure Property
Powerful All-in-one Recording Functions
Easy to Use
・Alarm recording (by motion detection or sensor triggered)
・Intuitive web-based user interface
・Multiple alarm recording schedules
・Smart search of IP camera for quick settings
・High performance megapixel recording (up to 8 megapixels)
・Touch-N-Go PC-less RAID setup via the LCD panel
・Continuous/ manual/ schedule recording
・High quality recordings in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4
・Audio recording (depends on the cameras)
Powerful Surveillance Features
・Variety live video monitoring
・Trouble-free 6-step installation
High Reliability and Smart Features
・Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII memory for superior system
・Advanced RAID(RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 5+Hot spare/ 6/ 6+Hot spare/
・Multi-server monitoring (highly expandable for monitoring up
to 120 channels from multiple QNAP NVR servers)
JBOD) with hot-swap design
・Ultra large storage capacity (up to 10TB) for long-term recording
・Alarm notification on monitoring
・Intelligent auto power on when power resumes after power outage
・Smart control of PTZ & speed dome cameras on monitoring
・Supports UPS for 24x7 service
・Digital zoom for monitoring and playback
・Two Gigabit LAN ports for load balancing, failover, or multi-LAN
・Multi-channel playback at different speed
・Search of recording data by date & time and recording type
・Green NVR solution: Linux-embedded system with low power
Real-time monitoring
over the Internet anytime, anywhere !
IT and Instrumentation for industry
Sales: +44 (0) 1273 570 220 Website: Email:
VioStor-5012/ 5020
Secure Life, Secure Property
High Performance Network Surveillance System for SMB and Enterprise
The VioStor-5012 and VioStor-5020 are professional standalone network video
surveillance systems designed to meet the high security demand of the SMB
and enterprises. The VioStor NVR is a Linux-embedded system which supports
M-JPEG/ MPEG4 recording, megapixel (up to 8 megapixels) recording and up
to 10TB for long-term recording from AXIS, ACTi, Arecont, Canon, D-Link,
EDIMAX, ELMO, EtroVision, GANZ, iPUX, IQeye, LevelOne, MOBOTIX,
Panasonic BB/ BL/ i-Pro, SANYO, SONY, TOSHIBA, TRENDnet,
VIVOTEK, and Y-CAM IP-based security cameras.
The VioStor NVR addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional analog
surveillance system and PC-based monitoring solutions which are expensive to
install and maintain, and lack of remote management mechanism. As a
standalone system, the VioStor NVR is highly stable, easy to use, less vulnerable
to virus attack, and power-saving. Also, no extra software utility is ever required.
The VioStor NVR can be easily set up in an Ethernet-ready environment without
any complicated wiring.
The VioStor NVR supports versatile recording functions, e.g. schedule
recording, alarm recording, alarm recording schedule. In live monitoring, unique
multi-server monitoring, variety display modes, easy drag and drop function,
smart control of PTZ cameras, digital zoom, real-time snapshot, and E-map are
supported. Other powerful functions include multi-channel playback at different
speed, easy data search by date & time and alarm event, etc. All these
functions can be performed through the web-based GUI by the IE browser.
The VioStor NVR enable secure recording data protection with advanced RAID,
Online RAID Capacity Expansion, and Online RAID Level Migration. Moreover,
dual Gigabit LAN ports are provided for network failover, load-balancing, and
standalone configurations for efficient data transfer over the network. You can
set up the surveillance system in a few minutes by the LCD panel or 6-step
web-based installation. The VioStor NVR is a perfect video surveillance
application for community, parking lot, retails stores, malls, banks, hospitals,
offices, and factories, etc.
Powerful Surveillance Features
• Multi-server Monitoring
You can connect to the VioStor NVR and add other QNAP NVR servers
for monitoring up to 120 channels over LAN or WAN.
Office 1
Internet/ VPN
Remote PC
• Variety Live Video Monitoring
• 1/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 16/ 20-channel display mode
• Sequential display mode
• Exclusive Picture-in-Picture mode
• Easy Drag and Drop Function on Monitoring
The VioStor NVR provides drag and drop function to change the
display order of the monitoring channels.
