FARO Focus3D
Features, Benefits
& Technical Specifications
A leap in innovation and efficiency to lower your costs
The Focus3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and
documentation. With a touch operated screen to control scanning functions and
parameters, the Focus3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed threedimensional images of complex environments and large scale geometries in only a
few minutes. The resulting image is an assembly of millions of 3D measurement points
that provide an exact digital reproduction of existing conditions.
The Focus3D offers the most efficient method for three-dimensional documentation of
building construction, excavation volumes, façade and structural deformations,
crime scenes, accident details, product geometry, factories, process plants and
more. Given its minimal size and weight as well as touch interface, the Focus3D is easy
to work with and saves up to 50% of scan time compared to conventional scanners.
How the Focus3D works
The technology behind the Focus3D is simple. First, it emits a laser beam from a rotating mirror out towards the area being
scanned. Then the unit distributes the laser beam at a vertical range of 305o and a horizontal range of 360o. The laser beam
is then reflected back to the scanner by objects in its path. The distance to the objects defining an area is calculated as
well as their relative vertical and horizontal angles. The data is captured and transmitted via WLAN for calculating precise
3D renderings.
Features of the Focus3D
Intuitive touchscreen display
Control all scanner functions with a touch interface
for unparalleled ease of use and control
Small and compact
With a size of only 9.5 x 8 x 4in and a weight of just
11lbs, the Focus3D is the smallest 3D scanner ever
Integrated color camera
Photorealistic 3D color scans due to an integrated
color camera featuring an automatic 70 megapixels
parallax-free color overlay
High-performance battery
Integrated lithium-ion battery provides up to five
hours of battery life and can be charged during
Data management
All data is stored on a SD card enabling easy and
secure transfer to a PC. Using SCENE WebShare,
images can be shared on the internet
An electronic compass is now included within the
unit to associate directional data to your scans and
facilitate the auto-registration process
Height Sensor (Altimeter)
Each scan now includes height information which
can be used to scan different floor levels in a
building. The data can then be used to differentiate
the floors
Dual Axis Compensator
To minimize the number of targets needed, the dual
axis compensator enables every scan to have
integrated level information
WLAN remote control permits you to start, stop, view
or download scans at a distance
Benefits to the end user
• Portability allows user to scan complex
objects and environments
• Automatic scan registration reduces preprocessing scan time
• Large scanning range reduces the number of
scans per project
• Touchscreen interface makes the scanner
easy for anyone to use
Benefits to the company
• Provides long term investment for future
• Dedicated users can act as general scanning
providers within organization
• Real world environments are preserved in a
virtual 3D world
• Unsurpassed cost-value proposition make
every scanning project economical
FARO Focus3D
Performance Specifications
IEC 60825-1:2007
PO=20mW; λ=905nm
Max. Pulse = 0.0054sec
Ranging Unit
Unambiguity interval: 153.49m (503.58ft)
Range Focus3D 1201: 0.6m - 120m indoor or outdoor with low ambient light and normal incidence to a 90% reflective surface
Range Focus3D 20: 0.6m - 20m at normal incidence on >10% matte reflective surface*
Measurement speed: 122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000 points/sec
Ranging error2: ±2mm at 10m and 25m, each at 90% and 10% reflectivity
Ranging noise3
@ 90% refl.
@ 10% refl.
@10m - noise compressed4
@25m - noise compressed4
Color Unit
Resolution: Up to 70 megapixel color
Dynamic color feature: Automatic adaption of brightness
Deflection unit
Vertical field of view (vertical/horizontal): 305° / 360°
Step size (vertical/horizontal): 0.009° (40,960 3D pixels on 360°) / 0.009° (40,960 3D pixels on 360°)
Max. vertical scan speed: 5,820rpm or 97Hz
Laser (Optical transmitter)
Laser power (cw Ø): 20mW (Laser class 3R)
Wavelength: 905nm
Beam divergence: Typical 0.19mrad (0.011°)
Beam diameter at exit: 3.0mm, circular
Data handling and control
Data storage: SD, SDHC™, SDXC™; 32GB card included
Scanner control: Via touch-screen display
New WiFi(WLAN) access: Remote control, Scan Visualization and download
are possible on mobile devices with Flash®
Dual axis compensator: Levels each scan with an accuracy of 0.015° and a range of ±5°
Height sensor: Detects the height relative to a fixed point via an electronic barometer
and adds it to the scan
Compass: Electronic compass gives the scan an orientation. A calibration feature is included.
1) Depends on ambient light, which can act as a source of noise. Bright ambient light (e.g. sunshine) may shorten the actual range of the scanner to lesser distances. In low ambient light, the range can be more than 120m for normal incidence on high-reflective surfaces. 2) Ranging
error is defined as the maximum error in the distance measured by the scanner from its origin point to a point on a planar target.
3) Ranging noise is defined as a standard deviation of values about the best-fit plane. 4) A noise-compression algorithm may be activated to
average points in sets of 4 or 16, thereby compressing raw data noise by a factor of 2 or 4. Subject to change without prior notice.
Patented: US 7,430,068 B2; 7,733,544; 7,847,922 B2
*Focus3D 20 not available for distributor resale
Hardware Specifications
Power supply voltage: 19V (external supply), 14.4V (internal battery)
Power consumption: 40W and 80W respectively (while battery charges)
Battery life: Up to 5 hours
Ambient temperature: 5° - 40°C
Humidity: Non-condensing
Cable connector: Located in scanner mount
Weight: 5.0kg
Size: 240x200x100mm3
Maintenance calibration: Annual
Parallax-free: Yes
For more information call 800.736.0234
or visit www.faro.com/focus
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