Case Study: RIFFS Smokehouse

In-House, On-Demand Color Label Printers, Finishers, & Applicators
Case Study: RIFFS Smokehouse
Industry: Food and Beverage
Location: Minneapolis, MN
“We have very unique label and application needs. As a supplier of
freezer-to-microwave BBQ sandwich packs, we need to use label media that can
withstand both high heat and freezing temperatures. Combine that with the
growing nature of our business, and using our laser printer to print labels was no
longer an ideal solution for us.
“Upgrading to the Memjet-powered Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer provided
incredible flexibility in both label media support and the ability to keep label
production in sync with our fast-growing business. Printing our labels with the
L801 also provides us with high-resolution color label printing, resulting in a
better look for our product.”
- Kevin McElvain, CEO and Founder
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In-House, On-Demand Color Label Printers, Finishers, & Applicators
Case Study: RIFFS Smokehouse
The Situation
RIFFS Smokehouse wanted to increase productivity and have
more impactful color on their freezer-to-microwave BBQ meat
labels. They needed a printer that could keep up with their
growing business while still offering flexibility, in terms of
label media support.
Solution Requirements
Support a variety of label media types
Decrease per-label cost
Decrease print time by at least 50%
The Memjet-Powered Solution
The Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer provided the
affordability, flexibility, and speed needed for their unique
application. Because of the broad variety of media supported by
the L801, RIFFS can utilize a more affordable label that meets
their freezer-to-microwave requirements and save on per-label
cost. This savings is increased by the L801’s ink consumption
being at least 50% lower than toner used in their previous printer.
With the L801’s media handling, RIFFS is able to use the
Roll-to-Roll print option for longer runs and Print-and-Present to
make labels as-needed during production, increasing their
productivity. The L801’s print speed completes print jobs of 500
labels in less than 5 minutes (it used to take two hours) and
improved color consistency. The L801 has kept up with a large
spike in business, allowing RIFFS Smokehouse to meet weekly
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8150 Mallory Ct. | Chanhassen, MN 55317
Return on Investment
Savings of about 50%, when
compared to outsourced labels,
equating to about $2,000 per
month. The L801 will pay for
itself in 7 months.
Before Memjet
Run lengths of 500 took
over 2 hours
After Memjet
500 labels are printed
in <5 minutes
Before Memjet
Limited availability of label stock,
resulting in high cost
After Memjet
More versatility in label stock has
allowed for cost savings
Before Memjet
Frequent & costly toner
cartridge replacement
After Memjet
Memjet inks are roughly ½ the
running cost