• Smart Control of PTZ & Speed Dome Cameras
You can adjust the PTZ cameras directly by the web user
• Monitoring Preset Position Control
You can view different preset positions of the camera by
clicking the number buttons on the monitoring page.
Office 2
Office 3
• All-in-one Recording Functions
• Continuous/ schedule/ manual recording
• Alarm recording/ multiple alarm recording schedules
• High quality recordings in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4
• VioStor-5012:Up to 360 fps D1/ VGA recording
VioStor-5020:Up to 600 fps D1/ VGA recording
• High performance megapixel recording (up to 8 megapixels)
• Audio recording (depends on the cameras)
* Up to 15 schedules are supported for each camera
• Alarm Notification
When alarm recording is enabled and an event occurs, you can click
the alarm icon on monitoring page to view the alert details.
• Real-time Email Notification
Alert e-mails are sent to the administrator immediately in case of system
error or emergent events.
• Digital Zoom for Monitoring and Playback
The VioStor NVR supports digital zoom for more flexible
monitoring and playback. It is a powerful function for megapixel IP
• Authority Management
You can configure the monitoring and playback authority of specified
cameras for different users. The authority can be set for up to 32 users.
• Video Snapshot
The snapshot function is supported on monitoring and
playback page.
• Host Access Control
You can specify the connections to be allowed and denied to access the
VioStor NVR.
• E-map for Easy Preview of the Camera Location
You can upload the pictures of the monitoring location.
• On-line User List
You can view the record of users currently logged on and previously
logged on to the VioStor NVR.
IT and Instrumentation for industry
Sales: +44 (0) 1273 570 220 Website: Email:
• Multi-Channel Playback at Different Speed
The VioStor NVR supports playback of the recording data from
different monitoring channels. It also provides Express Quad View
Playback that you can either divide the selected time equally into four
playback views or play the video of four cameras at the same time.
• Recordings can be Played by Windows® Media Player
You can play the files by Windows Media Player®. There is no need to
install unique program or convert the files to other formats.
• Flexible Adjustment of the Length of Recording Files
You can flexibly adjust the length of the recording files.
• Schedule Remote Replication
The VioStor NVR supports schedule remote replication for secure data
backup to a remote NAS.
• Data Search by Date & Time and Recording Type
The VioStor NVR supports quick search of recording data by date and
time, and recording type.
• Detailed Event Logs
The VioStor NVR provides detailed event logs of system warning, hard
disk error, network disconnection, UPS status, and users’ networking
services and recordings access record.
High Reliability and Smart Features Excellent Hardware Design
• Advanced RAID (0/ 1/ 5/ 5+ Hot Spare/ 6/ 6+ Hot Spare/ JBOD)
with Hot-Swap Design
The VioStor NVR offers advanced RAID 0, 1, 5, 5+spare, 6, 6+spare,
single, and JBOD disk configurations. The VioStor NVR also supports
hot-swap design that a failed drive can be replaced by hot swapping
without turning off the server. Besides, the best-in-class RAID on the NVR
to protect all the important recordings in the most secure way.
• Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration
Online RAID Capacity Expansion
The storage capacity of a RAID configuration can be expanded by
replacing the hard drives with larger ones. All the data are kept and
seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives. There is no need to
turn off the server during the process.
Online RAID Level Migration
You can upgrade the disk configuration to higher RAID level with the data
retained. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.
• S.M.A.R.T. & Advanced HDD Health Scanning (HHS)
• Intelligent Automatic System Startup when Power Resumes after
Power Outage
• Support UPS for 24x7 Service
• Convenient Video Backup to External USB Storage by One Touch
Auto Backup Button
• Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII Memory for Superior System
Powered by Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII memory, the VioStor
NVR delivers superior performance for surveillance applictions.
• Green NVR Solution: Linux-embedded System with Low
Power Consumption
The Linux-based VioStor NVR is more power-saving and less vulnerable to virus attack compared to PC-based surveillance solution.
Low Power Consumption
Power Consumption
QNAP VioStor-5012/ VioStor-5020 Write/Read (Single)
QNAP VioStor-5012/ VioStor-5020 Write/Read (RAID5)
PC-based NVR solution Write/Read
57. 69 ~ 60. 01W
71. 54 ~ 76. 39W
• Touch-N-Go PC-Less Installation by LCD Panel
The handy LCD panel on the VioStor NVR provides a speedy and
easy approach to initialize the NVR and set up the RAID configuration without using any computer.
• Up to 10TB Storage Capacity for Long-Term Recording
• Two Gigabit LAN Ports for Load Balancing, Failover, or
Multi-LAN Configuration
Failover allows the VioStor NVR to sustain the failure of one
network port to provide continuous services.
Bandwidth aggregation is supported to boost the file transfer speed
(works with managed Ethernet switch with 802.3ad configured).
Powerful Network Services
Multi-IP Setting
The VioStor NVR can be deployed with two different IP settings for
sharing among different workgroups in two different subnets.
• Built-in DDNS Support
• Built-in NTP Server
• Convenient Data Access
You can access the recording data on the VioStor NVR by:
Network Neighborhood (SMB/ CIFS) / Web File Management (HTTP) /
FTP server
Supports access of multiple IP from different LAN areas
Application: Live Monitoring, Recording, and Video Playback over the Internet Anytime, Anywhere
• Business Service
• Office Management
• Live production line monitoring for
quality and security control
• Department store/ mall
• Shipping process recording
• Crime prevention, e.g. shoplifting
• Parking lot monitoring
• Construction site monitoring
• Convenience store security
• Campus security
• Server room security
• Gas station security
• Hotel security
• Multiple remote offices/ factory sites
live monitoring
• Home Care
• Real-time office monitoring from remote locations
• In-house office monitoring
• Office security fortification
• False alarm identification
• Home surveillance to secure life and property
• Enhanced protection for kids, elders, and pets
• Crime prevention
• Evidence or aid to police investigations
Network Cameras
Network Cameras
VioStor NVR
Network Cameras
VioStor NVR
IT and Instrumentation for industry
Sales: +44 (0) 1273 570 220 Website: Email:
Hardware Specifications
Operation Environment
Power Supply
LCD Panel
Power Consumption
Alarm Buzzer
Secure Design
Form Factor
Hardware Dimensions
1 x eSATA port (back); reserved for local
Intel Celeron Processor 1.6GHz
1GB DDRII RAM, 128MB flash (DOM)
Temperature 0~40˚C
Humidity 0~95% R.H.
Output: 250W, Input: 110-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5A
Power, one touch auto video backup, reset
HDD Capacity
5 x 3.5" SATA I/II HDD, up to 10TB
(the standard system is shipped without HDD)
HDD Tray
5 x hot-swappable and lockable tray
Mono-LCD display with backlight, Enter button,
and Select button for configuration
2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
Reserved VGA interface for maintenance
LED Indicators
Status, HDD 1, HDD 2, HDD 3, HDD 4,
261.1(D) x 188.5(W) x 261.1(H) mm
10.28(D) x 7.42(W) x 10.28(H) inch
RS-232 x1
Color Box Shipping Weight
5 x USB 2.0
Front: for USB storage device
(One Touch Auto Video Backup)
Back: for UPS device
Write/Read (RAID5)
Write/Read (Single)
K-Lock security slot for theft prevention
System warning
LAN Port
12cm quiet cooling fan (12V DC)
8Kg (17.64 lb)
Software Specifications
Display Mode:
1/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 16/ 20-channel display, Picture-in-Picture
mode, sequential mode
Multi-server Monitoring:
Up to 120 channels monitoring from multiple QNAP NVRs
Recording Connection:
VioStor-5012: Up to 12 channels
VioStor-5020: Up to 20 channels
Compression Format:
M-JPEG and MPEG-4 (depend on the IP camera)
Video Setting:
Resolution, quality, frame rate
Upload E-map (JPEG)
Recording Mode:
Continuous/ manual/ schedule recording
Alarm recording/ multiple alarm recording schedules
* Up to 15 schedules are supported for each camera
Buffer Storage for Alarm Images (before & after events):
Pre-recording: up to 300 sec; post‒recording: up to 300 sec
(total 600 sec/ 10 min)
Recording Performance:
VioStor-5012: Up to 360 fps at D1 or VGA
VioStor-5020: Up to 600 fps at D1 or VGA
* Real performance may vary in different environment
Megapixel Recording: High performance megapixel recording
(up to 8 megapixels)
File format: AVI (can be played by Windows Media Player)
Utility Software
QNAP Finder: Discovery and quick setup for NVR
VioStor Player: Play the recording files on your Windows
computer easily
Package Contents
VioStor NVR
Quick Installation Guide
Hard disk lock
Power cord
Ethernet cable x 2
Flat head screw x 20
Quick Installation Guide
(RAID configuration)
Playback Channel:
Max 4-channel playback at the same time
Playback Mode:
Play, pause, stop, reverse play, next/ previous frame, next/
previous video file, different speed control
Search Mode:
By date & time and recording type
Playback Enhancement:
Full screen display, video snapshot, digital zoom
Download recordings via the web
Disk Management:
Single disk, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5+ Hot spare, RAID 6,
RAID 6+ Hot spare, and JBOD/ Linear
Online RAID Capacity Expansion/ Online RAID Level Migration
HDD S.M.A.R.T. / Bad blocks scan
Services: Web File Manager, FTP, SMB/CIFS
LCD Panel
PC-less RAID configuration for the first time setup
Checks or configures the IP settings, physical disk info, system
info, shut down or reboot the NVR etc.
Operation System: Linux-embedded system
On-line Users List: Record of the users currently logged on and
previously logged on to the NVR
Host Access Control: Specify the connections to be allowed
and denied to access NVR
Authority management: The right to monitor and playback
each camera can be separately defined for each user (max 32)
Alert Notification: Buzzer, e-mail alert, event notification
Event Logs: Detailed record of event logs
Client PC Requirement
(Suggested system requirement for better video performance)
CPU: Motion JPEG format (up to 20 channels):
Pentium 4 CPU 2.8 GHz or above
MPEG-4 format (up to 20 channels):
Dual core CPU 2.8 GHz or above
For higher surveillance performance, please select more
advanced PC models.
Memory: 1GB or above
Operation System: Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista® (32-bit)
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Network Interface: 10/100 Mbps or above
View Resolution: Suggested 1024 x 768 pixels or above
Language Support
NTP, UPnP, failover, load-balancing, multi-IP setting
Dual Gigabit LAN:
Failover/ load-balancing/ multi-Lan
English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Japanese/ Spanish/ Simplified
Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Korean/
Norwegian/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Swedish
* Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
206M/ 207/ 207W/ 207M/ 207MW/ 209FD/ 209FD/ 210/ 210A/ 211A/ 211/ 211W/ 211M/
212/ 213/ 214/ 215/ 216FD/ 216MFD/ 221/ 223M/ 225FD/ 231/ 232/ 233D/ 241Q/
241QA/ 241S/ 241SA/ 243SA/ 247S/ P3301/ Q7401/ M1011/ M1011-W/ M1031-W
ACM-123X/ ACM-1311/ ACM-143X/ ACM-3001/ ACM-3211/ ACM-3311/ ACM-34XX/
ACM-4100/ ACM-4200/ ACM-5001/ ACM-56XX/ ACM-5711/ ACM-7411/ ACM-8211/
ACM-8511/ CAM-5XXX/ CAM-6XXX/ ACD-2100/ ACD-2200/ SED-2140/ SED-2120
AV 1300M/ AV 2100M/ AV 3130/ AV 3100/ AV 5100M/ AV 8180
VB-C300/ VB-C300B/ VB-C50iR/ VB-C50i/ VB-C50FSi/ VB-C50Fi
DCS-2120/ DCS-3220/ DCS-3220(G)/ DCS-3420/ DCS-5220/ DCS-5300/ DCS-5300G/
DCS-6620/ DCS-6620G/ DCS-2121/ DCS-900(A)/ DCS-900(B)/ DCS-900(B2)
IC-1510/ IC-3010(WG)/ IC-7000PT
EV3130/ EV3131/ EV3131A/ EV3830/ EV6130/ EV6332/ EV6530
ZN-D2024/ ZN-PT304L/ ZN-PT304WL/ ZN-YH305/ ZV-S306
ICS 1001/ ICS 1011/ ICS 1003/ ICS 1013/ ICS 1300/ ICS 1310/ ICS 130A/ ICS 131A
510/ 511/ 701/ 702/ 703/ 705/ 710D/ 711D/ 712D/ 752/ 753/ 755/ 802/ 803/ 805/ 811/
852/ 853/ 855
FCS-0010/ WCS-0010/ FCS-0020/ WCS-0020/ FCS-1010/ WCS-2010/ FCS-1030/
WCS-2030/ FCS-1040/ WCS-2040/ FCS-1060/ WCS-2060/ FCS-1070/ WCS-2070/
FCS-109X/ WCS-109X/ FCS-3000/ FCS-3021/ FCS-5030
D12D-IT/ D12D-Sec/ D22M-Basic/ D22M-IT/ D22M-Sec/ M12D-IT/ M12D-Sec/
M12M-IT/ M12M-Sec/ M12M-Web/ M22M-IT/ M22M-Night/ M22M-Sec/ Q22M-Basic/
BB-HCM580/ BB-HCM581/ BB-HCM527/ BB-HCM531/ BB-HCM511/ BB-HCM515/
BB-HCM547/ BL-C1/ BL-C10/ BL-C111/ BL-C131/ BL-C20/ BL-C30/ BL-C30K1/
BB-HCM481/ BB-HCM403/ BB-HCM381/ BB-HCM371/ BB-HCM331/ BB-HCM311/
BB-HCM110/ BB-HCM100/ KX-HCM280/ KX-HCM180/ BL-C11/ BL-C31/ NF282/
NF284/ NP1000/ NP1004/ NP244/ NS202(A)/ NW484/ WV-NF302/ WV-NP304/
VCC-P450/ VCC-P470/ VCC-PT490/ VCC-PT500/ VCC-9800
SNC-CS10/ SNC-CS11/ SNC-CS20/ SNC-CS50/ SNC-CM120/ SNC-DF40/
SNC-DF50/ SNC-DF70/ SNC-DF80/ SNC-DS10/ SNC-DS60/ SNC-DM110/
SNC-DM160/ SNC-P1/ SNC-P5/ SNC-RX530/ SNC-RX550/ SNC-RX570/ SNC-RZ25/
IK-WB12/ IK-WB21
TV-IP212/ TV-IP212W/ TV-IP312/ TV-IP312W/ TV-IP410/ TV-IP410W/ TV-IP422/
IP3112/ IP3122/ IP3111/ IP3121/ IP3132/ IP3135/ IP3137/ PT3112/ PT3122/ PT3117/
PT3127/ IP6112/ IP6122/ IP6117/ IP6127/ FD6112V/ FD6122V/ PZ6112/ PZ6122/
PZ6114/ PZ6124/ SD6112V/ SD6122V/ IP7131/ IP7132/ IP7133/ IP7134/ IP7135/
IP7137/ IP7138/ IP7139/ IP7142/ IP7151/ IP7152/ IZ7151/ PT7135/ PT7137/ PZ7151/
PZ7152/ SD7151/ FD7131/ FD7132/ FD7141/ VS 3102/ VS 3100P/ VS 7100
Y-Cam White/ Y-Cam Black
IT and Instrumentation for industry
Sales: +44 (0) 1273 570 220 Website: Email:
12 channels
20 channels
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